The Brotherhood V: Alumni Dropping onto DVD in February

E1 Entertainment just sent out a list of its upcoming DVD releases for early February, 2010, and front and center on it is cult director David DeCoteau's The Brotherhood V: Alumni. As the tagline says, "The Brotherhood returns, and this time revenge will be sweet!"

Motion Picture Purgatory: Psycho

As we told you last week, Trembles is enjoying a much deserved break so he sent over another oldie but goodie for this week's MPP: none other than Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1960 film Psycho!

Night Flier Director Mark Pavia Explores Sick Nick!

For me, one of the best horror films of the 90s is The Night Flier. The Stephen King adaptation is a terrifically eerie little horror film boasting some fantastic atmosphere and performances, and I've always felt its success is largely due to Mark Pavia's skilled direction. For a while it looked like Pavia was never going to deliver a sophomore effort, but we're happy to announce that day is finally here!

Sundance '10: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil - Exclusive Clip and Stills

Knittop Pictures and Eden Rock Media, the kind folks behind Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, which is premiering next week at Sundance '10, have provided us with an exclusive clip from the film entitled "Stung by Bees" and two new stills as well.

After Dark Unveils Its Horrorfest 4 Poster

We're just two short weeks away from After Dark Films' Horrorfest 4, and today they finally unveiled their event poster. I guess since they decided to discontinue selecting a "Miss Horrorfest" for 2010, they also decided to make the poster less suggestive than in previous years.

Dress Up Like Clive Barker's Nightmares

Leading Halloween costume company Disguise has teamed up with renowned horror novelist, screenwriter, and director Clive Barker to launch "The Dark Bazaar", an extensive new line of Halloween costumes that transform Barker’s visions into wearable art. The bizarre costumes and accessories based on never before seen characters from the Mastermind of Horror complete this dark collection and are set to hit retail shelves in time for the Halloween 2010 season.

Twisted Twins Invite You to Bleed for Women in Horror

In case you were unaware, February is "Women in Horror Month", and in honor of the occasion Twisted Twins Productions (aka Jen and Sylvia Soska) have provided us with a Public Service Announcement for their massive blood drive event in support of this first (hopefully) annual celebration.

Wolfman Director Hints at Jurassic Park IV

With Joe Johnston's The Wolfman just around the corner (finally!) and the director making the promotional rounds to plug the horror remake, he's opening up on some projects in the pipeline - including a new Jurassic Park flick, which could very well be the start of a new trilogy!

Several Stills from In the Mouth of Ubaldo Terzani

Here at Dread Central we're big fans of writer/director Gabriele Albanesi's The Last House in the Woods (review here). So we were pretty stoked to receive a fresh batch of stills from his latest feature, In the Mouth of Ubaldo Terzani.

Get Ready For An Army of Wolves!

Nazi werewolves! I'm not referring to David Kessler's nightmare sequences from An American Werewolf in London, either. After watching this trailer for the upcoming Army of Wolves, however, you may wish that I was.

Get Set for Aussie Horror Comedy Dead Set

This morning an email appeared in our inbox from Fuzzy Pictures about a new Australian horror comedy entitled Dead Set, which shows what happens when a director refuses to relinquish his dream even as cast and crew drop dead around him.

Rob Zombie's CSI: Miami Episode is Under Way

Last month we told you that Rob Zombie would take his directing career to the small screen for an episode of CSI: Miami. Truth be told, I forgot all about it until Howard Stern mentioned it on his radio show yesterday. Read on for the skinny.

The Dead Matter in July! Sweet New Midnight Syndicate Contest!

It's been a long time coming! We're happy to report that the long-awaited vampire/zombie movie from Midnight Syndicate maestro Edward Douglas, The Dead Matter, is finally on its way and locked in for a July 30th release!

Splatterific Piranha 3D Behind-the-Scenes Stills

Violence! Carnage! Mayhem! Blood! More Violence! That's what we're hoping Alexandre Aja's remake of Piranha brings to theatres in glorious 3D. From the looks of the recent deep red stills that have just hit the Net, that's exactly what we're gonna get!

Confirmed! The Collector DVD Coming in April

A while back we reported that Marcus Dunstan's The Collector wouldn't be getting a home video release until April of 2010. That seemed extremely unrealistic as we live in an age in which theatre to DVD turnaround time is usually a matter of a couple of months. Today an official date has been announced ...