Bereavement Blow-Out! Art and First Stills from the Prequel to Malevolence!

If you missed the 2004 flick Malevolence, do yourself a favor. Go find it. Now. Bottom line, it was a really intense little slasher movie that put Stevan Mena's name on the lips of horror fans everywhere. Fast forward several years and the prequel to that film is almost here, and we've got the first art and a stills gallery filled with dozens of images!

Exclusive: Creep Creepersin Talks Brides of Sodom and The Brothers Cannibal

Dread Central recently caught up with director, musician, screenwriter, and actor Creep Creepersin - the man behind such B-feature romps as Orgy of Blood and Vaginal Holocaust - to find out what he’s been up to, and it seems that the historically prolific amount of macabre material leaking from his sleeve hasn’t ebbed one bit given his current productions.

The Crazies Three-Minute Sizzle Reel

As if you needed any more reasons to go and check out Breck Eisner's remake of The Crazies this weekend, a three-minute sizzle reel has just shown up in our inbox.

Bitch Slap DVD Pre-Release Event

Ready to get bitch slapped? Writer/director Rick Jacobson's Bitch Slap is gearing up for a March 2nd DVD release, and if you've been chomping at the bit to watch some smokin' hot chicks kick some ass, you might want to check out the pre-release event to tide you over.

New Trailer for Devon Sawa's Creature of Darkness

The two-year wait for the Devon Sawa-starring, Powerball lottery winner-produced Creature of Darkness ends April 13th when MTI Video finally releases the film on DVD.

Check Out Our Review for The Crazies and Write Your Own!

The wait is over! Breck Eisner's The Crazies has premiered and will be in theatres over the weekend, so as per usual we have the inside word on if it will be something for you guys to ... well ... go crazy for.

Lightning Strikes for John V. Soto's Needle / Early Art

Lightning Entertainment is doing its best to fill out its horror catalogue with the acquisition of John V. Soto's thriller Needle.

The Thing F/X Team Revealed!

If there's one key element that's important to whether or not The Thing prequel will be successful, it is who will be handling the film's special effects.

Third TV Spot: A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010

As if the second official trailer were not enough for you, TV Spot No. 3 for Platinum Dunes' retelling of the Wes Craven classic A Nightmare on Elm Street has just hit this crazy lil thing we call the Net!

New Stills: I Saw the Devil

The first images have popped up online for the upcoming film from acclaimed director Kim Jee-woon, and while they don't exactly show us anything too exciting, at least we get another glimpse of what Oldboy himself, Choi Min-sik, will be up to in his latest film I Saw the Devil.

Exclusive: Producer Jude Walko Talks Donner Pass

Dread Central recently caught up with producer Jude S. Walko, who tipped us off to his upcoming horror feature Donner Pass, which is set to shoot in Los Angeles and its surrounding environs next month.

Massive Image Gallery: The LA Crazies Premiere

Stars! The infected! Burning bodies! Armed soldiers in gasmasks! All of these things could only mean one thing -- Breck Eisner's The Crazies premiered last night in LA, and we've got a gallery filled with DOZENS of images from the event that will both delight and disturb you!

Motion Picture Purgatory: Cyclone

With its intertwining themes of plane crash survival, cannibalism, and man-eating sharks, there's a lot for genre fans to like about René Cardona, Jr.'s 1978 mixed bag known as Cyclone.

Repo Men - Special Delivery / Runners Chosen

A while back we told you about a special Repo Men contest that Universal was running in conjunction with Wired.com that put several lucky fans on the run for a chance at a possible ten grand on the line. Today we got a special package in the mail letting us know that the games have begun! The contents of the package, which you can see below, were as follows:

Enter The Twilight Zone with New Bobble Heads and Figures

Every anthology series since has tried to mimic the formula established by The Twilight Zone with mixed success. But there's no disputing the awesomeness of Bif Bang Pow!'s line of Twilight Zone bobble heads and action figures, and fans of the series have not just one or two new items to add to their shopping lists but a whopping four bobbles and two pairs of 8-inch figures, all coming between March and August of this year!