Trailer and DVD Art for Cold Storage

We've just gotten our hands on the latest trailer and DVD artwork for Lionsgate's upcoming chiller Cold Storage (hitting stores May 4th), and we figured we'd play nice by sharing!

Floating Heads Prevail in Theatrical One-Sheet for After.life

Who needs a cool poster when you can have one showcasing floating heads in varying degrees of pensive fright? Yep, Anchor Bay's After.Life is the latest victim in the endless line of the artistic fad of the head fetish.

Exclusive: Cuyle Carvin Talks Acting in Horror Films, His Love of the Paranormal, and More

The name Cuyle Carvin may not be instantly recognizable to Dread Central readers, but the 29-year-old is a veteran of several horror films including Fog Warning, Assault of the Sasquatch (also known as Sasquatch Ass

Tales of an Ancient Empire Adds a Badass Female Daywalker

Tales of an Ancient Empire just got a huge dose of badassedness in the form of a female daywalking vampire assassin to be portrayed by Victoria Maurette. Maurette joins the film's previously announced cast that includes Christopher Lambert, Melissa Ordway, Kevin Sorbo, Lee Horsley, and Jennifer Siebel Newsom.

Solitary Trailer / Premiere Info

Debuting this weekend at the LA Cinequest Film Festival will be visual effects artist Greg Derochie's psychological thriller Solitary, and we've got a look at the trailer for you!

Best Worst Movie Lands Distro

Are you a fan of Troll 2? It's okay. You can admit it! There are lots of us out there! So much so that a documentary has been made focusing on the fans, the film, and the spectacle that the little flick has turned into! Now, thanks to distributor Area23A, you're gonna get your chance to join in on the heartwarmingly silly event that is Best Worst Movie!

Tell Tale Blu-ray and DVD Art

Some more home video news for you, as we've just received word that Michael Cuesta's Tell Tale (review here) will be crashing onto home video on May 25th from Vivendi Entertainment (though as with The Collector, if you head to Blockbuster, you can rent it now).

The Season Comes Home for Summer

Horror is an expansive genre that can cover a lot of avenues, proving that evil can be lurking anywhere. Including within the Amish, who, if prompted, can and will churn the living shit out of you!

The Black Waters of Echo's Pond Roll into a Limited Theatrical Release

One thing that we here at Dread Central are so very proud of is how much talent we've unleashed into the genre. Case in point - DC alum Sean Clark. Word just broke that The Black Waters of Echo's Pond, a film on which he served as writer, will be getting a limited theatrical release on April 9th!

SXSW '10: Final Character Teaser for Red White & Blue

The final character-specific teaser for Simon Rumley's Red White & Blue has arrived! Are you ready to meet Nate? Here's a hint to keep you healthy ... you may not want to piss him off!

New UK Quad Poster and Trailer: Shelter

We're really looking forward to Identity scribe Michael Cooney's upcoming film Shelter. His latest foray into the realm of multiple personality disorder will be hitting the UK on April 9th, and we've got everything you need to get geared up across the pond.

DVD Releases: March 2, 2010: Bitch Slap the Last of the Living in 2012

A lot of collections hit store shelves this week including three horror sets, a Sherlock Holmes four-pack, three sci-fi quartets, and a package from 20th Century Fox consisting of The Fly, The Omen, and Independence Day in honor of "75 years of award-winning drama". In addition, fans of the series Poltergeist: The Legacy finally get Season 2 on disc, albeit in the form of an on demand recorded DVD-R.

UPDATED: Shaun of the Dead Apparently NOT Shambling Its Way to TV

We've said it dozens of times: Shaun of the Dead was the film that Zombieland strived to be. Interestingly enough, the latter was originally conceived as a television program, and now it seems that Shaun will be heading in that direction soon!

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 Site Update: New Stills

Some new images popped up today over on the official site for the new A Nightmare on Elm Street flick that's due out in theatres on April 30th, and we've got everything you need right here to make sure that you dig on them!

Cold Spots - The Winchester House

San Jose, California - It has been the inspiration of movies, books, and imaginations, the subject of documentaries and television specials. If ever there were a "poster child" for haunted houses in America, it would be this one. Four acres of sprawling confusion attracts gawkers and the curious, but when the tourists are gone, the hallways are not quiet. No workmen are seen, but the building continues in possibly the most famous haunted house in America, if not the world. And it was built out of equal parts guilt, fear, and, some say, craziness.