Motion Picture Purgatory: The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones has generated a lot of awards buzz for its young star Saoirse Ronan and its slightly older villain, portrayed by Stanley Tucci. Now it's Trembles' turn to add his $.02 into the mix!

Nevermore Heading to San Diego for Two Performances

Finally San Diegans are being treated to something those who live in the LA area have been able to enjoy for the past several months: Jeffrey Combs' tour de force performance as Edgar Allan Poe in Nevermore.

Five Clips from UK Mini-Series The Day of the Triffids

In anticipation of its February 1st UK DVD release date (with the Blu-ray following on February 22nd) from Showbox Home Entertainment, The Day of the Triffids has shared five clips from the mini-series on its MySpace Blog, and we, in turn, are sharing them with you guys.

New Making-of Solomon Kane Featurette

As its February 19th UK theatrical release date approaches, a new making-of video from Solomon Kane arrived today featuring insights about the film from screenwriter/director Michael Bassett; stars Pete Postlethwaite, James Purefoy, and Rachel Hurd-Wood; and the producers.

Exclusive Images: Star Wars Monsters Tearing Up the Galaxy

If there's one thing that will surely set any force-fueled fanbase on fire, it's news of something fresh within the Star Wars universe. For horror fans, not so much, but take your favorite characters and spin them around and anew by adding a dash of horror into the mix? Boom! You've officially gotten our attention!

You're Invited to a Tea Party Macabre

As you may recall, this coming February is "Women in Horror Month", and FEARnet is kicking it off a few days early with the debut episode of its Tea Party Macabre video series. The premise is that they invited some of their favorite women of horror out to tea and let the cameras roll. Included is one of our favorite women in horror, Dread Central's own horrorchick, Heather Wixson.

Top Cow Launches New Comic - Pilot Season: Demonic

Comic writer Robert Kirkman is a busy guy. Along with his stellar ongoing Walking Dead series, Invincible, and the occasional issue of Marvel Zombies (to name just a few), he's got a new franchise blooming in Top Cow's Pilot Season: Demonic about a vigilante known for savagely slaughtering the wicked.

Contest and Trailer for Peter Straub's A Dark Matter

Fans of Peter Straub (Ghost Story, Shadowland, The Talisman and Black House with Stephen King), take note! On Tuesday, February 9, 2010, Doubleday will be releasing Straub's latest chiller, A Dark Matter (review here).

The King is Back! New Kong Ride Debuts at Universal This Summer!

The June 2008 backlot fire at Universal Studios was tragic on several levels but none more so than the loss of the great King Kong ride that was a staple of the theme park. Gone for good was the giant animatronic monkey and his banana-scented breath. It left quite a void. Thankfully said void is about to be filled.

Homecoming to Come Home Soon

Morgan J. Freeman's (emphasis on the J) psychological horror flick Homecoming had a very limited theatrical run over the summer, and if you missed it, no worries! It's on its way home to DVD!

Stripped is Becoming a Reality

I love the down and dirty 70s flicks where someone, anyone, was forced into a desperate fight for his or her life. No matter how many times the story is spun, I find myself looking forward to each new incarnation with renewed interest, and Stripped is absolutely no different.

Get Ready to Be Mad In Italy!

Do I smell a resurgence of Italian horror on the horizon? I certainly hope so because it's been far too long since the Italians have been busy in the horror genre. First time filmmaker Paolo Fazzini is looking to put the boot back on the map with this one, folks. Fingers crossed!

Attend a Free Screening of District 13: Ultimatum in NYC

Gather all ye dystopian horror fans in the Tri-State Region, Fangoria is holding a free screening of District 13: Ultimatum at the Cinema Village tomorrow, Thursday, January 28 at 7 p.m.

Rest in Peace: Zelda Rubinstein

Another sad moment for fans of the horror genre and beyond: The great Zelda Rubinstein has passed away at the all too young age of just 76.

Anchor Bay Sails into the After.Life

Remember that scene in The Serpent and the Rainbow when the main character was poisoned and appeared medically dead? That's a pretty horrifying notion. Imagine that being the whole film, and there you have Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo's After.Life.