SXSW '10: Final Character Teaser for Red White & Blue

The final character-specific teaser for Simon Rumley's Red White & Blue has arrived! Are you ready to meet Nate? Here's a hint to keep you healthy ... you may not want to piss him off!

New UK Quad Poster and Trailer: Shelter

We're really looking forward to Identity scribe Michael Cooney's upcoming film Shelter. His latest foray into the realm of multiple personality disorder will be hitting the UK on April 9th, and we've got everything you need to get geared up across the pond.

DVD Releases: March 2, 2010: Bitch Slap the Last of the Living in 2012

A lot of collections hit store shelves this week including three horror sets, a Sherlock Holmes four-pack, three sci-fi quartets, and a package from 20th Century Fox consisting of The Fly, The Omen, and Independence Day in honor of "75 years of award-winning drama". In addition, fans of the series Poltergeist: The Legacy finally get Season 2 on disc, albeit in the form of an on demand recorded DVD-R.

UPDATED: Shaun of the Dead Apparently NOT Shambling Its Way to TV

We've said it dozens of times: Shaun of the Dead was the film that Zombieland strived to be. Interestingly enough, the latter was originally conceived as a television program, and now it seems that Shaun will be heading in that direction soon!

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 Site Update: New Stills

Some new images popped up today over on the official site for the new A Nightmare on Elm Street flick that's due out in theatres on April 30th, and we've got everything you need right here to make sure that you dig on them!

Cold Spots - The Winchester House

San Jose, California - It has been the inspiration of movies, books, and imaginations, the subject of documentaries and television specials. If ever there were a "poster child" for haunted houses in America, it would be this one. Four acres of sprawling confusion attracts gawkers and the curious, but when the tourists are gone, the hallways are not quiet. No workmen are seen, but the building continues in possibly the most famous haunted house in America, if not the world. And it was built out of equal parts guilt, fear, and, some say, craziness.

Dread Central's Final Girls: Adrienne King

When a young actress named Adrienne King signed on for a small horror film called Friday the 13th, she had no idea that it would end up becoming one of the most successful independent films with a budget of around one million dollars and a gross of over 50 times that to date and that it would become one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood (spawning ten sequels including Freddy vs. Jason and one remake so far).

Horror Rules the Box Office! Shutter Island Stays #1 and The Crazies Perform!

Remember a few years ago when we acknowledged February as being the official 28 Days of Suck? All that has changed this year with three competent horror flicks performing well for your hard earned cash!

Elizabeth Banks to Head Out into the Dark Fields?

We've been big fans of Elizabeth Banks ever since her role in Slither (we'll just pretend that The Uninvited never happened), and so we're kind of stoked that there's a good chance she'll be returning to our genre really soon!

Get Ready for the Resident Evil: Afterlife Teaser Trailer

Ah, Twitter. You've changed everything in just 140 characters, haven't you? Some good news broke via the mini-blogging service that's bound to bring a big smile (or a huge grimace) to Resident Evil fans eagerly waiting for the fourth installment of the film franchise.

New Stills and Lobby Card from Bob Willems' Renfield

It's the start of Week 3 of shooting on Vampire Diaries Renfield in Houston, Texas, and Renfield himself, Phil Nichols, sent over a batch of new stills -- and a pretty cool lobby card -- for the film.

True Blood Creator Comic Coming Along With Some Surprises

True Blood Season Three doesn't begin airing on HBO until June, but that doesn't mean fans won't have a few treats to tide them over, one of which is a comic biography of author Charlaine Harris in Bluewater Productions' "Female Force" series.

Trailer: Metro 2033 -- Your Destination for Terror

Come March 16th gamers will be given one option when it comes to THQ's latest horror themed video game -- kill or be killed! We wouldn't want it any other way! The year is 2033. An entire generation has been born and raised underground, and their besieged Metro Station-Cities struggle for survival, with each other, and the mutant horrors that await outside.

Clean Scans of Clash of the Titans Creatures

With the release of Louis Leterrier's Clash of the Titans getting closer and closer, anticipation of seeing the film's wondrous beasts up on the big screen (and in 3D) has been growing steadily. Especially to see Medusa! Well ... now you can!

Saturday Nightmares: Cut (2000)

More often than not, the modern slasher film often feels as if its filmmakers have zero understanding of what makes the subgenre tick - best intentions be damned. Somewhere along the way, many of these poor misguided souls figure it’s best to provide a mixture of laughs and gore, with the most crucial element – suspense – falling by the wayside.