Sorority Row DVD and Blu-ray Details

Stewart Hendler's Sorority Row remake is finally hitting DVD and Blu-ray on February 23, 2010, and we've got a look at the art and the details for you. Nothing like watching Theta Pi die in hi-def!

Looking for the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift? Check Out the Jewelry of the Dead!

One of our main duties here at Dread Central has always been to keep you in the loop concerning new and badass stuff that you simply need to know about and have. Get out the credit cards, kids! We're about to point you in the direction of some really ghoulish things for that special someone on your list!

Rights to Terminator Acquired

Well, the bidding war for the rights to the Terminator franchise is over, and the studio who obtained the rights is The Asylum! Yep, no more mockbusters for them! They're going totally legit! Okay, not really, we're lying, but could you imagine?

Director Profile: Deon Taylor

I had the pleasure of first meeting Deon Taylor during my set visit for Dark Christmas in Sacramento in December, 2009. What struck me initially is that the writer/director/producer was a lot like this scribe, just an all-around movie geek with a love for the horror genre.

Steven Soderbergh Preps Big Cast for Contagion

Looks like Steven Soderbergh has gotten the fever for the new project Contagion because he's delayed everything to give this baby some TLC and ensure a fall start!

Rachel Weisz Next to Move into Dream House

Yet another woman has moved into Jim Sheridan's Dream House joining the previously announced Naomi Watts. Could this lead to a cat fight? In a perfect world, my friends.

Frozen Not Playing By You? Here's How to Change That!

Pissed off that Adam Green's Frozen (review here) isn't playing by you? We don't blame you one bit! Adam dropped us a line tonight with some really simple information about what you can do to change that. It only takes a second!

Universal Thinking 3D Jaws Remake

No matter how much we wanted to deny it, we knew this day would eventually come. Scary rumblings out of Universal today tell of a possible 3D Jaws remake. We're gonna need a bigger barrel. To vomit in.

Paranormal Activity Causing a Furor in Italy

Aside from waiting for an update on the status of its sequel and rooting for it to win an Independent Spirit Award on March 5th, we honestly haven't been paying too much attention to Paranormal Activity's roll-out across the rest of the globe. But all that changed today with the report that despite being a box office hit in Italy, the film has "kicked up a storm among [Italian] politicians and associations on Monday because it is terrifying teenagers and children across the country." Bravo, Oren!

Screamfest LA Call for Submissions and Bloody Valentine Mixer

It boggles the mind, as I feel that I’m still recovering from the madness that was last October, but that creepy fun-filled month will be upon us once again in a short seven and a half months, which in this case means that competition is now open for all new features and short films for Screamfest LA 2010.

New Stills and Tiny Teaser Art: In Their Sleep

We're all really excited to see the latest film from one of the producers who brought us the ultra-psycho home invasion film Inside, In Their Sleep (or Dans ton sommeil), directed by Caroline du Potet and Eric, which is set

Exclusive: Some New Dead Tone Clips to Dig Into

In anticipation of its upcoming February 9th release, Deon Taylor Enterprises sent Dread Central some exclusive teaser clips from Dead Tone to get you fiends in the mood for some murder!

Saw VII 3D the Final Entry in the Franchise?

Could this be an end of an era? According to writer Patrick Melton, Kevin Greutert's upcoming Saw VII 3D could mark the very last entry into the famed blockbuster franchise. Just when things were getting fun again!

One-Sheet and Stills: Cherry Tree Lane

Ready for a look inside Paul Andrew (The Cottage) Williams' latest terror tale? Dare you wander down Cherry Tree Lane? Can you handle the horrors? We love dramatic questions. They make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

NOT SAFE FOR WORK Trailer Debut: Red White & Blue

Revenge! Boobs! Blood! You see, now this is how we like to spend the afternoon here at Dread Central. Hide the kids, and cover your PC monitors! It's time for a little not safe for work trailer action!