Animated Zombies Shamble On in A.D.

Now this is pretty damned cool! Well, in retrospect zombies in general are pretty damned cool ... including the animated variety, which will soon be seen in the upcoming flesh ripper A.D.!

New Behind-the-Scenes Video: The Wolfman

We've seen the trailers, watched the clips, looked at the dozens of stills, and weathered delay after delay after delay. Now we are just a few short days away from the release of Universal's big budget remake of The Wolfman. To celebrate this auspicious occasion, a new behind-the-scenes video has hit online featuring Benicio Del Toro talking all things hairy!

Official: Hammer Nails Rights for The Woman in Black

For those of you out there unfamiliar with the Susan Hill book or the 1989 TV movie of The Woman in Black, take our advice and track them down immediately. You won't be sorry! We're talking some really scary stuff here, man! Even better? A new version from Hammer Films is officially on its way!

Len Wiseman to Direct Underworld 3D?

The Underworld franchise is a bit of an anomaly. Usually the longer a franchise runs, the worse the films get. In the case of Underworld it's just the opposite. With a fourth version coming at us in 3D, there's been a lot of speculation as to what will happen. A sequel to the prequel? A sequel to the sequel? Finally a few details have emerged.

Ridiculously Funny Birdemic Behind-the-Scenes Video

Following up on yesterday's tale of Birdemic terror comes a hilarious new behind-the-scenes video that will have you totally scratching your head with the biggest smile ever on your face! Prepare for "Shock and Terror"!

Foycast 8: The Ten Worst DTV Films of 2009

You wanted it! You demanded it! You waited for it! You got it! At long last, the Foycast is back, baby! It always seems to take a while, but the wait is worth it.

Famous Monsters of Filmland Convention is Coming!

While the horror community continues to mourn the loss of one of our tired and true leaders, Uncle Forry, it really warms the heart to see his legacy alive and well. Today's news reaffirms the fact that Forrest J Ackerman's influence will never truly go away, and that's a wonderful thing.

New Stills and a Clip: The Crazies

More violent goodies have dropped online to get you geared up for the latest Romero flick to get the remake treatment, and we have them for you without the risk of contracting some foul disease. We're good like that!

New Big Game TV Spot - Shutter Island

A new TV spot for the great Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island debuted today, and just like its long-form cousin, it totally brings the spooky! Scorsese and the word spooky in the same sentence? We could really get used to that!

DVD Details: Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay

As part of their ongoing efforts to unleash the most wonderfully weird in Asian cinema, the fine folks at Synapse Films are busting out Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay! In a state of martial law following a meteor crash, Tokyo is overrun with crime, corruption, violence, and ... flesh-eating zombies! But not all hope is lost, for there is K-ko to the rescue! K-ko and her "Battle Suit" thrash their way through the undead, only to find that there may be a far more nefarious nemesis to defeat.

Three New Clips! Three Times the Terror! Triangle

Christopher Smith's Triangle (review here) finally hits DVD abd Blu-ray tomorrow courtesy of First Look Studios. And in honor of the occasion we've gotten our hands on three clips for you to chew on.

Two New Clips: Dante's Inerno: Animated

Two more clips from Starz Media's animated companion piece to the upcoming EA video game adaptation of the classic tale Dante's Inferno came up from the depths today, and we have them for you all hellish and filled with torture.

Viz Launching New Series Biomega

On Tuesday, February 2nd, Viz Media's new series Biomega will debut. The sci-fi/horror epic is both written and illustrated by Tsutomu Nihei.

New Clash of the Titans International Trailer

A new international trailer for Louis Leterrier's Clash of the Titans debuted today featuring more of the good stuff we're all looking forward to! Thank the gods!

Birdemic Flies Its Way to Theaters!

Birds. We hate the damned things. Always shitting on our cars. Always making noise when we're trying to sleep. Always infecting us with deadly strains of the flu to make sure we die a slow and very horrible death.