Motion Picture Purgatory: The Room

When Trembles sent over this week's MPP feature, we were a little taken aback. Tommy Wiseau's The Room from 2003? Admittedly, few of us had heard of it, so we hit up IMDB for a synopsis.

Early Info and Trailer for Serial: Amoral Uprising

We recently heard from K.M. Jamison, the writer and director of "Serial: Amoral Uprising", a 58-minute crime/horror film that was produced to help get the promotional ball rolling on a feature he plans to film based around a fictional serial killer named Trenton Wade Bracks.

Exclusive: Dread Central Pays a Visit to Scream Queens 2

It’s Wednesday, December 2nd (and incidentally this scribe’s birthday), when I arrive to the set of VH1 and Joke Productions’ reality series "Scream Queens 2". The show is shooting in a foreboding manse made infamous by its use in Rob Zombie’s Halloween (and across the street from the house Wes Craven made iconic in People Under the Stairs) off Western Avenue in Los Angeles, CA.

New Don't Look in the Basement Redux Coming from Josh Vargas

Director Josh Vargas (Sway) dropped us a line today letting us in on some pretty cool news -- he's been signed to write, direct, and executive produce a new remake of the S.F Brownrigg film Don't Look in the Basement.

New Trailer for Deon Taylor's Dead Tone

Deon Taylor is churning out lots of projects lately. The director of Nite Tales and the upcoming Dark Christmas and Chain Letter has another film ready to hit DVD on February 9th from Screen Media, a little thriller known as Dead Tone.

Sexy Cover Art for Lionsgate's Open Graves

Here at Dread Central we really appreciate good cover art. A little imagination can go a long way in terms of selling a flick or at the very least scoring a rental. Anything's better than the usual floating heads, is it not?

Another Actress Stroking the Black Swan

We know what you're thinking -- "Is it possible to do a news story about a movie called Black Swan without making it sound perverse?" No. It's not possible. We can't help ourselves. It just sounds so dirty. In any event another rising (there we go again) starlet has joined the cast of Darren Aronofsky's latest film and we've got the skinny for you!

Shield Your Eyes! First Official Clash of the Titans Poster!

The first official one-sheet for Louis Leterrier's version of the creature-laden classic Clash of the Titans hit online tonight and beckons the question -- "Is that a stone pillar in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us?"

DVD and Blu-ray Details: Anchor Bay's Animated Dante's Inferno Feature

Anchor Bay released the details on its upcoming animated feature adaptation of the video game Dante's Inferno, and we have all the details to walk you through every circle of hell!

UK Getting Survival of the Dead in March

Lucky fans in the UK won't have to wait very much longer to get their hands on the latest entry in George A. Romero's Dead franchise! Just another reason to envy those across the pond.

Medicom Reveals its Alice and Mad Hatter Figures

We've been a bit hit or miss with our coverage of Tim Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland due to not being entirely sure how horror oriented it may be, but after seeing Medicom's new Alice and Mad Hatter figures from Japan, we just had to share.

Buy The 13th Alley on DVD Right Now!

The other day I found myself thinking about the bowling alley slasher flick The 13th Alley that I and pretty much no one else on planet earth has seen or reviewed despite a one-week theatrical release last year. What got me thinking was how it has been over a year and there has yet to be any news of a DVD release. A quick web search revealed that the laughable fright flick can be purchased on DVD right now.

Experience Hell on Earth with Doug Bradley in Vegas

This December 15th Doug Bradley will return to The Sci-Fi Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, to sign autographs and provide live audio commentary to Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. For one night only, you can take what happens in Vegas home with you!

Follow Daybreakers on Twitter

Are you guys looking as forward to Daybreakers on January 8th as we are here at Dread Central? If so, you'll definitely want to take a moment to head over to Twitter and start following the new Daybreakers feed.

Todd Lincoln Prepping Shoot for The Apparition

Bucking the trend of updating the masses via Twitter, Todd Lincoln has instead opted to communicate via Facebook, where he provided an update on the status of The Apparition, which he's writing and directing for Joel Silver's Dark Castle.