Dread Central & Home Media Magazine Launch The Reaper Awards!

As we told you back in February, Dread Central is teaming up with Home Media Magazine to present the Reaper Awards 2009 this coming October, and we're now able to provide additional details and some info on how you can be involved.

Haunted Box of Shadows?

There's not a horror fan out there who's not intrigued by the prospect of real cases of things that go bump in the night. Sometimes said things can come in some really unexpected places. At least that seems to be the story from those associated with the brand new production of Box of Shadows, which is currently filming in LA.

Frayed DVD Art and Trailer

Who reading this has ever had a crazy friggin' sibling? I did. Every time my brother borrowed shit from me, I'd get it back "fixed", if I even got it back at all. Considering nothing was ever broken when I gave it to him, this was most troubling. In any event I guess I'm lucky that was the extent of it because Lionsgate's new film Frayed is set to show audiences how frightening brotherly love can be!

Mutant Mermaids Attack in Bikini Monsters

When I first came upon word that a low budget creature feature titled Bikini Monsters was just beginning production, I was stunned when it suddenly occurred to me that we somehow managed to go all these decades without ever having a monster movie titled Bikini Monsters. That's just hard for me to fathom for some reason.

IFC's Midnight Movie Summer of Horrors!

IFC Films has quickly become one of horror's best friends by picking up lots of really good properties that otherwise would have struggled and giving them theatrical and on-demand releases, making them easily accessible to us blood-hungry fans.

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #91

Issue #91 July 2009

Zombie Apocalypse Stills Shamble Their Way Online

Here at Dread Central there's no greater apocalypse we're interested in than a zombie apocalypse. That's why when word of a new indie film of that name surfaced, we found ourselves looking to unearth some goodies for you guys.

First British 3D Horror Film Announced

London-based production house Size 9 Productions has announced that its next project will be a 3D horror film entitled Elfie Hopkins and The Gammons starring Jaime Winstone, whose genre cred includes the stellar E4 TV series "Dead Set" (review).

Terror Tweets: Two Elm Street Pics

Brad Fuller, one of the producers of Platinum Dunes' Nightmare on Elm Street reboot, has been busy Tweeting from behind the scenes. Along with answering a ton of the fans' questions, he also posted two shots of the film's stars, Kyle Gallner (Quentin) and Connie Britton (Nancy's mother, Marge Thompson).

New Satanic Panic Stills Surface

Marc Selz dropped us a line with a couple of stills from his devil-cult film Satanic Panic and talked some distro plans! So when can we expect to see the demonic mayhem?

D.J. Perry Making Bloody Renovation - Early Art

Fresh off his role in the not at all genre-centric Miracle at Sage Creek for Universal, D.J. Perry is set to trade in Western mush for blood and gore in the indie horror/thriller Renovation.

Casting Commences on Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

I’m just not sure the horror genre needs another "hip" comedy that calls out all the clichés and contrivances. It’s not every day you get a film like Leslie Vernon that actually understands the genre well enough to send it up with a straight face. The jury’s still out on the upcoming Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, but we’ve got a bit of casting news to report on while we wait and see how this horror comedy measures up.

Cabin Fever 2 Gets a Rating

It's hard to believe that it's been over a year since last we spoke about Ti West's Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever. I mean, really! In any event the film has finally gotten itself a rating.

Herbert West - Alien Blasting Space Marine!

Who here remembers the now defunct Aliens ride in San Francisco. Anyone? Sheesh! Come on, guys! OK, so it has been a while. Guess we should give you a little refresher!

New District 9 Trailer Fights for Alien Rights!

If you haven't been following District 9, you've been missing out on what looks to be one of the sleeper hits of the summer. A new trailer for the Peter Jackson produced alien opus directed by Neill Blomkamp just hit online, and you should be one of the cool kids and take a second to check it out!