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Joe Johnston Talks a New Direction for Jurassic Park 4

With The Wolfman right around the corner, director Joe Johnston (Jurassic Park III) has been doing a ton of press to promote the film. But he also took a few moments out to talk a bit about the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton Set to Battle The Thing

The prequel to John Carpenter's classic The Thing has landed its first two stars who will surely duke it out with not only the shape shifting alien but also them crazy Swedes.

Saw VII 3D Starts Filming Today

Today's the day, folks! Saw VII begins principal photography with Kevin Greutert at its helm. This comes as a bit of a bittersweet pill. For one thing Saw fans should be thrilled as Kevin made Part VI one of the best of the series; however, the man's heart was set on making Paranormal Activity 2 for Paramount. All in all, we're sure he'll still make the best movie possible. Just a shame he had to be douched into making it.

Bill Murray Confirms He'll Be a Ghost in Ghostbusters 3

We've got some more Ghostbusters 3 news to kick off your work week. This time it's from actor Bill Murray, who addresses the major spoiler actress Sigourney Weaver let fly while promoting her little movie that no one saw called Avatar.

Benicio Del Toro Talks The Wolfman

Dread Central caught up Saturday with Benicio Del Toro, producer and star of The Wolfman (opening February 12th via Universal Pictures), during a press junket for the flick at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, CA, to chat with him about the film as well as his long-standing enthusiasm for the genre, the film’s storied production, his love affair with monster model kits, and more.

Exclusive Video: Frozen Theater Q&A

On Friday, February 5th, the cast and crew of Adam Green's latest flick, Frozen, showed up at the Mann's Chinese 6 Theater in Hollywood for the premiere evening of the film.

Chris Alexander Named Fangoria Magazine's New Editor

There's been a good bit of speculation bouncing around the Internet lately over the fate of what most consider an institution in our genre: Fangoria Magazine. Now things are a little clearer, but there are still a few loose ends yet to be tied up.

Monster-Mania 14 Guest List Grows

The weekend of March 12-14, 2010, is home to the 14th semi-annual horror con known as Monster-Mania, which goes down in Cherry Hill, NJ. As always, Nomad will be on hand representing Dread Central, and now we have a little better idea of who'll be joining him along with the previously announced Night of the Creeps and My Bloody Valentine reunions.

Editing Continues on Twilight Saga: Eclipse

With the media machine in place for The Twilight Saga: New Moon's March 20th DVD and Blu-ray release, it seemed logical that things would be quiet on the Eclipse front. But things aren't always as they seem as director David Slade has been quite vocal lately, tweeting about the progress of his editing process.

True Blood Season 2 DVD and Blu-ray Specs

With True Blood Season Two set to hit DVD and Blu-ray on May 25th, we knew it wouldn't be long before HBO Home Entertainment let loose with what we can expect in the way of special features on the discs. There are a few differences between the two versions, but whatever level your tech is, you're sure to be pretty happy.

Saturday Nightmares: Body Double (1984)

It’s hard to imagine a world where Body Double is a Ken Widerhorn (Return of the Living Dead part II) film. Originally, Brian De Palma had intended to write and produce, but opted to get behind the camera when another of his projects fell through.

Hellraiser Documentary Details

With nearly every horror franchise receiving the documentary treatment these days, it's not surprising that Hellraiser is among them. Today, we've got some early details for you on behind-the-camera talent.

Dusty Roadside Thriller, Violet, Begins Filming Soon

Beginning in mid-April, director Justin Warren (Zombabies and Hazmat) will film his latest horror offering, Violet. With a reliable horror hero locked into the cast and a nifty premise to boot, it's already landed on our radar.

Canadian Near Dark Screening!

When Near Dark originally hit theaters, it really struggled to find an audience. Now, you lucky Canadian residents are going to have the opportunity to experience a 35mm screening this coming March - thanks to the excellent Metro Cinema in Edmonton, Canada!