Katy Mixon Is the Next Hot Chica to Drive Angry

In their seemingly never-ending quest to fill the big screen with as much eye candy as possible, the folks behind the 3D feature Drive Angry have added yet another sultry cast member to their growing list of to drool over darlings.

Lionsgate Attends The Last Exorcism This August

Lionsgate has given the Eli Roth produced possession film The Last Exorcism, formerly known as Cotton, a release date, and what better time than summer could there be to turn up the heat?

Trailer of the Muckman

That Boggy Creek sorta-remake trailer is not the only new swamp monster trailer to arrive today. Now our first look at Brett Piper's Muckman has arrived and brings with it all the rubber monster-suited b-movie euphoria you could hope for and want from a motion picture about a swampy slime monster run amok.

Teaser Trailer: Boggy Creek Remake

One remake we're particularly stoked for around here is Boggy Creek. Why? Because they just don't make enough good Bigfoot movies, and how could anyone resist a good old fashioned dosage of Sasquatchploitation?!?

Get the Ninja Assassin iPhone App for Only $.99

Warner Bros. Digital Distribution and Legendary Digital are converting iPhone and iPod touch users' fingers into deadly chain blades, razor-sharp shurikens, and lethal katanas in Ninja Assassin, a brutal, action-packed game unleashed today -- all for just 99 cents!

After Dark Films Officially Announces After Dark Originals!

Are you a fan of After Dark's yearly Horrorfest? Then we've got some really cool news to share with you guys! Having never played by Hollywood's rules, next year's offering is readying itself to go into a bold and new direction. Strap in, folks! Things are about to get really interesting!

Rumor Control: Akiva Goldsman NOT Directing Paranormal Activity 2 ... But ....

There have been a lot of rumors going around as to who's going to be taking up the helm of Paranormal Activity 2 after Lionsgate had scheduled director Kevin Greutert yanked from the project to do Saw VII, and one such name that's been floating around is Akiva Goldsman. The Internet has been alive lately with chatter about him sliding into the director's chair.

Sasha Grey Ventures to the Hallows

What pops into your head when I say that Sasha Grey has a new movie coming out? Either another pretentious Steven Soderbergh borefest or a porno flick where she’s choked out on a bathroom floor amidst a gangbang, right? There’s actually a third option today – one so crazy that it might just work.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Can You Keep Her Awake?

We're just a little over a month away from the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street's theatrical debut on April 30th, and Warner Bros. has busted out an interactive website to see if you can "Keep Her Awake" until then.

Exclusive: First Stills from the Set of Beverly Lane

A few weeks back we reported on Beverly Lane, the upcoming film from indie filmmaker Joshua Hull currently lensing in Indiana. Since we love you fans so much and want to support indie horror whenever we can, Dread Central is giving you an exclusive look at the first stills from the set.

Twilight Saga News: New Moon Wins ShoWest 2009 Fan Choice Award; Summit Courts Oscar Nominees for Breaking Dawn

In what should be a surprise to no one, The Twilight Saga: New Moon is receiving the ShoWest Fandango Fan Choice Award for 2009's Best Movie. ShoWest, which runs March 15-18, 2010, is the most prestigious and longest running event exclusively for the cinema exhibition and distribution community, and this is the second year Fandango has sponsored the Fan Choice Award in conjunction with the conference.

HBO Teases Latest True Blood Season

Fans hungry for their first taste of some fresh and warm "True Blood" needn't wait a second longer for a quick tease of what's to come, thanks to an eagle eyed fan and the power of YouTube!

Producers Talk Attraction to The Thing Prequel

With shooting scheduled to begin soon on director Matthijs van Heijningen's prequel to The Thing up in British Columbia and Toronto, the film's producers took a moment to talk about what they found on the project to be "irresistible".

Magnet to Bring Us Monsters

We knew it wouldn't be long after SXSW '10 that someone would pick up Gareth Edwards' new flick, Monsters, and lo and behold the news has come down just minutes ago.

Clive Barker Crafts New Cenobite for Hellraiser Doc

Good news today for fans of the Hellraiser franchise ... Clive Barker has officially signed on to be a part of Camelot Entertainment Group and MasiMedia's feature-length documentary Unearthed: The Hellraiser Saga.