Five Words: Alien. Anthology. Blu-ray. Christmas. NEED!

I guess there is a Santa Claus! Looks like the jolly fat man will have his sack stuffed with high definition Xenomorphs to hand out to hungry horror fans everywhere this holiday season! Please excuse us for a moment as we take a break from this news story to indulge in a quick and impromptu Irish Jig of Joy™!

The God of Vampires Comes Home

We've covered the indie flick God of Vampires from director Rob Fitz quite a bit here on Dread Central. Why? Are vampires, high powered weapons, gore, and the Asian Underworld good enough reasons for you? Yeah. We thought so, too. Finally the film is officially hitting DVD on May 4th from Midnight Releasing, so you're gonna get a chance to dig on it for yourselves!

Chad Ferrin's Someone's Knocking at the Door to Hit DVD in May

One of our favorite indie directors, Chad Ferrin (The Ghouls; Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!), has a new movie poised to hit DVD on May 25th via Breaking Glass Pictures, and we couldn't be happier! Why, you ask? Because Ferrin is a friggin' madman and doesn't think twice about pushing any and every boundary he can!

Look Deeper into the Box of Shadows With a Few Exclusive Images

Some more goods ended up in our inbox today concerning Mauro Borrelli's supernatural spooker Box of Shadows, which began lensing last June.

Axelle Carolyn Updates Us on the Ghost of Slaughterford

A few days ago we brought you the news that Neil Marshall would be producing a new film called Ghost of Slaughterford (story here) for director Ian D. Fleming. Good news for sure, but we wanted more! So who better to get it from than the film's writer and star Axelle Carolyn?

*UPDATED* The Relic Hits Blu-ray From Lionsgate

How many here remember the bitchin' monster in a museum movie The Relic? Well, if you've never seen it or, like us, fondly remember it, there's cause to rejoice! Lionsgate will be laying this mutha down on Blu-ray come April 6th!

Be Compelled to Look at Exorcismus Art and Stills

Man, the devil really has been given his due lately, huh? Demonic possession is steadily becoming horror's go-to thing, and that's fine as long as it doesn't lead to the inevitable sure sign of the apocalypse that is The Exorcist being remade in 3D. Yep, that's when we'll seek religion.

Amanda Seyfried to Star In Catherine Hardwicke's The Girl With the Red Riding Hood?

"Big Love" and Jennifer's Body star Amanda Seyfried is quickly becoming one of Hollywood's go-to girls, and with good reason -- she brings a freshness to even the most mundane of roles. Good thing for us she's looking to continue to work within the genre.

David Morse to Drive Angry as Well

Creepy. For me it's a namesake. I respond when called by it as I would my birth name. The same cannot be said about David Morse because for him creepy is the exact vibe he can bring to a movie with the best of them.

Deadly Premonition: Character Profiles: Harry and Michael

Next week (on February 23rd to be exact) the horror/action Xbox 360 exclusive Deadly Premonition hits the market, and we've got a look at two more of the game's inhabitants for you - wheelchair-bound Harry Stewart and his personal assistant and caregiver, Michael Tillotson.

The Last Battleground Finally Arrives on DVD

It's been several months since we've gotten an update from filmmaker Sonny Fernandez regarding his apocalyptic epic The Last Battleground, but the word came down today that the flick is now available on DVD from Amazon.

Motion Picture Purgatory: The Booby Hatch

Back in 1976, from the minds of Rudy Ricci and John Russo, sprang forth The Booby Hatch. Come on Over! It's Crazy & Sexy -- You'll Laugh Till It Hurts!!

Teaser Trailer, Art, and Synopsis: Red Hill

One film that made a splash over at this year's European Film Market was Patrick Hughes' bloody revenge thriller Red Hill. So the question beckons ... when will we see it here?

Breck Eisner Talks The Crazies, Flash Gordon, and What's Up with The Brood

Next week director Breck Eisner will unleash his terrifying reimagining of George A. Romero’s classic film The Crazies onto audiences everywhere. Dread Central was given the opportunity to catch up with the man who helmed the project to talk about what makes his Crazies so terrifying and what the status is on two projects he’s been attached to - Flash Gordon and The Brood remake.

Rider Strong Talks Cabin Fever, Its Sequel, and Darkening Sky

In honor of the release of Eli Roth’s 2003 Cabin Fever onto Blu-Ray, as well as the 2009 sequel Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever’s initial release onto DVD, Dread Central found this to be the ideal time to catch up with the star of the original, Rider Strong.