Just in Time for 2010 -- The Black Devil Doll Soundboard!

It's amazing how many people's feathers got ruffled over Jonathan Lewis' cinematic homage to all things tasteless, Black Devil Doll (review here). With the release of the brand spanking new Black Devil Doll Soundboard, we're willing to bet there's gonna be a lot more upset folks out there soon enough!

More Pictures from the Paranormal Activity Screening Party

There was a really good and spooky time to be had at Jessica DiMeo of Rehoboth, Massachusetts' house this past Monday, as Paramount put on one hell of a screening party in her home. Of course Dread Central was on hand for hosting duties, and now we bring to you our own gallery coverage of the event!

Over a Dozen New Daybreakers Stills! Be Recruited!

With Lionsgate's toothy vampire flick Daybreakers just days away, the studio's letting loose all the promotional stuff you could ask for. Including the following stills, which just so happen to be home to some really nasty looking vamps!

The Dead Give Good Head

And do they ever! One of Dread Central's favorite corpse-themed collectibles is Sideshow Toys' line of The Dead figures. Standing in at twelve inches tall, these shambling badasses pack a lot of bite. But now ... there's a whole new way to enjoy them!

Ghostbusters 3 Shooting this Coming Summer?

It's that time of the week again. You know it well by now. Yep, some new "news" has broken about Ghostbusters 3 that further teases hopeful fans.

Gold Circle's Remake of Murk Getting a Rewrite

Ah, remakes. So much tinkering. Such little interest in preserving what made the original films they're based upon good in the first place. Sadly that's usually the situation, but we can always hope for the best, right?

Eckhart Suited-Up for Alien Ass Whipping in Battle: Los Angeles

A new still from Jonathan Liebesman's Battle: Los Angeles has hit online. This one depicts star Aaron Eckhart geared up for what we hope will be some truly brutal and epic alien confrontations in the city of angels.

Dawn of the Geeks: GeekWeek Rises

Horror, horror, horror. That's our bread and butter here at Dread Central and we LOVE IT, but there are other facets of geekdom out there that we as horror fans also enjoy. Music. Video Games. Wrestling. Basically anything fun. What can I say? We know how to party! A new website has opened its doors with that in mind, and it's looking to be a pretty badass resource.

New Solomon Kane Widget Heavy on the Action

So the question beckons -- how do you cope with a really slow news day? By watching several clips from Solomon Kane, that's how!

DVD Releases: Dec. 29, 2009: The Paranormal Activity of Jennifer's Body

It's the last week of 2009, and there's a surprisingly rich assortment of DVDs and Blu-rays hitting store shelves on Tuesday, December 29th. From Shane Acker's magical 9 to Megan Fox's portrayal of Jennifer and her magical Body, there's a little something for everyone, including a Getaway with the almost Perfect Milla Jovovich.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Diagnosis: Death on DVD

With Diagnosis: Death dropping onto DVD tomorrow, we figured we'd spread a little lighthearted fear by giving away a few copies! We're good like that!

Some Behind-the-Scenes Scouting for Fetch

It was just a little over a month ago that we first learned about Fetch, director C.M. Downs' new feature for DrippingDead Films. They've just sent us over a behind-the-scenes look at some location and technical scouting that occurred recently in preparation for principal photography beginning on January 9th in Easton, Kansas.

Terror Tweets: Hatchet 2: First Look at Victor Crowley's House of Horrors

It's just in the air, isn't it? As Adam Green's Hatchet 2 grows nearer to being filmed, you can almost smell the scent of blood and gore. Though that could also be remnants of last night's late night Taco Bell run, but still!

Paranormal Activity Screening Party Coverage

As announced last week Dread Central is hosting the special Paranormal Activity (DVD and Blu-ray review here) screening that's happening for one lucky fan in Massachusetts this evening and throughout the day we'll be posting pics from the event!

Shout If You Want Roger Corman Creatures and Classic Gamera DVDs!

Shout! Factory continues to be the DVD company after the b-genre movie fans heart. As if a special edition DVD of Kingdom of the Spiders coming in January wasn't enough, Shout! now has a quartet of Roger Corman produced aquatic creature features and old school Gamera flicks in the pipeline. How's that for a reason to shout?