Dread Central's Final Girls: Jill Schoelen

Dread Central’s next final girl, Jill Schoelen, was one of our busiest final girls working in the horror genre. The actress appeared in Wes Craven’s Chiller, The Stepfather, Curse 2: The Bite, The Phantom of the Opera, Popcorn, and When a Stranger Calls Back, firmly cementing her place as a beloved final girl of modern horror history.

Final Destination Star Takes on Jigsaw in Saw VII 3D?

Though Lionsgate rarely tips its hand with regard to casting and plot points for the Saw movies, a bit of possible casting news has hit the net that's pretty interesting.

Badass New Rotten Cotton Designs for 2010

When it comes to your horror needs t-shirt-wise, it's hard to find anyone who holds a candle to the sickos over at Rotten Cotton. The boys in black have just unveiled a bunch of new designs to help you make "the normal" folks around you walk on the other side of the street, and we've got a couple of choice ones for you to dig on as well as directions for you to see the whole damned line!

New Clip and Site Update for Psych: 9

The third clip for Psych: 9, the upcoming horror thriller from the UK starring Cary Elwes, Sara Foster, Michael Biehn, and Gabriel Mann, recently went live to coincide with an update to the film's website that's now home to new stills and more!

Counterfeiters Director Looking Into The Last Voyage of the Demeter

Dracula's voyage from Transylvania to London has always been glossed over by the cinema. We all know a bloodbath took place on the ship carrying him, his coffin, and of course his native soil, but we never actually ever got to see what happened for more than a couple of minutes. With The Last Voyage of the Demeter gearing up for production, a certain director has been eying the promising property.

Limited Edition Tarman T-Shirt & Poster from Fright-Rags

All you have to do is attend one convention to know how much horror fans love to wear t-shirts immortalizing their favorite characters. And now, thanks to Fright-Rags, one of the most beloved zombies out there, Return of the Living Dead's Tarman, has a new shirt and poster for his followers to enjoy.

Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov Team to Bring Us Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

You know what's more kickass than finally having a president who can speak in complete sentences? Having a president who can speak in complete sentences and can kill vampires, that's what! And who better to bring such a tale to the screen than the team of Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov?

Simon Cox's Kaleidoscope Man Looking for Investors

As we keep hearing over and over from filmmakers struggling to get financing for their projects, the industry has changed beyond recognition, and the old rule book has literally been torn up. As a result, they now need to find new and creative ways to get their films made. Case in point? Simon Cox's decision to offer the opportunity for people to get involved in the making of his new film Kaleidoscope Man by way of a donation.

Deadly Impact Crashing onto Unrated DVD April 20th

It's more in the thriller vein than pure horror, but we thought our readers would still like to know about special effects guru Robert Kurtzman's latest directorial project, Deadly Impact, which debuts on unrated DVD April 20th from MGM Home Entertainment.

Samuel Bayer Moves Out of Springwood; No Nightmare on Elm Street Sequel for Him

With his new version of A Nightmare on Elm Street still over a month away, director Samuel Bayer has already said "no" to a possible sequel.

Bitch Slap Arrives on DVD; Exclusive Press Event Photo

With IM Global/Bombshell Pictures' outrageous feature Bitch Slap bowing on DVD today from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, this reporter hit up last Friday’s Bitch Slap press event at Sushi Dan’s in West Hollywood, CA. In attendance were the masterminds behind the ode to bad girl exploitation films, writer/producer/director Rick Jacobsen and co-scribe and producing partner Eric Gruendemann.

Doug Bradley Joins The 4th Reich

Nazi zombies are really hot (or should I say cold?) again thanks to Dead Snow and Call of Duty: World at War so it's a no-brainer that a horror flick called The 4th Reich is picking up some major steam by filling out its already packing cast!

A Trailer to Needle You

Just last week we brought you everything we had about Lightning Entertainment's release of John V. Soto's new flick Needle. That was then, this is now. Get ready to dig on a trailer.

Katharine Isabelle and Miguel Ferrer Take a Hard Ride to Hell

Many people have long considered bikers to be very scary people. So what if they're sometimes lawless and sport very strange (yet epic) facial hair? They're just doing their thing, man! Unless of course they happen to be devil worshiping bikers with a blood lust!

Supernatural's Lauren Cohan Joins Death Race: Frankenstein Lives

Though lots of fans hated her for always outsmarting the Winchester boys, we always kind of dug actress Lauren Cohan. Now Lauren is getting set to handle a whole new breed of loonies who drive around looking for carnage!