Baltimore Gives Edgar Allan Poe a True Sendoff!

In what has to be one of the greatest genre stories in recent years, the horror genre’s most prolific writer, Edgar Allan Poe, will be given a royal ceremony beginning on October 7th with a public viewing of his body at the Poe house and continuing all the way to October 11th with a funeral procession and service.

A Comedown on Trespassers

I guess I go against the grain when I say that I prefer to like most of the characters in a slasher flick. I’ve never been of the mind that you should root for the killer (the kills can still be fun/surprising without watching a collection of degenerates), and I’ll be curious to see how the recently announced Comedown goes about itself. After all, a story about a psychopath targeting trespassers could certainly go either way...

Silent Hill Scribe Roger Avary Sentenced to a Year in Prison

Speaking as someone who’s lost a loved one at the hands of a drunk driver, this is a tough story to sympathize with. Academy Award winning writer/director Roger Avary has been sentenced to a year in prison after a drunk driving incident claimed the life of a friend and left others with serious injuries.

FANTASTIC FEST Winners Announced!

For those of you who weren't in Austin, TX from September 23-30, you missed out. Fantastic Fest lived up to its name and presented some of the newest, most anticipated, and best films of the year. From the comfort and coolness of the Alamo Drafthouse (which serves AWESOME food during movies) to the palatial Paramount Theater, Austin showed that it knows how to treat fans of genre films.

IFC Listens for the Deathbell - Trailer and Poster

Another horror film is coming our way courtesy of IFC Festival Direct VOD Service, a new South Korean flick from director and co-writer Yoon Hong-Seung called Deathbell. Hope these students are ready for their pop-quiz as Hong-Seung puts a group of innocent high schoolers to the question in the exam of their lives and takes great bloody joy in punishing wrong answers!

G4's AOTS Spoofs Twilight

We know that a lot of our readers roll their eyes whenever we cover Twilight and its sequels New Moon and Eclipse, and it's for all of you that we present G4's new Twilight spoof.

A Romance to Make You Shiver

In more news that makes us feel less like men and more like school girls, there's a sappy new production on the way that touts paranormal romance and -- no doubt -- a really young brooding cast who have perfect bodies and absurdly thick eyebrows. Yep, Shiver is a'comin'. Joy.

Get Laid (to Rest) This Weekend

Hey, horror fiends, just in case you haven't had a chance to pick up director Robert Hall's badass slasher flick Laid to Rest (review here) on DVD, you have a chance to check it out this weekend on The Movie Channel in all its HD glory.

Sid Haig to Go Straight to Hell

Some souls go to Heaven. Some go straight to Hell. Which way do you think the Captain himself is gonna go? If we listen to the title of Pristine Pictures' upcoming Go Straight to Hell, the answer seems pretty clear!

Dead Space Extraction - The Team Speaks!

Last week we had the opportunity to sit in on a conference call with part of the team behind EA Games' Dead Space: Extraction--namely, Steve Papoutsis (Executive Producer), Wright Bagwell (Creative Director), John Calhoun (Senior Designer), Jonathan Hackett (Art Lead/Direction), and Shereif Fattouh (Associate Producer). Of course we aimed to get you the goods on the game so read on for dozens of reasons why you should be using your Wiimote for something else other than Tennis!

Third Teaser Poster - All About Evil

Another new teaser poster for All About Evil has hit the net and this one is all about celebrating peace and quiet. Or is that horror and torment? What say you?

Production on Halloween 3D Slows Down

As fast as things were cooking is as fast as they've slowed down. Well, shut down temporarily at least. Production on Halloween 3D has ceased, but not to worry ... it's for a few good reasons.

Resident Evil: Afterlife Officially Begins Production

After weeks of talking about it, and casting news coming from the weirdest of places, ScreenGems and Constantine Film have announced today that filming has officially begun on Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Deadmonton's DEDfest Horror Film Festival Hits in October

Edmonton, schmedmonton - it's Deadmonton! DEDfest, one of Western Canada's few, if only, horror film festivals, is gearing up to get under way October 15 through October 18. Curious what you just might get to see? Read on!

Dead Air Poster Contest Announced

Feeling artistically inclined? Have you muttered in complaint at the stagnant, over-used styles in modern day film posters? Well, now's your chance to win something and prove your artistic merit! Dead Air, starring Bill Moseley and planned to be released on October 27th, is looking for a few fans to make it a new poster.