Find Dead Things in your Pockets! Introducing Pocket Zombies!

There's nothing better than reaching into your pockets and touching something cold and slimy. Well, okay, we're lying; there are plenty of better things out there to ... ummm ... touch, but there's certainly nothing cooler! Are you ready for Pocket Zombies?!?

Dozens of Lovely Bones Stills and Two New Clips

Words cannot describe how geared up we are for Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones (look for a review soon), and now we have a slew of new stuff to help tide us over!

Riddick Getting Set to Return for Round 3!

The original Pitch Black is probably one of our all-time favorite sci-fi/horror hybrids here in the Dread Central offices. The second one with its neutered PG-13 rating .... not so much. We're all praying the third time's the charm for an R-rated return to form for the Vin Diesel franchise, and the actor himself just dropped a pretty interesting little tidbit!

REC 3 is Such a Little Tease

With REC 2 (review here) enjoying a some really positive buzz, REC 3 is getting some love in the form of a new teaser image.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Hi-Res Image of the New Krueger

Warner Brothers has released a hi-res version of one of yesterday's new Elm Street stills, and we have it in all its huge glory for those of you out there who want EVERYTHING!

Go Deep Inside the Universal Monster Legacy

As you may or may not have been aware, December 1st was a full moon, and in its honor, Universal Pictures has released a couple of items for the studio's upcoming remake of The Wolfman. Check out the new features that will take you behind-the-scenes of this horrifying tale and deep inside the Universal Monster Legacy.

DVD and Blu-ray Art and Specs for Ti West's The House of the Devil

One of our favorite flicks of the year, Ti West's retro thriller The House of the Devil, is finally coming home on DVD and Blu-ray early next year, and we've got the artwork and specs to help further whet your appetites.

Violent New Clip: The Descent Part 2

Finally a clip that's not afraid to throw some red around! IGN got its hands on an exclusive new gore clip, and through the wonders of Internet magic that we've learned from the great voodoo priest Baron Samedi, we have it for you here as well!

Check Out the New Daybreakers "Fear" TV Spot

A second TV spot, this one entitled "Fear", showed up in our mailbox today for Daybreakers, Lionsgate's first theatrical vampire film of 2010. We have to say that the more we see of this flick, the more we dig it!

Albert Pyun Prepping New 3D Vampire Film

We're still waiting for Albert Pyun's Tales of an Ancient Empire to be released, but that's not stopping the busy director from looking ahead to his next project. He just updated his MySpace Blog with some news that has us more than a little intrigued. Read on for the details.

Huge Sale at FearWerx! Flex those Horrorday Muscles!

It's hard to believe that the holidaze are only a few short weeks away! If you've got a horror fan on your list to shop for -- which we're guessing the odds are pretty good that you do or why else would you be here? -- then you need to head on over to our good friends at FearWerx.com where there are some insane sales going on now through the most expensive day of the year!

The Wolfman Tearing Up Facebook

With The Wolfman's February 12th release date rapidly approaching, the promo stuff has been steadily flowing out for mass consumption. Now there's a pretty nifty app available to you Facebook users who are looking for a howling good time!

New Images and International Synopsis: A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake

Warner International released a few new tidbits of goodness for the upcoming Platinum Dunes redux of Wes Craven's classic A Nightmare on Elm Street, and of course we've imported them for you like fine wine. Or in this case ... stinky cheese?

Confirmed: Sony Bringing Zombieland Sequel in 3D

Yep, it's gonna happen! Ruben Fleischer's brand of undead flesheater will soon be shambling, running, slipping, and sliding off the big screen in the third dimension, baby!

Summit Entertainment Planning an Invasion

Rest easy, dearest reader. We're not talking about a bunch of shrill Twilight fans who are determined to prove that vampires do indeed sparkle. Instead we're looking at a bona fide alien invasion of the worst kind!