Gwyneth Paltrow Falls Victim to Soderbergh's Contagion?

Over at the European Film Market another name is being thrown around to join the already impressive cast list for Steven Soderbergh's upcoming infection epic, Contagion.

The Crazies Comic, iPhone App, and Facebook Games Are Here

As the “outbreak” of Overture Films’ release of The Crazies (in theatres Friday, February 26th) draws closer, the studio is gearing up for an exciting launch of a comic book series inspired by the film along with various other multimedia content including a motion comic book series, Facebook “tower defense” game, and more. The film is produced and distributed by Overture Films and co-financed by Participant Media.

Hear the Terror of Berberian Sound Studio

Without a good sound mix horror, more than any other genre, would be far less effective. Imagine movies like The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity without their children laughing or things going bump in the night. A good mix makes all the difference, I tell ya! It seems only natural that a horror movie based upon time spent mixing various sounds would come out sooner or later.

Zach Galligan Talks Cut, Gremlins 3, and More!

Most commonly known amongst the public for his role as Billy in the legendary Gremlins movies, actor Zach Galligan has led an exciting and varied career both within and outside of our genre. On the eve of the premiere of his newest film, psycho horror/thriller Cut, Zach spoke with our own Gareth Jones about the film, its gimmick, and what he’ll be up to next.

Noah Segan Talks Cabin Fever 2, All About Evil, Chain Letter, and Someone’s Knocking at the Door!

Noah Segan may not be a household name quite yet, but if his career keeps moving at the breakneck pace he has enjoyed over the last several years, it’s only a matter of time before the word is out on this genre up-and-comer.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win A Romero DVD Combo Pack in Anticipation of The Crazies!

We're just a few short days away from the debut of Breck Eisner's startling new vision of the Romero classic The Crazies, and to celebrate, we're giving away a DVD combo pack of some of the master's best films!

Scott Kosar to Sharpen Vlad's Fangs

There's been a little bit of doubt concerning whether or not Summit Entertainment's latest take on the tale of everyone's favorite bloodsucker Dracula, entitled Vlad, was going to happen. Good news came today, however, as the studio has tapped a writer to polish the film's original screenplay. One who possesses some genre bite!

Dean R. Koontz's Frankenstein Rises!

With the success of this weekend's The Wolfman, it seems as if the spotlight is once again poised on the famous monsters of yesteryear. Hollywood is now talking a big screen adaptation of acclaimed horror author Dean R. Koontz's telling of Frankenstein with the hopes of turning it into a new franchise.

Exam and Mother Take Top Honors at Santa Barbara Film Fest

The 25th annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF) ran from February 4-14, and two of its winners are films that we've been keeping close tabs on here at Dread Central: Stuart Hazeldine's Exam from the UK and Bong Joon-Ho's Mother from South Korea.

Cast and Start Date Set for Vampire Diaries Renfield

It's been over a year since we've heard anything about the indie vampire film Vampire Diaries Renfield (whose title used to be Bram Stoker’s Vampire Diaries), but Poison Apple Films just sent over the full cast list and the news that principal photography is beginning on February 18th in Houston, TX.

More Sign On For Death Race: Frankenstein Lives

Shooting began over this past weekend on the prequel to Paul Anderson's Death Race, cleverly titled Death Race: Frankenstein Lives, and as a result a bit more casting news has come to light that includes a couple of recent genre heavy hitters.

New Festival One-Sheet for YellowBrickRoad

After a quiet but successful run at Slamdance, a new one-sheet has debuted for Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton's new psycho-thriller YellowBrickRoad, and as per usual we have a look at it for you!

Suicide Club Director to Hit Us With a Cold Fish

There are lots of things happening at this year's European Film Market show which is taking place now in Berlin, one of the most exciting of which is the announcement of the new film from the man who brought us some of the most surreal bits of cinema ever with Strange Circus, Love Exposure and Suicide Club director Sion Sono.

NSFW Character Clip From Red White & Blue

Are you ready for the first of three character-specific teasers for Simon Rumley's Red White & Blue? We hope so, but you may want to put the kids to bed or lock the door before watching as it is totally not meant for sensitive eyes! You have been warned, damnit!

*UPDATE* Neil Marshall to Bring Us Ghost of Slaughterford

Fresh off of bringing the uber-violent sword swinging epic Centurion director Neil Marshall looks to be stepping into the producer's chair for director Ian D. Fleming's supernatural thriller Ghost of Slaughterford.