Exclusive Look at The Molting Issue 2

About a month or so back, Dread Central reviewed the first issue of Repo! co-creator Terrance Zdunich's newest endeavor, The Molting: Guilty Susie (review here). Zdunich and Susie are both back for the second installment of The Molting called "Chapter Two: The Happiest Place on Earth", and we've got an exclusive look for all you fiends.

More Resident Evil: Afterlife Behind-the-Scenes Video from Milla Jovovich

You gotta give it to Milla Jovovich ... this chick knows how to network! Not only does she continue tweeting up a storm from the Toronto, Canada set of the fourth Resident Evil film, but she's just put out yet another behind-the-scenes video -- this time with co-star Boris Kodjoe.

Dante's Inferno Demo Gets Two Release Dates

A couple of weeks ago we learned that the demo for Visceral Games' Dante's Inferno, entitled the "Gates of Hell", will be coming this December, and now we know a few more details, including which system is getting it first.

Second Daybreakers Trailer Debuts

The second trailer for Lionsgate's first theatrical vampire film of 2010 just gnawed its way online, and we've got it for you free of the coppery scent of blood!

The Twilight Saga's Final Chapter, Breaking Dawn, Still in Limbo

Now that The Twilight Saga: New Moon has debuted to record-setting box office numbers and its follow-up, Eclipse, is being readied for a June 20, 2010, release, all eyes are turning to Summit Entertainment and what the execs there are planning for the final chapter in the Saga: Breaking Dawn. Will it be one movie or two? And whom will the studio tap to direct?

The Summoning Conjures More Bloody Mary

The legend of Bloody Mary is rife with all the tools for someone to make a really kick-ass movie. Unfortunately just about every attempt thus far has resulted in the type of cinematic bile that you shouldn't go near without a Hazmat suit. Is it time to get it right? Let's hope so.

Rest in Peace: Jacinto Molina AKA Paul Naschy

Icon. That's a word never to be thrown around lightly because it applies to so few individuals. Jacinto Molina, best known to fans as Paul Naschy, was the embodiment of that word both here and in his home country of Spain. It's with a heavy heart that we share the news with you that he's no longer with us.

Paranormal Activity Lands Independent Spirit Awards Nomination

Film Independent, the non-profit arts organization that produces the Independent Spirit Awards and the Los Angeles Film Festival, announced nominations this morning for the 25th Film Independent Spirit Awards, and we couldn't be more pleased to announce that Paranormal Activity is the recipient of one of them. Congratulations to all parties involved!

Cold Spots: Mason House Inn

Bentonsport, Iowa - A guest comes down the stairs after a night's rest and approaches the owner of the historic inn. "Did you know this place is haunted?" she asks. The owner smiles, not because she thinks her guest is delusional, but because she's heard it before. And far from being afraid, the guest seems more excited. They're not scary, not malevolent, and not tortured. In fact, in life, the entities liked the place so much, they just didn't want to leave.

The Original Clash of the Titans Headed to Blu-ray

Oh, happy day! Imagine if you will the Ray Harryhausen epic in eye-popping 1080p high definition viewing! Medusa! The Kraken! Burgess Meredith's Beard! All in stunning detail!

Nail Biting Scenes from Next Week's Dexter

This season "Dexter" has gone from being "Must See TV" to "Holy Shit, I'd Rather Drive Needles into my Eyes Than Miss an Episode TV" and things are only getting more and more intense as we bring you two clips from next Sunday's episode.

Monster of the House Knows a Lot About Being Human

If you missed Season One of the incredible BBC America series "Being Human", then you missed out on some truly quality television. Not to worry though ... director Greg Pritikin has something on the horizon for us that sounds, well, strikingly similar.

John Landis Brings Us Some Guy Who Kills People

Want to talk about an unlikely trio to get together to make a film? Try this one on for size ... a writer who's penned an episode of a medical TV comedy, a director who's straight out of The Asylum, and a prolific genre director now serving as producer on a film with a title so wacky you can't help but want to see it. Interested yet? We are.

Thriller Behind Your Eyes Now Casting

Kidnappings can be a harrowing experience. Just think of how helpless you would feel if some crazy or group of crazies decided that there would be nothing finer than capturing you and your significant others, killing them before your eyes, and making you wait those long seconds before you're offed yourself. True, that is the worst case scenario, but it's frighteningly possible.

Deon Taylor Poised to Spread Some Holiday Fear with Dark Christmas

I'm one of the many out there who were surprised by Deon Taylor's horror anthology Nite Tales (review here). Despite a few technical hiccups and a truly wretched performance from Flava Flav, the flick more than did its thing as far as being a competent little spooker. We just got word that Taylor's ready to start in on his latest flick -- Dark Christmas.