Tanit Phoenix to Give Frankenstein a Lift in Death Race: Frankenstein Lives?

Tanit Phoenix. This South African sex symbol is just getting hotter by the day. Now that she's done playing with vampires in the upcoming flick Lost Boys: The Thirst, it's time for her to tackle yet another kind of beast ... one with a hot rod and and a bad attitude.

Megapiranha Artwork Everything You Could Have Hoped For

A mutant strain of piranha escaping the Amazon and eating a path towards Florida with only an Eighties pop princess and a member of the "Brady Bunch" standing in their way can only mean The Asylum has a new mockbuster. And the Lord said unto man, "Let there be artwork for Megapiranha. Behold!"

Clash of the Titans: Warner Looking For a Trilogy

What's better than one Clash of the Titans movie? How about three? That's the idea being tossed around over at Warner Bros. and we gotta say, we kind of like the idea. More monsters. More demons. More adventure. We're sold on the idea, but let's just see how the first one is first, shall we?

Howl the Night Away with The Wolfman

Wondering what the big bad wolf in the upcoming Universal remake of The Wolfman is going to sound like once he roars into theatres? We've got a little preview for you!

Exclusive: Adam Green Talks Frozen at Sundance / First Theatre Listings

I can remember interviewing Adam Green this time last year one late night for an article about Grace, Paul Solet’s film that had premiered during the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, which Green helped champion and produce.

Denis O'Hare Drops Some Hints About True Blood Season 3

Denis O'Hare has a pretty big movie opening this weekend, Martin Campbell's Edge of Darkness starring Mel Gibson, but during the red carpet premiere just about all anyone wanted to talk to him about was True Blood, in which he'll be appearing as the Vampire King of Mississippi. Read on for a few of the scoops O'Hare provided.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Planet Hulk on Blu-ray

If there's one superhero we can really get behind here at Dread Central, it is The Hulk. Why? Because he's a giant pissed off green monster! What can we say? We relate! We also have your chance to win a copy of the green guy's latest animated movie on Blu-ray!

In NYC? Walk with the Zombies of Horrorfest 4!

As part of the festivities surrounding this Friday's kick-off of After Dark's Horrorfest 4, there will be a NYC Zombie Village Crawl with the meet-up scheduled for 5:00 PM on January 29th at Pie by the Pound, 124 Fourth Avenue.

A Look Inside The Darkness: Shadows and Flame

Are you a fan of comics but just don't have the time (or attention span) to devote to a series? If so, you're in luck as Top Cow has debuted a new one-shot issue entitled The Darkness: Shadows and Flame.

New Hellraiser and Zombie Themed Documentaries Coming

Two more documentaries will be coming at you soon involving a couple of our very favorite subjects -- Hellraiser and zombies! Ah, the sweet suffering!

Freddy Krueger to Haunt the Cast of Bones

Being an avid fan of Angel, I used to harbor a hetero mancrush on David Boreanaz. So much so that I eagerly tuned in to the pilot episode of his follow-up series, Bones. Then I tuned right out and never looked back. But today’s news has me ready to tune back it – at least to see how this all plays out.

HBO to Become Mind Hunters

With Showtime’s Dexter reaping the sort of ratings that HBO used to enjoy back in The Sopranos days, it’s no surprise that they’re looking to get into the serial killer genre with their own series – albeit with a different slant.

Dread Central Welcomes Crix Lee

Editor's Note: "With all the craziness going on in the biz lately, it's been harder and harder to make sure everything out there is covered for you guys! One bit of coverage that's been suffering is video games, so we decided to go out and find someone badass enough to lend us a hand ..."

Lots of Horror Hitting Blu-ray in 2010

Now that Blu-ray is accepted as the next-gen medium of choice (though I still think we're headed to a digital download age, which sucks because many of us like having hard copies of movies), studios are finally unlocking their vaults and dropping some pretty nifty classics on us!

Let the Dark Matter DVD Club Awaken Your Imagination

Indie filmmaker Patrick Rea contacted Dread Central recently to let us know about Dark Matter, a new concept in monthly DVD clubs that focuses on a mixture of suspense, science fiction, and fantasy stories, often concluding with a thought-provoking, chilling, or unexpected turn of events.