Frozen is in Theatres NOW! Tell Us What You Think and Dig on a New Clip!

Why are you reading this? Your ass should be at the theatre digging on Adam Green's Frozen! Need another excuse to seek this flick out? How about a brand new clip then?

New Primal Trailer Brings on the Gore

Josh Reed's Primal is another film headed to the European Film Market to seek distribution, and to help build some buzz, a brand-new trailer hit the Net for it today!

Video Interviews: Shutter Island - Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Kingsley, Dennis Lehane

Excited for Shutter Island? Yes, so are we. Amazingly excited even. The early buzz has been really positive, and to further get you geared up, we've gotten our hands on a whopping ten video interviews for you to check out!

Mick Garris Talks Post Mortem, Happy Town, and More

On February 10th one of horror’s most beloved storytellers, Mick Garris, is giving fans a unique experience with his new FEARnet series, Post Mortem with Mick Garris. Garris, a lifelong horror fan and industry veteran, will sit down with some of the genre’s biggest names to talk about their new projects as well as to discuss what they love about horror.

Who Lives? Who Dies? Are You Ready to Choose?

It's been a while since we last spoke about Robert Legato's chiller Choose, and with the European Film Market gearing up, it seems that the flick is finally ready to seek distro.

Luís Tosar To Become Jaume Balagueró's First Flatmate

Flatmate director Jaume Balagueró is taking a much needed break from the [REC] franchise to deliver a new type of tale set in a place of residence. Word broke today that he has finally found his star to topline the flick -- Luís Tosar (Cell 211 and dozens of other Spanish films). Check out the synopsis and early artwork below, and look for more soon!

Help Decide if Web Series Zombie Bashers Continues

Here at Dread Central we're big fans of the sick and twisted Conor (Dead Meat, The Disturbed) McMahon so we thought we'd help him out with a little competition he's involved with over on Ireland's national broadcaster RTÉ for his web series "Zombie Bashers". Read on for how you can get involved.

Third Clip for The Crazies Takes Us to the Car Wash .... Car Wash, Yeah!

What better way to kick off the weekend than with a another clip from a badass looking flick that brings a certain disco song to mind? Now if only someone could track down Rose Royce and kill them too!

Kevin Smith Wants Red State to Be Fan Funded

We've been talking about Kevin Smith's horror project Red State for several years now, and the sad truth is that a lack of funding has been keeping this baby at bay. As a result Smith is looking to another resource to get the film funded ... Us.

Gremlins 3D Happening? Not According to Spielberg

A little more clarification has come down from the man himself, Steven Spielberg, about whether or not we can be expecting to see Gremlins 3D anytime in the near future.

Sarah Michelle Gellar's Possession Finally Coming Home in March

Way back in March of 2009 we reported that Possession, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, would be hitting DVD and Blu-ray on May 12th of that year. Well, the release date came and went with no product hitting store shelves. Now comes the news that we can expect them on March 9th, 2010.

New Clash of the Titans Character Posters

Five new character-based posters have surfaced for Louis Leterrier's version of the creature-laden classic Clash of the Titans showing off the Kraken, the Stygian Witches, Liam Neeson as Zeus, and Ralph Fiennes as Hades as well as giving us a peek at the winged horse Pegasus leading a charge into battle.

Watch AFI's Beautiful Thieves and Ask Questions of the Band

A couple of weeks ago we got a sneak peek at AFI's new video for their current single, "Beautiful Thieves", and now the full-length version has debuted online. Check it out, and then think about any questions you may have for the band as they'll be answering them in person on February 11th.

Watch the Dante's Inferno Descent Trailer

EA Games and Visceral Games' Dante's Inferno is finally hitting the streets on Tuesday, February 9th, and we've got a look at a new video showing Dante's descent into the deepest corners of the underworld. Satan will have hell to pay indeed!

I Sell the Dead DVD / Blu-ray: Artwork and Specs Revealed!

Finally we have gotten our claws into the artwork and details for the Slamdance award-winning zombie opus I Sell the Dead (review here).