Paranormal Activity Star Micah Sloat Talks Sequel

While everyone's is still buzzing about the nice horror garnish that went along with the main course of the Oscars, it was at the Independent Spirit Awards two nights before where some Paranormal Activity sequel news came about.

Oscars 2010: Paranormal Activity Spoof and Salute to Horror Intro'd by the Twilight Kids

The 2010 Oscars provided an interesting show to say the least ... if only because our beloved genre finally got some of the recognition that it so richly deserves.

Paleyfest 2010: The Vampire Diaries

The 2010 edition of Paleyfest, a celebration of television's rich and diverse programming and the creative process behind the medium, is continuing for another week; and on Saturday night, March 6th, there was a panel for The Vampire Diaries. Very few spoilers have leaked out so far, but there are a couple we can share along with some photos from the event.

SXSW '10: Badass One-Sheet for Jimmy Tupper vs. The Goatman of Bowie

The first film in a new trilogy will be debuting at this year's South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, and if the vibe the poster gives off is any indication of what's to come, we are so there!

Quick Riddick Update from Vin Diesel

Thus far everything we've heard about the third Riddick film has been pretty damned good. Especially that director David Twohy is looking to go back to the grittier badass feel of Pitch Black instead of the more friendly feel of the second flick.

What Are the Eyes in the Dark Staring Back at You?

Few things are creepier than a strange pair of eyes staring back at you in the dark. Filmmaker Bjorn Anderson's new Cloverfield-inspired indie chiller Eyes in the Dark hopes to mine terror from such a simple conceit as college kids on a weekend getaway in the Washington State Cascade foothills finding something with glowing red peepers that plans to do more than keep an eye on them.

Oscar-Nominated Editor Helps Release Long-Lost Exploitation Gem Gone with the Pope

The name Duke Mitchell may not be recognizable to a lot of our readers, but fans of exploitation have probably heard of his first film as a writer/director, 1974’s Massacre Mafia Style, aka The Executioner. The next year he started filming a follow-up, then called Kiss the Ring, later given the awesome title of Gone with the Pope; however, Mitchell died before finishing the flick. Enter Grindhouse Releasing, which has undertaken a painstaking restoration.

Natali Readying Splice for Release

It's been a long road for Cube director Vincenzo Natali to bring his ten-years-in-the-making film Splice to the big screen, and now that Dark Castle has acquired the creature feature, he's finally putting the finishing touches on his masterpiece.

Danny Glover Goes Moby Dicking for a White Dragon

He's killed a Predator, been murdered by Jigsaw, and spent considerable time being too old for this shit with Mel Gibson; now Danny Glover is taking on the Captain Ahab role and hunting a great white dragon in Dragon Fire, a fantasy reworking of the classic tale of Moby Dick.

Comedy Central Launches Citizen Ugly Web Game Tie-In to Ugly Americans

Comedy Central has unleashed "Citizen Ugly", the web game tie-in to the network's new animated horror/comedy series "Ugly Americans", in which players help the zombies, robots, and vampires of New York keep their jobs and stay out of trouble.

Bret Michaels Has Nothing to Lose

In case you've missed it, for the past couple of months Dread Central has been running a new feature spearheaded by our own MattFini, Saturday Nightmares, an homage to those slightly obscure horror and exploitation films that are deserving of a place in your DVD player each and every Saturday night. More often than not, the films mentioned are 80's slasher fare. And what goes better with 80's horror than an 80's hair band icon like Bret Michaels?

Chris Weitz Not Keen on Returning to The Twilight Saga for Breaking Dawn

With the DVD and Blu-ray release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon just a few short weeks away (at 12:01 AM on March 20th to be exact), its director, Chris Weitz, has been making the interview rounds, and today came word that as far the Breaking Dawn installment is concerned, he thinks someone else should probably take the job.

Creation's Weekend of Horrors Promises You'll Never Sleep Again!

Hopefully you've all been following along with the progress of Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy, a retrospective on the 25-year history of the horror epic A Nightmare on Elm Street. And if you're planning to attend Creation's Weekend of Horror in Los Angeles, CA, this May 21-23, you'll be able to hear all the latest straight from the filmmakers themselves.

Ready to Drive Angry with Christa Campbell?

You know, we're really starting to wonder just what the hell there is to drive so angry about! Every time we turn around, there's another incredibly smokin' hot chick added to the cast of Patrick Lussier's 3D revenge-fest! I mean, surrounded by all this hotness, how mad can you be?

Robert Englund Suffers Through The Night of the Sinner

The original, and for many fans the only, Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund, has been flexing his horror muscle over in Italy. Ready to get a sample of just one of the things he's been up to? Dig on the trailer for Alessandro Perrella's The Night of the Sinner.