Dinner for Fiends: 2nd Helpings!

Did you miss us? We have returned after a lengthy hiatus brought on by scheduling conflicts and a technical meltdown that erased the last Dinner For Fiends, and what a loaded program we have for you! Finally, the first DFF of 2010, and being that we're nearly three months into the new year, that means there is a lot of ground to cover and still find time for the usual off-topic nonsense.

Pre-Order Tales of an Ancient Empire; Work-in-Progress Screengrab & Behind-the-Scenes Clip

Director Albert Pyun sent over a new work-in-progress screengrab from his Tales of an Ancient Empire and also let us know that they've started taking pre-orders on the film via his official website.

Another Name Thrown into the Ring to Direct The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

There's pedigree and then there's the kind of pedigree the newest name being bandied about to direct The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn carries. Despite only directing three feature films over the course of his career, Stephen Daldry has been nominated for an Oscar for each of them.

Paranormal Activity 2 Gets a Director

It's been a rough road for Paramount and the producers of Paranormal Activity 2 toward landing a director for the flick. The originally named Kevin Greutert was recalled by Lionsgate for Saw VII, but it's all paid off as today we know who'll be taking the reins from Oren Peli for the sequel.

Paramount and Platinum Dunes Bringing Us Existence 2.0 Adaptation

Another graphic novel adaptation is on the way ... this time from Paramount Pictures and Platinum Dunes! Are you ready for a look at another man's Existence 2.0?

UPDATE: Brian Cox NOT in Scream 4

Some possible casting news has seeped in for the first film in the new Scream trilogy, Scream 4 or Scre4m for you hipsters.

Go Down on Terror

Yes, we know. The headline sounds a bit kinky, but it's Friday, damnit! After such a long week we should all be entitled to be as kinky as we like, not to mention be allowed to go down on anything that we want!

Defeat Dr. Boss Zombie! Win the Necro Wars!

Just yesterday I told you about Sickle from writer-director Robert Conway. Not one to rest on his laurels, Conway already has a second film in post-production, Necro Wars. A zombie apocalypse flick with a twist: The hero is a newly zombified soldier forced to choose which side he will fight on.

First Preview of Leigh Scott's The Witches of Oz

The other day we told you about Leigh Scott's Witches of Oz 3D and treated you to an outtake in which co-star Lance Henriksen worked with an uncooperative kitty. Today we have a promo trailer for the fantasy thriller that updates L. Frank Baum's classic kiddie tale.

First Casting News: Jon Bernthal is First Among The Walking Dead

Finally some sold casting news has hit for Frank Darabont's small screen adaptation of the Robert Kirkman zombie epic The Walking Dead for AMC! Words alone cannot describe how excited we are for this one!

Take Your Trip to Happy Town Early! Demand It and Be One of the First to Experience the Mayhem!

One of the upcoming new shows we've been really looking forward to is ABC's soon to be debuting "Happy Town", but wow, does that April 28th premiere date seem a while off. If only there was a way to see it early ... oh wait! There is, and it's free and will only take you a second!

Exclusive Book Preview Trailer: Douglas Clegg's Neverland

Horror scribe Douglas Clegg (Nightmare House, Afterlife, and a slew of others) will have a new book, Neverland, out in a couple of weeks.

Voice Actors Named for Animated Series Vampire Knight

VIZ Media has announced the first names to join the voice cast for Vampire Knight, the upcoming animated series based on the bestselling manga by Matsuri Hino.

New Novella from Eric S. Brown - How the West Went to Hell

Pill Hill Press recently sent over the news that Eric S. Brown is releasing a new novella this month entitled How the West Went to Hell that's primed to take readers on an Old West adventure of epic proportions.

More New Images: Namco's Clash of the Titans - The Video Game

Namco just sent over a bunch of new screenshots from its game based upon the blockbuster coming from Warner Bros. featuring Perseus fighting all manner of baddies -- some new and some we have seen before. Could these newer creatures make it into the movie? We'll find out on April 2nd when Louis Leterrier's Clash of the Titans hits theatres.