Writers Chosen for Syfy's Being Human Re-imagining

Okay, my dread over the thought of Syfy redoing the excellent British TV show "Being Human" has abated a little with the network's announcement of who will be helming the show. Husband-and-wife duo Jeremy Carver ("Supernatural") and Anna Fricke ("Privileged") have been selected to write the series.

A Trailer and One-Sheet to Drive You Insane

Filmmakers Anders Jacobsson and Tomas Sandquist wrote in to give us the heads-up about their new film Insane and we've got the goods on it for you right here!

UK Survival of the Dead Cover Art

The UK cover art for the next chapter in George A. Romero's epic franchise, Survival of the Dead, has made its online debut and all it does is make us long for Magnet's eventual release here! This cannot come soon enough, damn it!

DVD Releases: Jan. 12, 2010: Feel the Dark Rage of the CockHammer of The Riverman

Well, 2010 is certain starting off with a bang for DVD collectors. Along with the unrated director's cut of Rob Zombie's Halloween II and Duncan Jones' stellar Moon (polar opposites if there ever were any!), we've been given the choice of two new Hindi thriller/Bollywood films, Accident on Hill Road and Bolo Raam.

Four Clips from In Their Sleep to Give You Insomnia

It's no big secret. Lately the really good horror films out there have been coming from abroad while Hollywood sits high atop its pointless remake machine. Four clips from the new French thriller In Their Sleep (or Dans ton sommeil for you purists out there) from directors Caroline du Potet and Eric du Potet have hit online, and we've got 'em right here for you free of poorly synced dubbing.

Sundance 2010: Three Clips from The Violent Kind

Are you ready for three new clips today from The Butcher Brothers' latest trip into genre land? That's right, kids, their new film The Violent Kind is just days away from making its debut at Sundance 2010, so that means it's time for a little bit of enticement!

Ben Rock Breaths Life into Baal

There are very few places darker and more terrifying than the recesses of the human mind and the buried wickedness that resides there. Sometimes these feelings and notions seep out into the real world despite our best efforts to keep a handle on them, and that, dear friends, is the essence of psychological horror. Get ready to meet Baal, a new play from Ben Rock.

Scream Queen Campfire Has Visions of Knetter

This just in -- Joe Knetter, Scarlet Salem, and yes, me, Uncle Creepy, have agreed to be a part of Jonathan Moody's new webseries "Scream Queen Campfire", which will feature five beautiful scream queens sitting around a campfire taking turns telling two stories each and giving us ten terrifying and entertaining tales to digest. Just think of how many heaving boobs that can equal up to!

Troma Releasing Better Late Than Never Bigfoot

Bob Gray's Bigfoot was actually one of the very first of the new wave of Sasquatchploitation flicks back when I got an advance look at the film in late 2005. Thanks to a snafu with another distribution company, Bigfoot is only now getting its long overdue DVD release nearly five years later and after a myriad of other killer Sasquatch flicks have come and gone.

One Sheet and Still: After Dark's Kill Theory

More goodies coming out of the upcoming After Dark Horrorfest 4! This time we've got a still and the official one-sheet for the final film that made the cut for this year's festival -- Kill Theory.

Sherwood Horror Update

We continue getting updates on the progress of Sherwood Horror, a modern day horror version of Robin Hood with an ex-con Robin Hood type getting out of jail and returning to his hometown now ruled by vampires. The film has yet to begin shooting, but it looks like that is about to change given a special effects artist is now onboard and we have a look at the conceptual art of the vampirized Sheriff Nottingham.

Badass Monster Squad Swag!

In our undying quest to bring you every single little thing that we find cool and/or badass, we were just alerted to some wicked merch in celebration of the Fred Dekker classic The Monster Squad!

Terror Tweets: Hatchet 2 - Crew Casualty and a Peek into Crowley's Swamp

Well the fun has officially begun on Hatchet 2 and Adam Green has been keeping fans way in the loop over on his official Twitter page. So what's the latest? Glad you asked!

Meet Some of The Crazies

Some really ... really ... interesting character posters for Overture Films' upcoming remake of The Crazies have shown up online, and they depict some residents that are more than a little eager to say hello!

Exclusive Image: Bad Things Happening in Darren Bousman's Mother's Day

One movie we're really looking forward to this year is without question Darren Bousman's remake of the classic Mother's Day. We here at Dread have been privy to lots of sick pertaining to this movie, and believe us when we tell you, fans are going to be in for one hell of a ride when this one claws its way into theatres.