Who Needs the Super Bowl When We've Got Blood Bowl!?!

Super Bowl XLIV takes place on Sunday, February 7th, but horror fans don't need to wait a second longer for their own special brand of melee thanks to SouthPeak Interactive's new game for the Xbox 360 and PC (with a PSP version coming later) -- BLOOD BOWL!

UK to Get the Black Death this May

Black Death, director Christopher Smith's follow-up to his mostly well-received Triangle, has been in process for about two years now (see our database on the film here for the full chain of events), and finally come May, 2010, Revolver Entertainment will be releasing the film in the UK.

Dreadtime Stories: Under the Bed

Every parent has to deal with nightmares. When a child screams in the night, it takes a special kind of patience to reassure the child that there's nothing in the darkness. But what if the child wasn't dreaming? What if the nightmares are real? What happens when the child's fears become the parents' nightmares? Join us for our Dreadtime Story called "Under the Bed."

Director Jack Perez Talks Some Guy Who Kills People

Following up on some casting news a while back, director Jack Perez now talks a bit about his latest film, the John Landis produced horror comedy Some Guy Who Kills People.

Dante's Inferno Gameplay Montage

By now everyone should be pretty geared up for the release of Visceral Games and EA Games' Dante's Inferno on February 9th, but just in case you're still not convinced, the developers have released a new video that showcases Dante's wicked-fast moves as he slashes and slaughters, massacres and mangles the devil's demons through Hell's nine circles.

Kevin Williamson Offers More on Scream 4

The promise of a new Scream trilogy has a lot of fans buzzing as like it or not, the franchise totally revitalized the tired slasher subgenre in the 1990's. It seems that every so often we get a little more news on the upcoming Scream 4 to entice us further. Ready for the latest? Read on!

Scout Taylor-Compton Talks Halloween 3D

I love the Internet! Where else can you find interviews with celebrities that make you question your own sanity? DC reader Joey M. sent us in a link to a video on YouTube featuring Rob Zombie's Halloween and Halloween 2 star and new Laurie Strode, Scout Taylor-Compton, discussing whether or not she'll be back for Halloween 3D.

Two TV Spots for The Crazies Pack Some New Footage

The first two TV spots for the latest Romero flick getting the remake treatment have slipped online just in time for the weekend. Again ... things are looking psychotically sweet!

Frozen TV Spot Will Chill Your Living Room

Adam Green's Frozen (review here) is just around the corner, and much to our delight we've seen some TV spots kicking around across the various networks.

Hard-Boiled Horror Tales: Dead in the Water Part 1

Ready for another two-fisted horror tale? Then your wait is over! Doug Slack's Hard-Boiled Horror Tales is Dread Central's online horror anthology serial that combines monsters with old school gangster pulps. The feature will be running right here two days a week with new installments every Monday and Friday! Let the madness begin!

First Casting News on Saw VII 3D

The first casting news from the already controversial seventh entry into the Saw franchise, Saw VII in 3D, has hit the net and it yields no shockers. Yet, that is.

Unnerving Buried Alive Video Hits the Net

Working on a news website requires lots of looking around for interesting stuff to clue you guys in on. Sometimes we're directed to things, and sometimes we run across them on our own. This one is a little bit of both.

Tanit Phoenix to Give Frankenstein a Lift in Death Race: Frankenstein Lives?

Tanit Phoenix. This South African sex symbol is just getting hotter by the day. Now that she's done playing with vampires in the upcoming flick Lost Boys: The Thirst, it's time for her to tackle yet another kind of beast ... one with a hot rod and and a bad attitude.

Megapiranha Artwork Everything You Could Have Hoped For

A mutant strain of piranha escaping the Amazon and eating a path towards Florida with only an Eighties pop princess and a member of the "Brady Bunch" standing in their way can only mean The Asylum has a new mockbuster. And the Lord said unto man, "Let there be artwork for Megapiranha. Behold!"

Clash of the Titans: Warner Looking For a Trilogy

What's better than one Clash of the Titans movie? How about three? That's the idea being tossed around over at Warner Bros. and we gotta say, we kind of like the idea. More monsters. More demons. More adventure. We're sold on the idea, but let's just see how the first one is first, shall we?