IDW Brings Back Famous Monsters of Filmland

Horror fans who grew up with Forrest J Ackerman's milestone magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland now have a new reason to rejoice! IDW Publishing is resurrecting the mag with a whole new bag of tricks!

Sherwood Horror Cast Expands Again

The cast continues to grow for John Regan's Sherwood Horror, a contemporary set re-imagining of the Robin Hood legend with bite.

Frank Langella Bringing his Whole Face to Unknown White Male

And the cast for Jaume Collet-Serra's newest flick Unknown White Male has expanded by one. And boy is it a a good one.

Early Concept Art: The Gate 3D

One remake we're looking forward to that has a really good chance of being good is Alex Winter's redux of The Gate in 3D. If Winter can capture just a fraction of the original film's charm then we're pretty damned golden. Some concept art snuck online today along with a boat load of details about the film.

Sundance '10: Steamy Sticky Sex in The Violent Kind

The Butcher Brothers are truly living up to their namesakes with these several new stills from their upcoming Sundance entry The Violent Kind. Check 'em on out and bring protection!

Sundance '10: Bloody Stills: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

With its world premiere happening at the Sundance Film Festival, some new stills have oozed online for Voltage Pictures' latest horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil starring Alan Tudyk ("Firefly") and Tyler Labine ("Reaper") and directed by Eli Craig (The Tao of Pong). Dig 'em while they're warm!

Rob Zombie Circling Small Screen with CSI?

Who knows what Rob Zombie is going to be doing next? Will it be his blobless remake of The Blob? Will it be the long awaited T-Rex? Or maybe ... just maybe it will be something completely unexpected and for television!

Exclusive Clip: Carriers

Paramount Vantage's latest trip into the world of the infected, Carriers (review here), hits DVD tomorrow, and to celebrate its release, we got our hands on an exclusive clip for you. Just make sure you're wearing a paper mask over your face.

DVD Art and Stills: The Riverman

Sometimes to fight evil, you must enlist evil. That's exactly what happened many years ago when serial killer Ted Bundy was enlisted to help capture the Green River Killer, and with the January 12th DVD release of The Riverman that tale is finally being told.

Director Named for Death Race: Frankenstein Lives

Here at Dread Central we love Death Race 2000. It's one of those extra charming flicks that revels in the fact that it has not one single redeeming social value. It was just a nice slice of absolute balls-out lunacy. Paul Anderson's remake .... not so much. Still, it was successful enough to merit a direct-to-video sequel and the cat has come out of the bag regarding who will be stepping into the director's chair.

Splice Director Vincenzo Natali Sets up Film Blog

What better way to keep up with the goings-on about one of your more anticipated films than to follow the director's very own blog? That's exactly the case with director Vincenzo Natali and his latest creature feature Splice.

Dark Shadows Confirmed for a Fall 2010 Start Date

Over the past few years news stories about the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp version of Dark Shadows have popped up every couple of months, and today another one came along in which we finally got solid confirmation as to the film's start day. To that I can only say "Hooray!"

Patrick Cavanaugh Talks Transylmania

Recently Dread Central scribe Heather Wixson caught up with actor Patrick Cavanaugh to get the scoop on Transylmania and to maybe nibble a bit on the other white meat.

Death Comes to Town for the Kids in the Hall

The psychos from across the border (in the land of hockey and beer) who brought you Manservant Hecubus, The Chicken Lady and the constant, and an Imminent Threat of a Room Full of Evil Monkeys make their triumphant return via website Funny or Die with "Death Comes to Town", an 8-part limited series coming ... soon ... but not now.

Saw VI DVD and Blu-ray Art and Details

Saw VI stands as one of the biggest surprises of the year for us here at Dread Central. We all thought it was Game Over after the abysmally ridiculous Part V, but director Kevin Gruetert and his team had other plans. The flick is getting ready to hit DVD and Blu-ray and we've got your details just waiting for ya!