By the Gods! Clash of the Titans Stills!

Dread Central got ahold of some bitchin' stills from Louis Leterrier's version of the creature-laden classic Clash of the Titans, courtesy of Warner Brothers as part of its 2010 preview. Since it's Christmas, we figured we'd share!

Motion Picture Purgatory: The Whip and the Body

Now this is how to celebrate the holidays -- with a whip and a body! Oh, what? We're not talking about Uncle Creepy's and my family traditions? Nope -- we're talking Mario Bava's 1963 kinky little ghost story entitled La frusta e il corpo (The Whip and the Body).

Solomon Kane Assault on the Castle Clip and Behind-the-Scenes Creature Feature

It must be Christmas! Two new videos were released today for Michael Bassett's live action version of Robert E. Howard's creation known as Solomon Kane.

Slay the Wicked in Legion Online Game

What better way could you ask for to kick off the holidays than a chance to kill yourself some angels and demons online? Ah, carnage! We love you so much!

Happy Holidaze from Dread Central

The big day is upon us! Time for laughing, drinking, and indulging in the practice of giving and receiving some sweet, sweet presents. Just make sure you use protection and clean up when you're done.

The Foywonder's Ten Worst Horror Films of the Decade

The first decade of the new millennium has come to an end, and that means it is now time for film sites all over the web to begin posting their various retrospectives and lists recalling the decade that was. I generally as a rule dislike such lists because they are always so subjective.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of the Paranormal Activity Collector's Edition DVD

Next Tuesday Paranormal Activity (DVD and Blu-ray review here) officially hits home video, and we've got your chance to win a copy of the extremely limited online order only Collector's Edition!

Dan O'Bannon Website Opens Doors

Dread Central was pointed in the direction of a new official website that celebrates the genius of the late Dan O'Bannon today, and there's no better place to celebrate the man's legacy.

Art, Still, and Trailer for the Long Delayed Repo Men

Repossession Mambo, now known as Repo Men, has finally stepped out of the shadow of Darren Bousman's Repo! The Genetic Opera with a new trailer, still, and even a one-sheet!

Brittany Murphy's Deadline Art Pulled By Rental Outlet

Well, it was just a matter of time. In fact, we were talking about this very subject during the latest Dinner for Friends (coming soon). For those of you not paying attention, the latest movie starring the late Brittany Murphy, Deadline (review here), which features cover art of the young actress eerily laying dead in a bathtub, has been yanked by one rental outlet.

Mia Kirshner and Two Others Join The Vampire Diaries

Not sure how we missed this story the other day -- I blame holiday festivities and distractions -- but in any event, it looks like The Vampire Diaries has added another recurring character: Mia Kirshner will portray Isobel, the sweet-yet-dangerous wife of substitute history teacher Alaric Saltzman (Matt Davis).

Sideshow Presents Its Vlad the Impaler Premium Format Figure

As part of its "Live by the Sword" line, Sideshow Collectibles has a new Premium Format Figure to tempt you to whip out your charge cards: Vlad the Impaler! Vlad, who is sculpted in stunning 1:4 scale, comes in both standard and exclusive versions with an estimated ship date of 3rd Quarter 2010.

Badass (And We Mean Badass) New Trailer for Aliens vs. Predator

Remember when the trailers for AVP:R came out around Christmas time a couple of years ago and we all got the fuzzy feeling inside? Little did we know that feeling would turn out to be indigestion caused by severe eye strain. A new story-based trailer has emerged for Sega's upcoming Aliens vs. Predator video game, and that feeling is back and looking more than justified. Get ready for a truly "Holy Shit!" moment!

First Images: Aliens Waging War in Battle: Los Angeles

November of 2008 was the last time that we got to update you on Jonathan Liebesman's Battle: Los Angeles, but hey, sometimes these things take a while! Some new and pretty nifty behind-the-scenes images leaked online from the film and we've got your directions on where to see the whole bunch!

New Trailer for Night of the Living Dead 3D

No, we're not talking about the one starring Sid Haig from a while back, or even the new re-envisioning from Zeb DeSoto announced a few weeks ago. We're talking the original ... in color ... and in 3D. Um, yay I guess?