Aidan Gillen & David Morrissey Ready Themselves for the Blitz

A few weeks back we told you that Jason Statham had signed on to Elliott Lester’s Blitz, a thriller about a serial killer targeting the police population in South London. Today we’ve got more info, including further casting and distribution.

Two TV Spots for The Final Destination

Fans dying for a look at the 3D carnage promised by David R. Ellis' The Final Destination won't have to wait very long to whet their appetites as TV spots have began to run. We got ahold of two high quality looks at them for ya! Consider it a gift before dying!

Rider Strong Faces a Darkening Sky

Cabin Fever's Rider Strong is about to deal with a lot more than just a nasty flesh-eating virus in the new indie sci-fi/horror/psychological thriller hybrid Darkening Sky. Good thing for him he has a pretty killer cast along with him to shoulder the threat from this new menace.

First TV Spot for Sorority Row

We're less than a month away from the Stewart Hendler helmed Sorority Row, and as expected, TV spots are starting to pop up.

See Grace in New York and LA

Finally fans in two of the country's most happening cities are going to get their chance to see Grace the way it was meant to be seen ... up on the big screen and dripping with disturbing chunks of after-birth!

Video Interview: Rob Zombie - Halloween II

Now that we have had some time to go through the massive amount of media that we collected at Comic-Con '09, we can start churning out the goods for you guys! First up -- about thirty minutes with Rob Zombie on Halloween II!

Hard-Boiled Horror Tales: Assault and Splattery

Ready for another two-fisted horror tale? Doug Slack's Hard-Boiled Horror Tales is Dread Central's premier online horror anthology serial that combines monsters with old school gangster pulps. The feature will be running right here two days a week with new installments every Monday and Friday! Let the madness begin!

Really Good Aural: 10 Podcasts You Shouldn't Miss

Ten podcasts and audio dramas to excite your incus, stimulate your stapes, and massage your malleus.

The Remake of Boggy Creek

And now for your WTF?!?! remake news of the day: The Legend of Boggy Creek. The seminal Sasquatch movie of the Seventies and probably all-time, Charles B. Pierce's 1972 docudrama based of actual events using many of the real people recounting tales of a Bigfoot creature that terrorized Fouke, Arkansas for decades. How the heck do you remake a docudrama? That's like announcing you're going to do a remake of Roger & Me or The Thin Blue Line.

Ted A. Bohus to Unleash Hell on Earth

Filmmaker Ted A. Bohus is best known for his much beloved cult classic The Deadly Spawn, which featured a truly phallic creature with rows and rows of sharp flesh-tearing teeth, but that just might change thanks to his hilarious, yet badass looking new indie feature Hell on Earth.

Don't Look Up Gives Bloody Birth

As if the trailer for Fruit Chan's Don't Look Up wasn't ghastly enough, some really disturbing "birthing" photos have come our way that should be more than enough incentive to invest in condoms.

Second Where the Wild Things Are Trailer Debuts

This year's San Diego Comic-Con was full of impressive stars, trailers, and extended previews. But few had as much impact on the crowd as what we saw of Where the Wild Things Are. Now, some four months after the debut of the first trailer, Warner Bros. had gifted us with the second. Prepare to be transported to another place and time filled with pure bliss.

Underworld 4 Moving Toward Pre-Production

Potential plotlines for a fourth installment in the Underworld franchise have been floating around since January, 2008, when the head of Lakeshore said confidently Underworld 4 “would carry on where Kate [Beckinsale] and Scott Speedman left off after 2.″ Now that Sony Screen Gems has given the project the green light, we'll see if he was telling the truth.

Win Free Tickets to the Trick 'r Treat Premiere in Chicago!

We at Dread Central are always looking out for you, our fine readers, and we’ve managed to score three pairs of tickets to see a Chicago triple feature of Evil Dead, My Bloody Valentine, and a very special premiere of the much anticipated Trick 'r Treat!

Another New del Toro Project: Julia's Eyes

Some people just don't know how to say no, and Guillermo del Toro seems to be one of them. The man has added yet another project to his overflowing plate, the dark Spanish-language thriller Los ojos de Julia ("Julia's Eyes"), which is set to begin lensing October 5th.