New Artwork - Paranormal Effect

Trying really hard to capitalize on the success of Paranormal Activity is the new feature from Simius Films, Paranormal Effect. Can't really say that we blame them. Who knows? This might just end up being okay, though we're less than thrilled with what we've seen thus far.

Make a Date with Roger Corman's Dinoshark

Just yesterday you heard the news that legendary b-movie maestro Roger Corman is going to produce Sharktopus. But before that shark/octopus hybrid comes into fruition, there's the matter of Dinoshark, the prehistoric monster shark flick he produced. A premiere date is finally set, and I am sure you will be shocked to know Syfy is where you can see it.

Five-Minute Preview of Russian Horror Flick Phobos: Club of Fear

While their vodka can make any film seem a lot less painful, Russia isn't exactly known for its stellar crop of horror movies. Will that change with the upcoming film from director Oleg Assadulin, Phobos: Club of Fear? Check out a five-minute preview and decide for yourself.

Image Entertainment Snags Finale and Shadow

Two more horror flicks have found themselves some North American distro today courtesy of Image Entertainment, one of which is said to be "Argento-esque" in nature. That's never a bad thing!

Being Human Seasons Two and Three Heading to BBC America

Now this is some great news to end the week on: BBC America has announced the acquisition of Series Two and Three of Being Human. The show’s highly anticipated second season will premiere in late summer with the third season following shortly thereafter.

More Unofficial "Official" Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn News

Things are getting downright ridiculous in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn land. First Deadline Hollywood reports that "it's definitive. Filming on [two] back-to-back [Breaking Dawn] movies would begin in mid-October, and Summit Entertainment is looking at 'high end' directors." But then MTV states Summit told them, "No decision has been made." Further muddying the waters, The Hollywood Reporter chimes in with word that "the halls of Summit are also alive with the parallel potential of filming the last film — or films — in 3D."

Dreadtime Stories: The Carnival

There's music in the night, and the smell of funnel cakes and popcorn fills the air. People line up for a game of chance to win teddy bears and goldfish. It's a fun night when the carnival comes to town. But for one lucky couple games on the midway aren't enough. They need to see the darker side, most often called the freak show. What they find, however, is more horrifying than they could imagine. Join us for our Dreadtime Story called "The Carnival."

Writers Still Determined to Bring Zombieland to Prime Time TV

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writers behind Zombieland and its upcoming sequel, originally conceived the Zombieland universe as a TV show. Well, obviously that didn't work out, but if you really pay attention to the film, it's hard to deny that it pretty much feels like several bits of episodic television all glued together. Box office success hasn't changed their minds about makin' good on their small screen aspirations though.

A Motion Comic That Will Give You a Case of The Crazies

We remember a year or so ago referring to the month of February as "The Twenty-Eight Days of Suck". The shortest month of the year had become a veritable dumping ground for terrible horror movies that weren't worth a single second of your time. February, 2010, however ... totally the opposite. The Wolfman, Shutter Island, and The Crazies are all up at bat, and to gear up for the latter, a new motion comic has slipped online to whet the proverbial whistle!

More Sappy Horror On Its Way Set to Make You Shiver

I get it. Chicks like romance. So do some guys. But for god's sake when will these attempts to capture the Twilight crowd cease? Not happening! It was lightning in a bottle, guys! In any event get ready for more supernatural themed sap to be splooged into your laps.

Official: Vin Diesel and David Twohy Bringing Us a Third Riddick Film

Finally! We've been talking about it for a while now, but man, does it feel good to get concrete word! Please redeliver us the no nonsense badass who wouldn't think twice about cuttin' your throat from ear-to-ear that we got in Pitch Black!

Jon Hamm's Stolen Unveils Its Poster and Trailer

In anticipation of IFC Films' roll-out of director Anders Anderson's Stolen, starring Jon Hamm and Josh Lucas, via On Demand on March 3rd and in limited theatres on March 12th, they've released the film's artwork and trailer.

Two Bloody International Clips From The Wolfman

Finally some savagery! We've all heard by now about how violent Universal's redux of The Wolfman (review here) is, but now it's time to actually see some of that sweet, warm gore!

Two More Sign On to Skyline

Two more actors have signed on to be ill lit in the duo of darkness Colin and Greg Strause's latest project Skyline. Maybe they will come with their own lighting rigs. Anything is possible ya know.

Eli Roth Set to Show Us The Other Woman

Amazing. We don't hear anything from Eli Roth for moths and now - BAM! Three news items in one day! Good thing we love that truly inglourious basterd!