A Motion Comic That Will Give You a Case of The Crazies

We remember a year or so ago referring to the month of February as "The Twenty-Eight Days of Suck". The shortest month of the year had become a veritable dumping ground for terrible horror movies that weren't worth a single second of your time. February, 2010, however ... totally the opposite. The Wolfman, Shutter Island, and The Crazies are all up at bat, and to gear up for the latter, a new motion comic has slipped online to whet the proverbial whistle!

More Sappy Horror On Its Way Set to Make You Shiver

I get it. Chicks like romance. So do some guys. But for god's sake when will these attempts to capture the Twilight crowd cease? Not happening! It was lightning in a bottle, guys! In any event get ready for more supernatural themed sap to be splooged into your laps.

Official: Vin Diesel and David Twohy Bringing Us a Third Riddick Film

Finally! We've been talking about it for a while now, but man, does it feel good to get concrete word! Please redeliver us the no nonsense badass who wouldn't think twice about cuttin' your throat from ear-to-ear that we got in Pitch Black!

Jon Hamm's Stolen Unveils Its Poster and Trailer

In anticipation of IFC Films' roll-out of director Anders Anderson's Stolen, starring Jon Hamm and Josh Lucas, via On Demand on March 3rd and in limited theatres on March 12th, they've released the film's artwork and trailer.

Two Bloody International Clips From The Wolfman

Finally some savagery! We've all heard by now about how violent Universal's redux of The Wolfman (review here) is, but now it's time to actually see some of that sweet, warm gore!

Two More Sign On to Skyline

Two more actors have signed on to be ill lit in the duo of darkness Colin and Greg Strause's latest project Skyline. Maybe they will come with their own lighting rigs. Anything is possible ya know.

Eli Roth Set to Show Us The Other Woman

Amazing. We don't hear anything from Eli Roth for moths and now - BAM! Three news items in one day! Good thing we love that truly inglourious basterd!

Lionsgate Nabs Cotton, Changes Title to Last Exorcism

Finally the Eli Roth produced possession film Cotton has gotten itself some distribution! We love us some feisty demons, damn it!

A Campy Look Back at the Universal Monsters

With The Wolfman looming on the horizon, we are really happy to see a renewed interest in the creatures who started it all. Before Jason, Michael, or Freddy were even a thought ... several other iconic characters have been scaring the hell out of kids and adults for decades!

Bill Moseley Takes Us to Spider Mountain

Bill Moseley is a man who has proven time and time again that music is his life. If you require any more proof, his latest CD, Spider Mountain's No Way Down, is now available for pre-sale! Who doesn't wanna rock out with Chop-Top and friends?

Two New Aliens vs. Predator Gameplay Trailers - Alien and Multiplayer

The wait is nearly over. Come next week the war between species is officially on as Sega's Aliens vs. Predator claws its way to store shelves. To further lock and load for this momentous occasion, we've got two new gameplay trailers for you -- a look at things from the Alien's point of view and of course a sample of the multiplayer goodness that lies ahead.

Dolph Lundgren Gets Regenerated

Dolph Lundgren has long been a name associated with films that have kicked a lot of ass for a multitude of reasons. Be it to show American pride in Rocky IV or to whip alien ass in I Come in Peace, Lundgren has always been there to deliver the two-fisted goods.

Chat with AFI Right Now - LIVE!

In case you've forgotten, today's the day that the band AFI will be answering selected questions during a live video chat taking place on their Facebook page. But you don't need to head over there; you can chat with them right here on Dread Central starting at 7:00 PM EST/4:00 PM PST!

Motion Picture Purgatory: The Animation of Alexeïeff

This week's MPP takes us on a bit of an educational journey, introducing us to Russian-born artist, filmmaker, and illustrator Alexandre Alexeïeff; his wife, Claire Parker; and the pinscreen animation technique they developed along with Alexeïeff's first wife, Alexandra Alexandrovna Grinevskya.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Focuses The Unblinking Eye on Terror

Whether you know him as The Comedian from Watchmen or as Papa Winchester on "Supernatural", there's no denying that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is sporting some serious genre chops, and they're about to get even bigger!