CONTEST CLOSED! Win Aliens vs. Predator DLC!

Last week Sega released the first bit of downloadable content for its latest game, Aliens vs. Predator (review here). Titled the "Swarm Pack", it enables gamers to finally check out some of the goodies that players who bought the Hunter Edition of the game had been enjoying.

Rec 2 Going Theatrical in July?

Could it be?!? Could it really be?!? Those of us in the United States had to wait what felt like forever for the home video release of [REC], and for a while it seemed as if we'd be doing the same for its sequel [REC] 2 (review here). However, some news slipped out today that tells a very different story.

Monsterpalooza Details; Show-Runner Eliot Brodsky Speaks

With the second annual and highly anticipated horror convention Monsterpalooza – The Art of Monsters returning Friday, April 9–11, 2010, to The Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel in Burbank, CA (get your tickets here now, and how could you not, when they’re only $20 a day?), Dread caught up with the con’s creator, Eliot Brodsky, to talk about the F/X and monster-heavy event.

Babysitter Wanted Comes Home in May

It's been a good long time since last we discussed the thriller Babysitter Wanted (review). Actually, it's nearly a year to the day. Finally some word of the film's home video release via Big Screen Entertainment Group has come to life, and we have it for you as per usual along with the artwork.

Daybreakers Artwork and Blu-ray / DVD Details

Some more info on the upcoming home video release of The Spierig Brothers' tasty beginning of the year vampire treat Daybreakers! As earlier reported, the flick is making its way home to Blu-ray and DVD on May 11th, and we've got the skinny on what to expect!

Bong Joon-ho's Mother Named Asian Film Awards' Best Picture

The Asian Film Awards turned four years old in 2010, continuing its mission of bringing together the best cinematic talents of Asia. South Korea was the big winner this year with six awards, and Bong Joon-ho's Mother led the pack with three wins of its own.

German Killer Bees Attack Spain on American DVD! Get Ready for Killer Swarm!

Move over, Syfy. German television is treading on your nature gone amok territory. Recent years have seen made-for-German-TV movies about killer sharks and birds and tornadoes and other natural disasters. These films have slowly been making their way our way. The latest is Killer Swarm, coming to US DVD in June.

Fiend Without a Face Remake in the Works

If you have never seen Arthur Crabtree's 1958 creature feature Fiend Without a Face, then, brothers and sisters, consider this homework for you: Track the flick down and love every second! How could you not? It has flying brain creatures with antennae arms and a spine that wraps around the neck and chokes the life out of its victims. This is the good stuff, and it looks as if a remake of this classic flick is now on the way.

HBO Teases Us With a Snippet From True Blood Season 3

Oh, man! It looks like the shit is getting set to hit the fan in the upcoming third season of the hit HBO series "True Blood". Don't believe us? Then check out this quick but visceral behind-the-scenes teaser featuring a very angry vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgård).

DVD Releases: 3/23/10: Entering The Lair of the After Dark Horrorfest Makes You Scream Banshee!!!

Definitely the biggest DVD release this week is the After Dark Horrorfest box set with, if not eight films worth dying for, at least a couple that are worth your time; and the fun of the thing is figuring out which ones they are. But that's not all that's coming out March 23rd; read on for the rest.

After Dark Horrorfest 4 Home Video Report Card

It's that wonderful time of the year again! As of March 23rd you'll be able to take home either the entire set or just your favorite movies from this year's After Dark Horrorfest 4, and we've put in the hours to find out what is worth your time and what was best left dead and buried. Dig it, baby!

Exclusive Poster Debut: After.Life

Curious to see the official theatrical one-sheet for Anchor Bay's After.Life? Of course you are! And we're happy to debut this bad boy for you free of floating heads!

Urban Legends Prove That They Can Still Kill in UK Thriller Sparrow

Around the Dread Central offices, we're addicts for urban legends, and we're not talking about that crappy series of movies either (though the first was kind of okay). It's always fascinating to get a handle on what kind of lunacy people believe in nowadays, like everyone in the US having mythical things like health care and such.

Jump for Latest Centurion Clip

We just put down our goblets of mead and let go of our wenches long enough to dig you guys up a new clip from Neil Marshall's uber-violent epic Centurion. Now hurry up and watch it, lads. There's plenty of plundering to be done.

New Trailer and Clip for South Korean Horror Flick Possessed (The Living Death)

One film that will be making its Stateside debut at this year's Tribeca Film Festival in New York City is the new South Korean horror flick Possessed (The Living Death), and we've got a clip and the trailer for you. Well, what else did you expect? That's what the headlines says doesn't it. Wow. I think I just broke the fourth wall, man.