Producer Talks Final Destination 5

Just a few days after the announcement that the powers that be over at Warner Brothers had given the go ahead for a fifth film Final Destination franchise, producer Craig Perry recently shed a little more light on things such as just how far along the project actually is.

Twilight's Ashley Greene Talks The Apparition

Fresh off of her success in the Twilight franchise, Ashley Green offered fans an update on what to expect when her latest film, Todd Lincoln's The Apparition, finally begins haunting theatres.

Jessica Chastain Takes Up Residence in The Fields

Another actor has signed on for a stint with Hollywood's latest go-to-guys Sam Worthington and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a tale of murder in the new thriller The Fields.

Warner Bros. Gets Out Horror With Bleach

Graphic novels (or in this case Japanese manga) have been the single most popular bits of source material for Hollyweird these past few years, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Not just content with having a big screen version of Akira on the way, the house of the bunny has another trick up its sleeve!

New Psych 9 Stills to Go Mad Over

Some more stills broke free of their restraints for the upcoming chiller Psych 9 (see the first batch here), and of course we have them for you here without all the loonies following you around for a peek.

Saturday Nightmares: Messiah of Evil (1971)

One of the defining characteristics of 70s horror is the thick and pervasive atmosphere that distinguishes them amongst their peers. Films like Let’s Scare Jessica to Death and Phantasm invoke such strong, yet unique, impressions that it’s impossible to find others exactly like them.

Two Webclips for The Vampire Diaries Episode 15, A Few Good Men

Just like its Thursday night companion Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries is returning in full force to the small screen on March 25th, and to help get everyone geared up for "A Few Good Men", The CW has posted online a few good webclips from the episode.

Supernatural: Three Sneak Peeks at Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

Supernatural will be tackling the zombie theme when it returns to The CW next week on March 25th with an episode entitled "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid", and we've got a look at three sneak peeks for those of you have been jonesing for the Winchesters during their long winter hiatus.

Ten More Clips from Clash of the Titans!

Warner Brothers has definitely opened up the floodgates in anticipation of the April 2nd premiere of Clash of the Titans. Along with the first clip and over 40 stills revealed already this week, they've unleashed an additional 10 clips that are filled to brim with exactly the kind of monster mayhem we've been hoping for.

CONTEST CLOSED! Dread Contest: Have Your Portrait Painted by "Quaid"

In Anthony DiBlasi's adaptation of Clive Barker's short story "Dread", one of the characters is an artist, and in anticipation of Dread's DVD release (along with the rest of this year's Horrorfest entries), one lucky person can have his or her portrait painted by Nicole Balzarini, the real artist behind Quaid (Shaun Evans)'s paintings in the film.

Artwork and Synopsis for Final Chapter of FVZA: Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency

The third chapter of FVZA: Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency from writer David Hine and illustrator Roy Allan Martinez goes on sale March 24th, 2010, and we've got a look at both of the comic's covers along with a brief synopsis of what you can expect from the final installment in the trilogy.

Supernatural Season One Heading to the Wild Blu Yonder

If you were one of the lucky ones who tuned in to the pilot episode of Supernatural when it first aired, then you knew right from the beginning that it was something special. Not every show plasters one of its seemingly major characters against a ceiling and lights her on fire. Now, thanks to Warner Home Video, you can see Mary Winchester in all her blazing glory again ... in hi-def!

Exclusive: Mirrors 2 to Hit Home Video on ...

Aja's Mirrors was hit or miss with fans, and we can only hope that Victor Garcia's follow-up will hit more of the marks that fans wanted it to. We'll get the chance to judge for ourselves soon enough!

Uwe Boll to Rampage onto DVD in June

It's been a long time since we had our last Uwe Boll driven slice of cinema carnage (some would argue not long enough), but that's about to change in June when his latest film Rampage hits DVD!

New Stills: Mexican Cannibals Run Wild in We Are What We Are

More Mexican horror is coming our way (and we're totally cool with that considering how much domestic horror has been on the lackluster side of the fence lately) in the form of a cannibal tale called We Are What We Are (or Somos Lo Que Hay). Hungry for some stills? Dig in!