Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Clip - Gamer

Now that Gamer is available for mass consumption via the wonders of Blu-ray and DVD, Lionsgate has provided us with an exclusive clip from the package's special features! Dig it!

UPDATE: New Still: Nicolas Cage and His Hair in Season of the Witch

Nicolas Cage and his ever changing co-star, Nicolas Cage's Hair, will soon be fending off witches with their special brand of scene chewing and follicle defying fury! Ready for the latest still?

AMC Officially Greenlights The Walking Dead

In early August we announced that AMC was very close to finalizing the deal to bring a live action version of Robert Kirkman's legendary zombie tale The Walking Dead to their network with director Frank Darabont at the helm. Good news, dead heads! The deal is DONE!

New Burke and Hare Casting News

A while ago we told you about John Landis and Simon Pegg bringing us a new film based upon the ghoulish real life misadventures of the serial killing, corpse selling duo Burke and Hare. Today a bit more casting news has come to light.

First Pics From Megapiranha Stink Like Fish

If you haven’t yet been sold on the premise of the upcoming Asylum mockbuster, Megapiranha, then what the hell’s the matter with you? Actually, if today’s new gallery of pictures are any indication, this is looking like the same old song and dance from our friends at the Asylum. But don’t take my word for it, come on in and decide for yourselves.

Here Comes the Red Riding Trilogy Traveling Roadshow!

I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard of the Red Riding trilogy until this press release popped into my inbox. But, after reading about it, I can honestly tell you it’s something that sounds well worth checking out. If you agree with me (and are local to New York City), you’re in luck! IFC Films will be hosting a screening of this trilogy exclusively at the IFC Center. Read on for more!

Deadly Premonition: Character Profiles: Agent Morgan

On February 23rd the horror/action Xbox 360 exclusive Deadly Premonition hits the market, and we've got a look at one of the game's characters for you -- Special Agent Francis York Morgan, the FBI agent in charge of investigating the brutal killing of a local beauty and solving the mystery of the “Red Seed Murders.”.

Legion: See What You Won't See in Theatres RIGHT NOW!

Going out to see Scott Stewart's upcoming apocalyptic thriller Legion this Friday? Yeah, we will be too, but first we've gotten our little angelic talons into about twenty minutes of B-roll for you to check out!

Week Five of Dante's Inferno Live Dev Chats - Cinematic Production

Today's edition of the weekly LIVE video series featuring members of the Dante's Inferno video game development team starts in just a short while, and the topic is "Cinematic Production".

Trailer Debut: After Dark's Lake Mungo

The official trailer for After Dark Horrorfest 4's Australian import Lake Mungo made itself a fine little splash today and we've got a quick look at it for you!

UK Due a Long Weekend This February

Unfortunately, no, this isn’t an announcement that all UK readers get an extra day off work next month, but lovers of Mother Nature can at least rejoice as Showbox Home Entertainment will release Jamie (Urban Legend, Storm Warning) Blanks’ eco-horror remake Long Weekend (previously titled Nature’s Grave in the US) to DVD on February 8th.

Some Guy Who Kills People Casting News

John Landis producing a horror comedy? The hell you say! Actually to have Landis involved in any capacity within our genre is a blessing as the man is nothing short of genius. Some casting news for his latest project which he is co-producing with Ryan Levin, Some Guy Who Kills People just hit online and we've got the breakdown for ya!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Whiteout on DVD!

Looking to bring home a little Kate Beckinsale action? Just try and name one person who's not! Look no further, fiends, as we've got your chance to win a copy of her latest film Whiteout on DVD! Dig it!

Behind-the-Scenes Images: Stake Land

In a world filled with sparkling vampires who are more interested in romantic fluff than they are with putting the bite on a victim, films like Stake Land are in high demand amongst horror fans looking for some hardcore vamp action. Hopefully hardcore is exactly what Jim Mickle's (Mulberry Street) flick will deliver. At the very least it has Danielle Harris and that's enough to keep us interested!

Matt Reeves Talks Let Me In - Promises a Darker Experience

Some of you out there consider a remake of Let the Right One In to be as near to sacrilege as you're willing to accept. We feel your pain, but let me remind you that we all felt the same way about Dawn of the Dead and that turned out to be OK. So what does director Matt Reeves have in store for us -- something to honor the source material or just more unnecessary Hollywood gloss?