Slaughter's Road Leads to Wolves for David Hayter

It's nearly a year to the day since we last told you about Watchmen scribe David Hayter's Slaughter's Road, and now finally there's something else to howl about ... like say a new title.

Godzilla Officially on His Way Back to the Big Screen

Rumors swirled late last year that Legendary Pictures, the company behind The Dark Knight, Watchmen, and this week's Clash of the Titans remake, were in discussion with Toho about bringing the King of the Monsters back to the big screen. Today that news became official. Godzilla is back!

DVD Releases: 3/30/10: Tell Girly I Sell the Dead in the Voice of a Murderer

And we go from the bounty of last week's home video releases to the near famine of March 30th, where the pick of the week is without question I Sell the Dead. Although, based on its cover alone, the DVD I'm most curious about is 1951's The Tiger's Claw (Der Tiger Akbar) from West Germany.

Horror Writers Association Presents 2009 Stoker Winners

This past weekend at World Horror Con in Brighton, UK, the Horror Writers Association revealed the winners of the 2009 Stoker Awards. The recipients list, for superior achievement in all aspects of horror writing, reads like a who's who, or at least a list of names you should know and will be seeing again.

EA/Visceral Games Confirm The Ripper

Late last week it was confirmed that EA and Visceral Games will indeed release The Ripper, a download-only title based on infamous 19th Century serial killer Jack the Ripper.

Syfy Offers First Sneak Peek at Mega Piranha

Funny that The Asylum has yet to release an official trailer for Mega Piranha, but Syfy has posted a sneak preview video clip as they begin promoting the film for its April 10th premiere. If this is a taste of things to come, I think it is safe to say that the movie is going to be quite the schlocktacular spectacle.

UPDATE: F/X House Named / Jonny Lee Miller Frontrunner for Rick in The Walking Dead

Now that we all know that Jon Bernthal will be playing Shane, partner of the main character, Rick Grimes, in Frank Darabont's adaptation of The Walking Dead for AMC, speculation has been at a fever pitch over who will play Grimes himself. Personally I would have liked to see AJ Bowen tackle the job, but apparently the powers-that-be are looking over another young talent.

New Trailer for The New Daughter

The trailer for Anchor Bay's little seen or talked about Kevin Costner spooker, Luis Berdejo's The New Daughter, will be hitting DVD and Blu-ray on May 18th, and we've got a look at the trailer for you!

Sharks, 3D, Heidi Montag, Boobs, and Delusions of Grandeur

A 3D movie involving sharks and a big-breasted blonde's boobs? Shouldn't The Buz be writing this story? Is there even a story here? There will be if Heidi Montag has it her way. God help us.

First Dead Space 2 Gameplay Footage!

It's a bit shaky and not officially "official", but the first look at some gameplay footage from Dead Space 2 has hit online following the Dead Space team's PAX East panel that streamed live earlier today.

News of the Weird: He Who Hunts C.H.U.D.s

The news today tends to be depressing, but sometimes a story comes across the police blotter that is just ... weird. Such is the case of a story out of Washington State earlier this week about cops detaining a crazy, sword-swinging hunter of movie monsters.

Saturday Nightmares: Madman (1982)

It’s no secret that the early 80s saw many fledgling filmmakers scrambling to become the next John Carpenter by capitalizing on the infamous slasher boom, and Madman’s genesis was certainly no different. And while it was one of four ‘campfire slashers’ made in 1981 (Friday the 13th, part 2, The Burning and The Final Terror being the others), it is perhaps the most distinct.

SCARE-RIFF-EYEING Vol. 3: Rudimentary Peni

Greetings, miscreants and malformations. Welcome back to SCARE-RIFF-EYEING: Musical Abominations Horror Fans Should Be Killing For and Dying Over. With this installment I plumb down, the furthest yet, into the depths of sonic darkness with legendary British anarchist deathrock punks RUDIMENTARY PENI.

New Horror/Suspense Novel from Brandon Ford: Pay Phone

Author Brandon Ford has released a new novel, entitled Pay Phone, and in a true sign of the times is about to embark on his third "viral" press tour.

Dark Horse to Release Dexter Limited Edition 7-Inch Bust

The filming of Season Five of Showtime's "Dexter" doesn't start up until June so it's going to be a bit of a wait before we get to reconnect with America's most lovable mass murderer. But thanks to Dark Horse Deluxe collectibles, a 7-inch version could be yours to bring home this summer.