New Trailer for The New Daughter

The trailer for Anchor Bay's little seen or talked about Kevin Costner spooker, Luis Berdejo's The New Daughter, will be hitting DVD and Blu-ray on May 18th, and we've got a look at the trailer for you!

Sharks, 3D, Heidi Montag, Boobs, and Delusions of Grandeur

A 3D movie involving sharks and a big-breasted blonde's boobs? Shouldn't The Buz be writing this story? Is there even a story here? There will be if Heidi Montag has it her way. God help us.

First Dead Space 2 Gameplay Footage!

It's a bit shaky and not officially "official", but the first look at some gameplay footage from Dead Space 2 has hit online following the Dead Space team's PAX East panel that streamed live earlier today.

News of the Weird: He Who Hunts C.H.U.D.s

The news today tends to be depressing, but sometimes a story comes across the police blotter that is just ... weird. Such is the case of a story out of Washington State earlier this week about cops detaining a crazy, sword-swinging hunter of movie monsters.

Saturday Nightmares: Madman (1982)

It’s no secret that the early 80s saw many fledgling filmmakers scrambling to become the next John Carpenter by capitalizing on the infamous slasher boom, and Madman’s genesis was certainly no different. And while it was one of four ‘campfire slashers’ made in 1981 (Friday the 13th, part 2, The Burning and The Final Terror being the others), it is perhaps the most distinct.

SCARE-RIFF-EYEING Vol. 3: Rudimentary Peni

Greetings, miscreants and malformations. Welcome back to SCARE-RIFF-EYEING: Musical Abominations Horror Fans Should Be Killing For and Dying Over. With this installment I plumb down, the furthest yet, into the depths of sonic darkness with legendary British anarchist deathrock punks RUDIMENTARY PENI.

New Horror/Suspense Novel from Brandon Ford: Pay Phone

Author Brandon Ford has released a new novel, entitled Pay Phone, and in a true sign of the times is about to embark on his third "viral" press tour.

Dark Horse to Release Dexter Limited Edition 7-Inch Bust

The filming of Season Five of Showtime's "Dexter" doesn't start up until June so it's going to be a bit of a wait before we get to reconnect with America's most lovable mass murderer. But thanks to Dark Horse Deluxe collectibles, a 7-inch version could be yours to bring home this summer.

First Look at Ashley Greene on the Set of The Apparition

Todd Lincoln's new spooker for Dark Castle, The Apparition, is now filming in Palmdale, CA, and the very first paparazzi on-set pictures of star Ashley Greene have found their way online.

Two Clips from This Week's Ugly Americans

Did you miss Comedy Central's "Ugly Americans" this week? If so, catch up with a couple of clips. If not, then relive the fun to be had with an inappropriate zombie sponsor and a supernatural trust exercise that goes terribly wrong.

Prom Night Goes REALLY Wrong For Kids in Reach

For most of us, other than the spooky ghost who came out of the well in the American Ring films, the only other unnerving bit of the flick was Naomi Watts' son's constant freakiness. Well, the actor who played the little weird kid, David Dorfman, is all grown up now (wow, does time fly), and he's already attending his prom. Of course murderous mayhem ensues.

Strap in for TH13TEEN, the UK's Ultimate Horror Roller Coaster!

The UK’s Alton Towers theme park has recently unveiled its latest adrenaline-pumping roller coaster in the form of the horror-themed TH13TEEN, and it looks to be a horror-loving thrill-seeker’s dream come true!

The WTF Friday Video of the Week

Horror comes in many shapes and sizes. Many colors and creeds. It can be found in the souls of men or women, or it can be placed upon display for random visitors to gawk at as they would a terrible clown car accident on the I-95 involving dwarfs and a gang of stampeding burros. The only thing we know for sure is that it is Friday, and it's time to go a little mad!

Casting News for Syfy's Haven

It was late 2009 when we last heard much about the Syfy series "Haven", based on the novella The Colorado Kid from author Stephen King, but today two names were added to the undoubtedly sure to be expanding cast.

Magnet Makes July REC 2 Theatrical Run OFFICIAL!

Now this is how we like to kick off our weekend! With some rock solid assurance that a flick we're dying to see will indeed by playing in theatres! There's nothing finer, we tell ya!