Terror Tweets: Hatchet 2 - Crew Casualty and a Peek into Crowley's Swamp

Well the fun has officially begun on Hatchet 2 and Adam Green has been keeping fans way in the loop over on his official Twitter page. So what's the latest? Glad you asked!

Meet Some of The Crazies

Some really ... really ... interesting character posters for Overture Films' upcoming remake of The Crazies have shown up online, and they depict some residents that are more than a little eager to say hello!

Exclusive Image: Bad Things Happening in Darren Bousman's Mother's Day

One movie we're really looking forward to this year is without question Darren Bousman's remake of the classic Mother's Day. We here at Dread have been privy to lots of sick pertaining to this movie, and believe us when we tell you, fans are going to be in for one hell of a ride when this one claws its way into theatres.

Kristian Day Spreads Bird Seed in New Short Film

We're always on the lookout for up and coming filmmakers who do things a little differently from the norm, and composer Kristian Day seems to have accomplished that with his new short film "Bird Seed", which was written, directed, and scored by him.

May 2010 LA Weekend of Horrors Adds a Trio of Re-Animators

Creation Entertainment has updated the guest list for its upcoming Weekend of Horrors show that's taking place this May in LA with three names that should send horror fans straight to their favorite travel websites so that they can book a trip to the West Coast.

Fan-Made Left 4 Dead Movie on its Way

Anyone who reads this site knows that we are huge fans of the video game franchise Left 4 Dead (reviews here). The games just perfectly capture what we love about zombie movies ... horror, gore, political messages, oh, and more gore.

John Carpenter Talks The Ward

A lengthy new video interview with horror master John Carpenter concerning his return to the big screen with his highly anticipated film The Ward has surfaced online, and we've got it for ya!

Gob Bluth Says Jonah Hex Will Be Dark and Serious

Sorry, but it’s impossible for me to think of Will Arnett as anyone other than his Arrested Development persona, Gob Bluth. His involvement in this summer’s supernatural Western Jonah Hex has me more curious than I’d usually be, and today he’s promising that the comic’s signature dark tone will remain intact.

Ken Foree Facing Down the Wrath of the Dead

Though Zone of the Dead hasn't been released here in the States as of yet, that hasn't stopped the film's makers to get busy on setting up a sequel and bringing back everyone's favorite zombie ass-whipper Ken Foree in the process!

More Angelic Mayhem in New Legion Clip

Another new clip from Scott Stewart's upcoming apocalyptic thriller Legion showed up today featuring Tyrese Gibson trying to play hero in the face of some truly loony odds.

Slamdance 2010: YellowBrickRoad Stills and One-Sheet

As a means to gear up for its run at this year's Slamdance 2010, some new stills and even a one-sheet have debuted for the psycho thriller YellowBrickRoad. Which way will you follow?

Resident Evil: Afterlife Coming 2010 After All

Good news for Resident Evil fans! The fourth film in the series, Resident Evil: Afterlife, will be making it to theatres this year instead of 2011 as previously reported.

Trailer Debut: Clive Barker's Dread

This year's After Dark Horrorfest 4 is looking pretty damned strong! In fact we'd hazard to say that it's probably the strongest since the first festival. It's all in the movies, man, and Anthony DiBlasi's big screen adaptation of Clive Barker's Dread (review here) looks like it may just be this year's crown jewel!

A Bigger Boat Pulling Up to the House at the End of the Street

Peter Block has long been a supporter of the horror genre, and his latest production endeavor A Bigger Boat is getting set to further increase its horror catalog with yet another tale of terror!

Wolfman TV Spots Start Howling

In just about a month Universal's redux of The Wolfman will begin tearing up the box office. At least that's what the studio is hoping will happen. Given the film's tumultuous road to the big screen, we're guardedly optimistic, but damn the film's looking sweet ... even as a short form TV spot.