Dead Cert Promo Trailer Bares its Fangs

The promotional trailer for the latest vampire outing coming our way, Dead Cert, has found its way online, and we have a look at it for you. Spoiler alert: These toothy bastards don't sparkle!

Nimrod Antal's Predators Identified

A week or so ago some images leaked online showing off the Predators of Nimrod Antal's upcoming entry into the franchise, which is titled cleverly enough Predators. Today we learned the identity of who the third actor is under the helmet and doing the hunting!

A Quartet of New Stills from Nailbiter

Director Patrick Rea dropped us a line with an update on his upcoming sophomore feature, Nailbiter, and laid four new stills on us as well.

Make a Date with Survival of the Dead

Finally we have a rock solid date for the debut of George A. Romero's next entry into his epic zombie saga, Survival of the Dead! Springtime just got a whole lot sweeter!

Take a Trip to Unpleasantville with The Vampire Diaries

One of the most creative films of the late '90s was Gary Ross' Pleasantville, and this week The Vampire Diaries borrows its theme for Episode 12, the cleverly titled "Unpleasantville". Click on through for two sneak peeks of the ep.

Supernatural: Two Webclips from Episode 12, Swap Meat

This week finds Supernatural offering its own spin on the popular "body switch" theme, and considering the parties involved, it's sure to be a lot of fun. Thanks to the CW, we have two webclips of the episode, entitled "Swap Meat", to help get you ready for it.

Feast of the Vampires Available for Pre-Order

The horror/comedy hybrid Feast of the Vampires will be making its way to DVD on February 9. Want to find out where to pre-order this sucker, or dig on the trailer? Well, come on in and check it out.

Daddy's Girl Goes Into Production

Indie thrillers certainly aren't in short supply this year, the most recent being Daddy's Girl - which is slated to begin production sometime this summer. Read on for cast details and an interesting synopsis.

Twilight Saga: Eclipse Score Composer Named

Is it just me, or has the media machine for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse been strangely silent? Considering the frenzy that surrounded New Moon, Eclipse seems downright staid. But that's okay -- a little restraint can be a good thing and adds a bit of class to the proceedings. Speaking of which, Eclipse just got a huge dose of class with the naming of the composer of its score: Howard Shore.

DVD Releases: Jan. 26, 2010: Who Saw VI of The Double Born Sink into the Madness of Pontypool?

Lots of goodies are hitting DVD and Blu-ray this week including the better than it should have been Saw VI, the second installment of Matt Pizzolo's Godkiller: Walk Among Us, Frank Henenlotter's return to form Bad Biology, and our pick of the week, Canada's claustrophobic Pontypool.

Freaks of the Heartland on Hold

It's been a really long time since last we talked about the latest Steve Niles property to get the big screen adaptation, Freaks of the Hearland. You know that old saying, sometimes no news is good news? Well, that doesn't always apply. Case in point ...

Legion Director Scott Stewart Talks Priest

Fresh off of promoting the hell out of his latest film Legion, which came in a hearty second at the box office this weekend, taking in about $18.2 million, director Scott Stewart took a bit of time to talk about his next film, a little slice of vampire fun called Priest.

Gremlins 3 Popping at You in 3D?

We've all been patiently waiting. We have hoped, we have prayed, and we have dreamed about a third Gremlins film. Now, there seems to be a bit of possible movement on the sequel front that will find these devilishly lovable creatures popping off the screen and into our laps.

More Insanely Violent Images: Piranha 3D

More violence! More carnage! More mayhem! More blood! Even more violence! That's what we're hoping Alexandre Aja's remake of Piranha brings to theatres in glorious 3D. Dozens more behind-the-scenes stills have chewed their way online, and wow, are things looking wonderfully nasty!

Sundance 2010: Lionsgate Gets Buried

With Sundance 2010 in full swing, massive bidding wars have begun on some of the festival's hot available prospects. One film garnering lots of attention is Rodrigo Cortes' claustrophobic thriller Buried.