Four Covers for Under the Dome's UK Paperback Release

Proving yet again that lately all the coolest things are coming out of the UK, British publishing house Hodder & Stoughton has announced that its July 8th paperback release of Stephen King's Under the Dome is being designed to generate the type of excitement usually expected from a major television or film launch.

Jurassic Park Story Continues in Print Form from IDW

It's been a long time since last we visited the land in which dinosaurs ruled the Earth (how we wish sometimes that they still did), but thankfully one publisher is looking to change all that with its latest property, Jurassic Park: Redemption!

Random Bits of Scream 4 Stuffage

Now that Scream 4 is official right down to a release date of April 15th, 2011, you can expect the marketing machines to go into overdrive.

Lawrence Gough Talks Salvage and The Drought

With his debut feature film, the Brit horror Salvage (review here), landing in UK theatres and homes in a number of formats this week, director Lawrence Gough took some time to talk with Dread Central about the creation of the film and where he's headed next.

Sales Art and Synopsis: Julian Richards' Cryptid

"If it doesn’t exist, why is everyone dying?" That's a good question! Let's make like Fox News and blame Obama and the Left, shall we? Seriously, though, that is the question posed on the sales art for Julian (The Last Horror Movie) Richards' latest flick Cryptid, for which we have said sales art and a synopsis, too!

First Behind-the-Scenes Still: Tom Atkins in Drive Angry

We've been talking about Patrick Lussier's latest 3D carnage fest, Drive Angry, for quite some time now, and finally the first behind-the-scenes image has arrived from the set.

Plot Details and Artwork for Gladiators v Werewolves: Edge of Empire

It was back in December, 2008, that Foy first told us about Gladiators v Werewolves from director Rob (The Bunker) Green, but details were scarce. Now, however, the UK's AV Pictures has provided a full synopsis and early poster art for the first installment in a proposed trilogy, now retitled to Gladiators v Werewolves: Edge of Empire.

Wes Craven's My Soul to Take Gets a Release Date

My god! Could it actually be? Why yes! Yes! Wes Craven's next horror flick, My Soul to Take (formerly 25/8), actually has a release date! Well, then. It's about time!

Evil Royalty to Get Her Due in Maleficent

Sleeping Beauty's arch nemesis, the evil queen Maleficent, may just be getting her very own live action film pretty soon courtesy of the writer of the hit 3D flick Alice in Wonderland and (who else?) Tim Burton. We really have to start wondering if Burton realizes just how busy he is as much as we do.

Lance Henriksen Develops Cat Scratch Fever While Dealing with The Witches of Oz

Lance Henriksen has battled Aliens, Predator, Pumpkinhead, The Terminator, Sasquatch, and all manner of supernatural and sci-fi terrors. Who would have thought he would finally face his ultimate challenge in the form of an unfriendly pussycat. That's what happened during shooting of his latest, Witches of Oz, and we have video documentation of this epic encounter.

Exclusive Trailer Debut: Distortion

Many years ago Richard Diaz started posting on horror message boards along with myself and many others. He was affectionately known to his online buddies as "Gory", and he traveled with us from Fangoria to the place that shall not be named (we wish them well) and now finally to here on Dread Central. His love of horror is pure and as evident as can be, and it's with great pleasure and honor that we debut the trailer for his first indie horror film. Get ready for a look at Distortion!

AFI and Green Day Announce Summer Tour

Punk lives! At least the 2010 version of punk does. In one of the more interesting pairings we've seen lately, AFI and Green Day have announced they will hit the road together for a late summer tour beginning August 3rd, marking another piece of joint history for the two iconic bands who both got their starts in the NorCal scene.

New Moon DVD Sales Surpass Those of Twilight

It's official. The Twilight Saga craze is alive and well and growing exponentially with each new release. The Twilight Saga: New Moon sold just over 4 million DVD units in its first weekend of release, surpassing the first weekend sales of its predecessor Twilight, which sold 3.8 million DVD units.

Concept Trailer and Artwork for New Danish Film Warren Lich

If the concept trailer for the upcoming Danish film Warren Lich is any indication, the name Shaun Rana is one we'll be hearing a lot more of in the coming weeks and months.

The Growth is Out of Control

Got eight minutes to spare? Of course you do! You're obviously surfing the Net, or you wouldn't have been here to answer my question. (Uncle Creepy - Breaking the fourth wall since 1972.) Anyway, if you do have some time on your hands, why not bloody them while watching a new badass short film called The Growth?