First Images of Natalie Portman on the Set of Black Swan

With cameras everywhere nowadays it's getting harder and harder for people to try and keep the lids on their movies. Some new paparazzi pics of Natalie Portman appeared online today on the set of Darren Aronofsky's new film Black Swan and we've got them for you free of the flashing bulbs and shouting camera men.

New Stills: Blood Creek

Some new stills crept online today for Joel Schumacher's Blood Creek (review here) to help celebrate the January 19th, 2010 DVD release of the film from Lionsgate. Purcell in bones shackles? OK. We're there. From the Press Release

The Wraith Roars Back to DVD Courtesy of Lionsgate!

Wow. Lionsgate is certainly determined to trump everyone else in fantastic special edition releases lately. They’re running with the big dogs at the very least, after such fantastic editions of The Monster Squad, Cujo, My Bloody Valentine and The Gate. This time, they’ve set their sights on the 1986 flick, The Wraith and I’m not gonna lie – I am very excited!

Silent Night, Zombie Night's December 19th Screening With Director and Stars

Beginning on December 19th, silent nights are going to have more than just killer Santas to contend with, as now Christmas will also be host to a zombie invasion. And if you’re in the Los Angeles area, find out where to catch Silent Night, Zombie Night.

Henriksen is Coming Back for More Alien/Predator Carnage

Okay, so Paul Anderson’s AVP was such filth that not even Lance Henriksen’s turn as Charles Bishop Weyland could salvage it from the depths of shit that it sunk to. A good idea with terrible execution. That’s not stopping UK game designers Rebellion from casting the actor in their upcoming Aliens vs. Predator game, however. Read on for more!

A Nightmare on Elm Street Going Through Re-Shoots

After a round of test-screenings in LA Platinum Dunes' remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street has been sent back to film additional scenes. Hey, it can only get better, right?

Resident Evil: Afterlife Pushed Back to 2011

Looks like we are going to be waiting just a bit longer for the fourth entry in the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil: Afterlife to be released as Screen Gems has pushed back the date.

A.J. Bowen and Tom Holland Join Cast of Hatchet 2

Two more names have been added to the cast of Adam Green's sequel to his original bloodbath, Hatchet 2 and we couldn't be happier!

Teaser Trailer: Ted V. Mikels Third Astro Zombies Flick

The last time I wrote about the trailer for a new Ted V. Mikels movie, of which I was complimentary towards, I still used some quite appropriate adjectives that a member of the film's crew found so objectionable they posted a deranged dissertation denouncing me.

IDW Brings Back Famous Monsters of Filmland

Horror fans who grew up with Forrest J Ackerman's milestone magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland now have a new reason to rejoice! IDW Publishing is resurrecting the mag with a whole new bag of tricks!

Sherwood Horror Cast Expands Again

The cast continues to grow for John Regan's Sherwood Horror, a contemporary set re-imagining of the Robin Hood legend with bite.

Frank Langella Bringing his Whole Face to Unknown White Male

And the cast for Jaume Collet-Serra's newest flick Unknown White Male has expanded by one. And boy is it a a good one.

Early Concept Art: The Gate 3D

One remake we're looking forward to that has a really good chance of being good is Alex Winter's redux of The Gate in 3D. If Winter can capture just a fraction of the original film's charm then we're pretty damned golden. Some concept art snuck online today along with a boat load of details about the film.

Sundance '10: Steamy Sticky Sex in The Violent Kind

The Butcher Brothers are truly living up to their namesakes with these several new stills from their upcoming Sundance entry The Violent Kind. Check 'em on out and bring protection!

Sundance '10: Bloody Stills: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

With its world premiere happening at the Sundance Film Festival, some new stills have oozed online for Voltage Pictures' latest horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil starring Alan Tudyk ("Firefly") and Tyler Labine ("Reaper") and directed by Eli Craig (The Tao of Pong). Dig 'em while they're warm!