Slime City Massacre Lands a Premiere Date

Writer/director Gregory Lamberson will add a special twist and a welcome scream to the 2010 Beloit International Film Festival when he returns to Beloit, WI, as the honorary Chair of the fifth annual BIFF, Feb. 18-21, 2010. Creator of the horror cult classic Slime City, which marked its 20th anniversary at BIFF in 2008, Lamberson will be on hand for the world debut of the recently completed sequel, Slime City Massacre.

Give the Ladies of the Evil Dead This Holiday Season

Did you survive Black Friday with a few dollars left in your pocket? If so, you need to see the new 10-color "Ladies of the Evil Dead: Extreme Edition" T-shirt from Fright Rags. Designed by the amazing Jeff Zornow, the T features all three “Ladies” (Betsy Baker, Ellen Sandweiss, and Sarah York) jumping out of the design in full-color madness, ready to swallow the souls of would-be onlookers and recruit them to their legion of the undead!

See the Trailer for British Thriller Exam

British writer/director Stuart Hazeldine's Exam premieres in theatres just after Christmas in the UK, and the film's trailer was recently released online. Luke Mably stars in Exam, which some are saying could be the thriller of the new year. Check out the trailer, and see if you agree.

A Mannequin in Static Now Available on DVD

If you're an indie filmmaker with a product you want to get out to the public, word of mouth is your best friend. So when Josh Hasty dropped us a line to let us know the DVD pre-sale of his first feature, A Mannequin in Static, began today, we were happy to help get the word out. And, if you're one of the first 25 people to order, you'll also receive a free signed movie poster.

Phantom of the Mall: Foy's Revenge

If you're reading this right now, then you either successfully survived Black Friday unscathed or had the good enough sense to not brave the crazed thralls storming the mall in search of doorbuster savings. Speaking of shopping mall psychopaths, have you ever seen the Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge? Whether you have or you haven't, you can now listen to myself and the film's title star reminisce about this campy 1989 slasher flick.

Aliens vs. Predator Gaming Preview

Looking to choose a side and dispose of either Aliens, Predators, or even humans? In early 2010, when Sega drops its official AVP game on us, that's EXACTLY what we're gonna do, and we've even got a little preview to get you excited!

Motion Picture Purgatory: 2012

Roland Emmerich's latest end-of-the-world opus 2012 is a mish-mash of just about every disaster movie you've ever seen. Not sure if Nomad's 2012 review (read it here) quite did it justice? Then you won't want to miss Trembles' take on the flick!

New Creature Stills: Splice

While we all await some solid news on US distro, a dozen new stills from Vincenzo Natali's Splice have surfaced. and we've got them for you all fresh and bi-pedal.

Fear the Paperboy(!) on Rosewood Lane

Looks like before the Creeper comes back to sniff out some new victims, Victor Salva will be taking us down a trip to Rosewood Lane where horror hides in the most unlikely of places.

New Art and Synopsis: Comedown

A new piece of promo art and a new "shorter" synopsis have slipped online for Menhaj Huda's psycho-laden flick, Comedown, which tells of the dangers of taking to the airwaves illegally.

New Stills from Macabre

Even though the Mo Brothers' Macabre is still searching for US distro, that hasn't stopped them from posting a few more stills from the film. Macabre, while not bad, is about as derivative as they come - and plays sort of like a horror mix-tape or mash-up. We'll keep our ears open for more but in the interim ...

Cast Takes Shape for Anchor Bay's I Spit on Your Grave Redux

Looks like the "Woman" is about to have her "Day" again thanks to CinTel Films and Anchor Bay Entertainment. Yep, another remake is on the way and according to IMDB the cast is taking shape quite nicely.

Behind-the-Scenes - A Dexter Thanksgiving

Last Sunday's episode of "Dexter" was some of the most intense TV we've ever seen. Now Showtime takes us behind-the-scenes of that bit of craziness with writer/producer Clyde Phillips. "Dexter" Synopsis: Based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, “Dexter” follows Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, an employee at the Miami Metropolitan Police Department's Crime Lab, but by night he is a self-proclaimed psychopath who meticulously murders the very same serial killers he tracks by day.

Blue Underground Unleashing Vampyres on Blu-ray

Blue Underground is releasing yet another vintage film on Blu-ray! This one is filled with lots of vampires, lesbians, gore, ... and oh yeah, lesbians! Man, how we love lesbians.

Two More One-Sheets: The Wolfman

Two more International one-sheets for Universal's redux of The Wolfman have ravaged their way forth! One a color version of a previously released poster and the other another look at the beast itself!