Official! Clash of the Titans Redux in 3D (Sort Of)

Duck Season. Wabbit Season. Duck Season. Wabbit Season. Clash of the Titans 2D. Clash of the Titans 3D. 2D. 3D. ENOUGH ALREADY! Finally, the answer has come down. Yes, Louis Leterrier's remake of Clash of the Titans will make it into theatres in both 2D and 3D formats, though not shot with a 3D effect in mind.

Have a Horror Blog? Get Your Well Deserved Recognition!

Recently we were nominated by Total Film for best horror blog. While we appreciate the sentiment behind the nomination more than words, and are grateful for every single fan who voted for us, the fact is we are not a horror blog, and to call us such is nearly disrespectful to all of the real horror bloggers out there who bust their asses to get their work and their voices heard.

Make a Date with French Mutants

According to the official IFC website David Morlet's French horror flick Mutants will be premiering on Direct OnDemand February 10th. Now you, too, can judge for yourselves whether or not it's worth your time.

Julianna Guill Sees Lincoln's Apparition

The remake of Friday the 13th's main bit of eye candy, Julianna Guill, has just landed herself a new gig. Instead of tangoing with hockey masked killers, she's gonna be dealing with a completely different type of big bad!

Godkiller Episode 2 Preview Clip

Episode 2 of Matt Pizzolo's "illustrated film" Godkiller: Walk Among Us was released today, and in honor of the occasion Halo-8 has provided us with a preview clip featuring the one and only Lance Henriksen.

English-Subbed Teaser Trailer and Posters for La Casa Muda

About a month ago we first learned about La Casa Muda, the first Latin American film to be shot entirely with a professional photo camera that also happened to be filmed in one single 72-minute sequence shot. And now we have an English-subbed teaser trailer to check out to see how things are progressing.

True Blood Season 2 DVD and Blu-ray Release Date

It's official! According to HBO the True Blood Season 2 Blu-ray and standard def DVD box sets will be released on May 25th, and pre-orders are available now.

After Dark Horrorfest Plot Synopses and DVD Features

Get ready for another 8 Films to Die For as the After Dark Horrorfest returns with a vengeance!

The Sheltering Has Begun? New Shelter Poster

In the annals of movie tagline history we've had some really scary ones, some really funny ones, and some that just make you scratch your head completely stymied. Enter the new one-sheet for Shelter.

Dead Rising: The Movie? Watch the Trailer Now!

Ok, so follow along -- First Capcom makes a zombie game loosely based upon George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead called Dead Rising, and now there's a movie, based on the game, that was loosely based upon the movie to begin with. See that? Nice and clear, isn't it?

Exclusive: Deadly Premonition: Character Profiles: Emily and George

On February 23rd the horror/action Xbox 360 exclusive Deadly Premonition hits the market, and we've got an exclusive look at two more of the game's mysterious inhabitants for you -- Assistant Sheriff Emily Wyatt and Sheriff George Woodman.

Concept Art for Dexter Trinity Killer Bobble Head

There's no denying that John Lithgow's portrayal of Arthur Mitchell, a.k.a. the Trinity Killer, was the best thing that happened to Showtime's Dexter since the series' first season. And now you can bring him into your own home ... if you dare!

The Walking Dead Script Review Shambles Online

We here at Dread Central aren't looking forward to any single project out there as much as we are Frank Darabont's upcoming adaptation of Robert Kirkman's zombie saga The Walking Dead. Not since the early work of Romero has a Dead universe been so rich with detail and so brutal on its protagonists. Will all that horror and drama make it into the AMC series? Signs right now are pointing to yes.

Sam Worthington to Put the Bite on Dracula: Year Zero

There's no doubt Hollywood's latest golden boy, Sam Worthington, is enjoying the fast track to stardom. From targeting Terminators to getting the blues in a little movie called Avatar to his upcoming tussle with the Titans, the man's making quite the career out of whipping ass. His next stop -- Alex Proyas' Dracula: Year Zero.

Supernatural Spin-off Ghostfacers to Hit the Web

Any "Supernatural" fan out there (and there should be more of them because this show kicks a copious amount of ass) is well acquainted with the "Ghostfacers" -- a bumbling group of paranormal investigators who have taken on a life all their own in terms of fan popularity. In what seems like a truly no-brainer of an idea, we're about to get even more of these cats' antics right here on the world weird web!