The X-rays Continue With New Repo Men Poster

Another new poster for the Repossession Mambo, now known as Repo Men, has come to light, this one a slight variation on the previously released X-ray set.

Dexter MEGOs coming?!

The little dolls that we were actually allowed to play with in our youth without getting hit by our dads have been returning to toy store shelves. RIGHT NOW you can walk into most comic shops and buy retro, MEGO styled figures from Night of the Living Dead, Planet of the Apes, and Star Trek. We knew DC comics were soon to follow (via Mattel), but we didn't know EMCE was joining forces with Bif Bang Pow to get in on their awesome properties.

Dante's Inferno Super Bowl Commercial

We've been aware that the release date of Visceral Games and EA Games' Dante's Inferno is next Tuesday, February 9th, for quite some time now, but come this weekend, millions more people will be joining in the anticipation as the game is set to make a splash at the Super Bowl with a cinematic and moody 30-second spot.

Living Dead Dolls in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Released

Join the Living Dead Dolls as they journey down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. Fans have eagerly been awaiting info on the release of the Cheshire Cat, and now the wait is over!

Downstream: Trailer and Sneak Preview Details

The first feature film from Famous Monsters of Filmland is Downstream, written and directed by Philip Kim (with co-directors Simone Bartesaghi and Neil Kinsella), and it's having a sneak preview followed by a Q&A in Hollywood, CA on February 24th.

Exclusive Premiere: Coffin Rock Trailer

It's been a while since we heard anything from the Coffin Rock camp, but today they dropped the trailer for the film in our inbox and offered Dread Central the chance to debut it on the web.

Exclusive: After Dark's The Graves Red Carpet Report

This past weekend After Dark's Horrorfest 4 rolled out the red carpet for writer/director Brian Pulido's entry into the genre film fest, The Graves, at the Beverly Center.

Second Clip from The Crazies Infects Online

Yet another clip has dropped online to get you geared up for the latest Romero flick to get the remake treatment, and this one asks a very important question -- "Is He Dead?"

American Psycho Takes a Stab at Being a Musical

Ladies and gentlemen ... get ready for the musical stylings of one of our country's most batshit nuts serial killers - Patriiiiiiiiiick Batemaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn!!!!! *cue applause*

New Frozen Clip Turns Out the Lights

This Friday Adam Green's Frozen hits limited theatres nationwide (click here for info), and another clip has surfaced to give you the chills. If this flick is playing ANYWHERE near you, you need to go and check it out!

I, Frankenstein Franchise Coming at You from Lakeshore

The Frankenstein monster has long held a special place in the hearts of the staff here at the Dread Central offices, and now that Lakeshore Entertainment has nabbed the film rights to I, Frankensetin, it looks as if we're gonna be getting a whole lot more

Animated Zombies Shamble On in A.D.

Now this is pretty damned cool! Well, in retrospect zombies in general are pretty damned cool ... including the animated variety, which will soon be seen in the upcoming flesh ripper A.D.!

New Behind-the-Scenes Video: The Wolfman

We've seen the trailers, watched the clips, looked at the dozens of stills, and weathered delay after delay after delay. Now we are just a few short days away from the release of Universal's big budget remake of The Wolfman. To celebrate this auspicious occasion, a new behind-the-scenes video has hit online featuring Benicio Del Toro talking all things hairy!

Official: Hammer Nails Rights for The Woman in Black

For those of you out there unfamiliar with the Susan Hill book or the 1989 TV movie of The Woman in Black, take our advice and track them down immediately. You won't be sorry! We're talking some really scary stuff here, man! Even better? A new version from Hammer Films is officially on its way!

Len Wiseman to Direct Underworld 3D?

The Underworld franchise is a bit of an anomaly. Usually the longer a franchise runs, the worse the films get. In the case of Underworld it's just the opposite. With a fourth version coming at us in 3D, there's been a lot of speculation as to what will happen. A sequel to the prequel? A sequel to the sequel? Finally a few details have emerged.