After.Life Heads to Theatres This Spring

Following up on the news story of a couple of days ago regarding Anchor Bay acquiring the rights to Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo's After.Life, it appears that the good folks at AB are looking to give this unnerving little flick a bit of a theatrical run!

DreamWorks Readying to Tour the Museum of SuperNatural History

It seems lately all we get are remakes, stuff based on graphic novels, and the occasional ill-conceived sequel. Every wonder where all the original ideas have gone? DreamWorks has apparently found one right here on the Internet!

District 9 Writer Tackling Stone Monsters

With the success of District 9 (which nabbed four Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture), everyone's been wondering what the people behind the smash hit alien flick will do next. Is there a sequel in the works, or maybe the time is right for something completely new ...

SXSW '10: Horror Line-Up Revealed

Next month the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Conference and Festival will be in full swing down in awesome Austin, Texas, and we've got a look at what horror flicks will be sending super-sized chills down the spines of festival goers.

Repo Men is Looking to Put YOU on the Run!

In this fast moving day and age, studios are always looking to find new and unique ways to promote their films. Just when you think you've seen it all, an idea comes up that is not only very original but pretty friggin' cool as well! Read on for more.

Joe Lansdale on Mojo Storytelling, His Upcoming Compilation, and More

Joe R. Lansdale has been called a Mojo storyteller, a cult figure, a gifted storyteller, a folklorist, and an American original. I prefer to think of him as a purveyor of the Southern Gothic genre with stops to deliver some of the best crime stories through his recurring characters Hap Collins and Leonard Pine. (If you haven’t read a Hap and Leonard story, you need to get with the program and pick up a copy of Savage Season, their first adventure.)

Day of the Dead 25th Anniversary Edition Coming to UK Blu-ray

One thing I hate about Blu-ray is the damn region locking that plagued DVD. Before importing a disc, I've got to do plenty of research to ensure it'll work in my player, which sometimes leads to depressing news. While we have a pretty sweet version of Day of the Dead in high definition already thanks to Anchor Bay, today's announcement of a UK edition sounds even sweeter!

See Frozen This Friday and Saturday in LA With the Cast and the Crew

Fans in the Los Angeles area are in for a real treat as there's a special screening of Adam Green's new chiller Frozen that will allow you to see the movie with some of the film's cast and crew as well as participate in a live Q&A!

Updated Season of the Witch Website Opens Its Doors

The website for Dominic Sena's medieval horror flick Season of the Witch has undergone a major overhaul, and now you can watch the trailer, look through the gallery, grab spooky downloads, and a lot more.

Yet More Aliens vs. Predator Badassery! A Look at Infestation Mode! Multiplayer Demo On its Way!

Every day that passes seems like an eternity while we all wait patiently for the release of Sega's Aliens vs. Predator. Luckily, there's been a constant barrage of material coming out to keep us entertained, the latest of which is a trailer for the game's "Infestation Mode".

Deadly Premonition: Character Profiles: The Ingram Twins

On February 23rd the horror/action Xbox 360 exclusive Deadly Premonition hits the market, and we've got a look at two more of the game's mysterious inhabitants for you - The Ingram Twins: Isaach and Isaiah.

DVD Art: E1 Entertainment's Haunted Echoes

Another haunting chiller is dropping onto home video March 9th as E1 Entertainment unveils its new spooker Haunted Echoes, and we've got a look at the DVD cover art for ya!

Exclusive: Ben Rock and Gregory Sims Talk Bringing Baal to Life

Last weekend Dread Central decided to get a bit of culture and headed over to Sacred Fools Theater to check out film/TV/viral director Ben Rock's (Alien Raiders) intense new project, Baal.

New Shutter Island Montage Trailer

We got our hands on yet another new peek at Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island for you lovable sickos out there, and this one's being touted by Paramount as a "special montage" trailer. Call it whatever you like -- this flick looks incredible. Dig it!

A Heartless Trailer Debut

Yahoo! Movies UK has premiered the official trailer for Philip Ridley's tale of demonic mayhem Heartless, giving us the first good look at the flick we've all been waiting for.