Thriller Behind Your Eyes Now Casting

Kidnappings can be a harrowing experience. Just think of how helpless you would feel if some crazy or group of crazies decided that there would be nothing finer than capturing you and your significant others, killing them before your eyes, and making you wait those long seconds before you're offed yourself. True, that is the worst case scenario, but it's frighteningly possible.

Deon Taylor Poised to Spread Some Holiday Fear with Dark Christmas

I'm one of the many out there who were surprised by Deon Taylor's horror anthology Nite Tales (review here). Despite a few technical hiccups and a truly wretched performance from Flava Flav, the flick more than did its thing as far as being a competent little spooker. We just got word that Taylor's ready to start in on his latest flick -- Dark Christmas.

The Crazies Go Viral

Viral marketing done right can feel like an extra added layer of goodness on top of a project we're all excited about. When done poorly, however, it feels like shills shoving crap down your throat that you have no interest in whatsoever. With the release of The Crazies remake rapidly approaching, two new viral sites have been set up to lure the fans in.

DVD Releases: Dec. 1, 2009: Wield a Knife of Ice by the Deadline Set by the Little Red Devil

A new month; a new batch of DVDs and Blu-rays to consider. We've used the phrase "mixed bag" a few times before this year, but never has it been more apropos than with regard to those discs that are being released on December 1st, 2009!

First Playdates for Sam Raimi's Evil Dead Re-release

More often than not, I really wish I'd been born earlier and had the opportunity to see horror classics like Evil Dead on the big screen. Sure, Blu-ray is great and 1080p projectors excel at replicating the theatrical experience, but they miss the mark. It's just that nothing really compares to seeing this stuff on the big screen with a packed audience of like-minded horror fans. But thanks to Grindhouse Releasing, I'll soon be able to cross another one off my wish list.

Deaden Comic Book to Pick Up Where the Film Ended

2006's Deaden (review here) was a bloody, nasty throwback to the 70s and 80s vigilante flicks, and those of us that dug it can look forward to an expansion of the story ... in printed form.

Blood Creek Trailer Rears Its Head

Arriving on DVD January 19th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment is Joel Schumacher's long-delayed Nazi fueled horror opus, Blood Creek (review here), and we've got a trailer for your perusal. Goose-step your way into this story to check it out!

Twilight Zone Coming to Blu-Ray?

Rumblings of some really good news have begun which may end in the goodness that will be seeing the original Rod Serling driven television hit "The Twilight Zone" hitting high definition!

Beautiful Creatures Go to Warner Brothers

Twilight. The Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. "True Blood". "The Vampire Diaries." There are so many book series out there looking to attain the level of success that those titles have had transitioning to both the big and the small screens. Warner Brothers is about to start banking on another one -- Beautiful Creatures.

True Blood Season 3 Cast Expands

Some pretty cool casting news coming out of HBO's "True Blood" camp tonight! It seems that Sam Merlotte wasn't the only member of his ... ummm ... litter! Lay down some newspaper, kids! A young pup is on the way!

A Glimpse at the Predators' Home World

Every time we get to do another story on Nimrod Antal's semi-reboot of the Predator franchise, Predators, which is being produced by Robert Rodriguez, we get a little more excited. If only because neither Paul Anderson nor the dark duo of the Brothers Strause have anything to do with it. Ready for a quick look at where our favorite hunters call home?

Stephen King’s Colorado Kid Heads to Haven

Stephen King’s foray into hard-boiled noir, The Colorado Kid, wasn’t exactly among his most acclaimed efforts. That’s not stopping the powers that be from putting the story on film, however, as it’s set to become a thirteen-episode miniseries on the Sci-Fi Channel (sorry, I can’t bring myself to adhere to the ‘proper’ spelling).

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Terminator: Salvation on DVD

Nothing quite says Christmas like a robot apocalypse that has pushed the human race to the brink of extinction! Am I right? Just in time for the holidays we're giving away a couple of copies of Terminator: Salvation on DVD!

Exclusive: Rodney Eastman Talks I Spit On Your Grave Plus Image!

Concerning Dread Central’s 11/26 news item regarding CineTel’s Day of the Woman remake, this scribe caught up with actor Rodney (A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 & 4) Eastman early last week, who confirmed his casting in the film.

Spend a Silent Night, Zombie Night in Vegas

Well, fiends, just in time for the holidays comes a little Christmas zombie action! On Saturday, December 5th, Silent Night, Zombie Night will be screening in Las Vegas at the Sci-Fi Center (2520 State Street, Las Vegas, NV) starting at 8:00 PM.