Saw a Devil Next for Tales of Two Sisters Director

A Tale of Two Sisters has a lot of fans here on Dread Central, as does Oldboy, and a new production entitled Saw a Devil is bringing together the director of the former and the star of the latter. And they're being joined by Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe!

Deadly Premonition Game Details and Trailer

On February 23rd the horror/action Xbox 360 exclusive Deadly Premonition hits the market, and we've got a look at its trailer, entitled "The Road", courtesy of Ignition Entertainment.

The 4th Reich Steps It Up with Some Concept Artwork

Robert Morris from Smudge Film Productions UK got in touch today to provide Dread Central with a first look at some really cool conceptual artwork for director Shaun Robert Smith's upcoming The 4th Reich. We definitely like what we see!

Psychological Horror 13teen Coming to DVD February 16th

North American Motion Pictures (NAMP) has announced that 13teen, a film that "teeters on the razor-thin line between sanity and insanity", will be dropping onto DVD on February 16th. In addition, if you team up with friends to buy three DVDs of the film, you'll receive one free Blu-ray!

Twilight Saga: New Moon Blu-ray/DVD Release Date and Details - PRE-ORDERS NOW AVAILABLE

Summit Entertainment has decided to change things up a little with regard to its Blu-ray and DVD release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Instead of the typical Tuesday when most new home videos come out, they're going with 12:01 AM on March 20, 2010 – a Saturday street date that will allow for fans across the nation to celebrate at retailers' midnight release parties before taking the film home.

Fright Night Remake Still In The Cards

I have a hard time mustering up anything besides disdain for this project, but the long-threatened Fright Night remake is on the table and could shoot sometime in 2010. Producer Mike De Luca, the guy seemingly attached to every other major genre release this year, recently talked about remaking one of the greatest vampire flicks of all time.

Mike De Luca Dishes on Priest, Mentions August as Possible Release Date

It could be me, but it seems like we've been talking about Priest for a very long time. It recently wrapped production and now its producer, Mike De Luca, is talking about when we might expect to see it.

Drac Studios Louisiana Announces Its First Project

Oscar-winning special effects and makeup house Drac Studios has opened up a production arm, Drac Studios Louisiana, and announced its first live-action feature, Dead in the Water. For the time being Drac is leasing space in Baton Rouge's Raleigh Studios Celtic Media Center.

Cold Spots: Tyler's Spite House

Frederick, Maryland - It comes in the early hours of the morning, its arrival heralded by heavy footsteps on stairs. Who he is, many have guessed, but they do not know for sure, nor do they know his intentions. But what is certain, from witnesses to victims, is that he is very real ... and very frightening. Whether he means to hurt anyone is unknown, but he appears just the same, prodding with long bony fingers anyone who has the audacity to stand in his home. Although he is dead, he still lingers, many believe, out of spite.

Horrorfest 4 DVDs Get a Release Date

If you don't live in one of the towns where After Dark's Horrorfest 4 is playing, then you may be wondering how long you'll have to wait before you can see this year's batch of Eight Films to Die For. Apparently not too long, as the DVD box set appears to be scheduled for a March 23rd release.

Weinsteins Push Piranha 3D Back At Least Four Months

Just one day after being treated to some truly splatterific photos from Piranha 3D, fans looking forward to the remake got the rug pulled out from under them as The Weinstein Co. announced it's moving the film's release date from April 16 to sometime in August ... at the earliest.

Download the New HIM Heartkiller mp3 for Free!

Dread Central, in conjunction with Total Assault, is pleased to offer a free download of "Heartkiller", the new single from HIM's Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice album, which will hit stores in the U.S. on CD and vinyl on February 9th.

Vote for ShoWest 2009 Fan Choice Award & Win a Trip to Vegas

As Dread Central's resident awards show junkie, it is my mission to make sure our like-minded readers don't miss out on any opportunity to participate in such events if they are so inclined. On tap for today: the ShoWest 2009 Fan Choice Award. Along with voting for the movie of your choice, you can enter Fandango’s Fan Choice Sweepstakes to win a trip to the star-studded show in Las Vegas.

The Brotherhood V: Alumni Dropping onto DVD in February

E1 Entertainment just sent out a list of its upcoming DVD releases for early February, 2010, and front and center on it is cult director David DeCoteau's The Brotherhood V: Alumni. As the tagline says, "The Brotherhood returns, and this time revenge will be sweet!"

Motion Picture Purgatory: Psycho

As we told you last week, Trembles is enjoying a much deserved break so he sent over another oldie but goodie for this week's MPP: none other than Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1960 film Psycho!