Italy Goes 3D with Hidden

Looks as if the 3D craze is official in Italy. First we brought you the news about Italy's Turn of the Screw 3D (story here), and now word of Hidden 3D has come to light. Interestingly enough, they're both claiming to be the country's first three-dimensional film.

Anchor Bay Heads into the After.Life This April

Earlier in the month Anchor Bay announced that they'd acquired the Agnieszka Wotowicz-Vosloo helmed thriller After.Life, and today they've announced that it will head out into theatres in a limited release on April 9th.

2010 Saturn Award Nominees Announced

It's that time of year again: The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films has announced the nominations for its 36th Annual Saturn Awards.

Wes Craven Back Behind the Camera for Scream 4! Shooting to Begin Soon!

It's always nice to get a confirmation. It's especially nice when said confirmation comes in the form of one of your favorite directors getting back in the saddle to direct a new entry in a franchise that helped reinvigorate an entire subgenre.

The Something is Adrift in Space!

With the success of Zombieland everyone seems to be looking for the next box office terror-fest that knows how to tickle your funny bone before yanking it out of your body and clubbing you over your friggin' scalp with it. And who better to write it than one of the writers from "Late Night With David Letterman?"

Is The Woman In The Fifth a Psycho?

Ah, the romantic horror flick! It's just so easy to fall in love with a psycho nowadays. Just ask my girlfriend! Anyway there's a new murderous thriller on the way for those of you looking to enjoy a bit of death with your sex!

More on The Crow Redux

We have been hearing about Stephen Norrington's upcoming re-imagining of The Crow for some time now, and last we heard things were shaping up nicely. Still, the silence since our least report has been deafening. Finally a bit more has come to light.

A Wicked Teaser Poster to Make You Smile

The same company behind the upcoming I Spit On Your Grave redux, CineTel Films, recently completed production on yet another terror tale! Get ready to Smile!

Full Specs and Art for DVD and Blu-ray of The Collector

Hell has apparently frozen over. The official specs and art for Marcus Dunstan's The Collector have finally come to light, and the movie will be hitting retailers on April 6th from Genius Products and Vivendi Entertainment. Color us amazed!

Chilling Teaser Trailer and Art for Play With Me (Juega Conmigo)

We don't know much about the upcoming indie film Play With Me (Juega Conmigo), but we do know this ... the teaser trailer and the early artwork definitely have our attention.

New Hatchet 2 Behind-the-Scenes Image

Production of Adam Green's Hatchet 2 has officially taken up residence on location in the swamps of Louisiana, and as you would expect, things are a bit wet -- and not just from the gallons of grue the crew members have been liberally splashing around!

Video Interviews: The Crazies Cast and Crew

Courtesy of Overture Films we got our hands on six video interviews from the forthcoming redux The Crazies to get you ready for its release! Pull up a chair and get ready to get the scoop on what to expect from Breck Eisner, Joe Anderson, Rob Hall, Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell, and Danielle Panabaker.

Repost: Shutter Island Review

In case you missed it from earlier this month, the big movie event this weekend will no doubt be Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island, and we've got the skinny on whether or not it's a trip you'll be wanting to take!

So. Where's the New Dinner For Fiends?

We know what you guys are wondering. "Where the hell is Dinner For Fiends?" Well, we got together and did one, and as per usual there was over an hour's worth of chaos for you guys to dig on. Or so we thought. Let me start from the beginning.

DarKnight Pictures Acquires Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

Camelot Entertainment Group, Inc., announced today that DarKnight Pictures, a division of Camelot Distribution Group, has acquired domestic television and international rights to Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy, the definitive behind-the-scenes retrospective on the 25-year history of the horror epic A Nightmare on Elm Street.