New UK Quad Poster: Psych 9

Some more horror loving coming in for the UK's latest psycho thriller, Psych 9! Get set to dig on the final quad one-sheet! No word yet on a domestic release but we'll keep our ears to the ground, damn it!

Full Synopsis and Cast Details for Happy Town

Several days ago we told you about ABC's "Demand It" campaign for its new series "Happy Town" whereby once they reach 50,000 demands, everyone who participated will be able to watch the show online in advance of its April 28th premiere. Now that we have a longer synopsis of "Happy Town" that includes its full cast, we're pretty sure you'll be wanting to head on over to Eventful and take part if you haven't already.

First Look: Space Canada Set to Air New Series: Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

Lucky Canadians will soon be getting their chance to dig on a horror TV show all of their own when "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil" debuts on Space Canada!

Official Mega Piranha Trailer Everything You Could Want in Life

Up until now our only glimpses at the spectacle that is Mega Piranha have come from snippets posted on Syfy's website. Now The Asylum has finally gotten around to posting the official trailer. I do not want to oversell this trailer as the most absurdly awesome 1:19 minutes you'll ever see, but even if you have no intention of ever watching Mega Piranha, you *must* watch this trailer.

Check out the Norwegian Research Camp from The Thing Prequel

One of the *ahem* things that made John Carpenter's 1981 splatter classic The Thing so frighteningly good was the film's completely isolated setting. To say it was claustrophobic is a bit of an understatement. With a prequel on the way we can only hope that the same feeling of isolation is recaptured to help heighten the terror.

Latest True Blood One-Sheet Fills You Up

You know who rocks? The ad company behind Season Three of the hit HBO series "True Blood". Each week they deliver the goods via some kind of clever campaign, and this week is no different! Water cooler talk may never be the same!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Tickets to See The Lodger w/Live Organ Accompaniment!

Most of us agreed the 2009 remake of The Lodger failed to live up to its potential despite its stellar cast. Curious to see Alfred Hitchcock's original 1927 version of the tale accompanied by live organ music at UCLA this weekend? Then read on!

Amber Heard and Odette Yustman Don Bikinis in And Soon The Darkness Remake

We have two new behind-the-scenes images from Studio Canals' remake of And Soon the Darkness that feature the two sexy leads wearing just the bare essentials. Really that's the only reason we're posting them. There's never a wrong time for hot chicks in bikinis.

Chicago's Women of Horror 2 Film Festival Details

The Horror Society has announced another Women of Horror Film Festival will be held this coming May 1st in Chicago, and their goal for this festival is to show the female side of the horror genre in a way that most horror fans may not be familiar with. Read on for more details!

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Second Good Look at Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger

Though movie trailers have been meant to tease us over the years with quick glimpses of the things we want to see most, now they are also the source of still framed spoilers. Get ready for another look into the face of evil itself!

First Behind-the-Scenes Crew Images Saw 3D

There are few films coming out later this year that have as big or as interesting of a behind-the-scenes story as Kevin Greutert's Saw 3D. The Saw vs. Paranormal Activity rivalry has been well documented online, and we've all sifted through the dirty laundry. In the end we're sure Greutert will deliver once more so there's a lot to be excited about ... speaking of which ...

Does The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn FINALLY Have a Director?

We're getting a little tired of the rumor mill continuously working overtime on the fourth and possibly fifth installments of The Twilight Saga, but if the latest news can be believed, Summit is close to making an announcement as to who will be directing Breaking Dawn and whether it will one (3D) film or two.

Piranha 3D New Title Treatment and Updated Website

Man, it seems as if we've been talking about Alexandre Aja's Piranha 3D forever. Well, come August 27th the flick will have its judgment day, and we're all hoping it takes more than a big bite of the summer movie crop. To get us geared up, the official website has gotten a faceflift.

Complete Synopses for All Eight After Dark Originals

Wonder what to expect this fall from the eight announced After Dark Originals that After Dark Films is making in conjunction with Lionsgate and the Syfy Channel? Wonder no more! We've got the skinny on each!

Halo-8 Announces New Comic Book/Illustrated Film The Long Knives

During their recent panel at WonderCon entitled "Halo-8: Comic Books and Illustrated Films," Halo-8 reps announced their next original comic book/illustrated film transmedia combo will be Matt Pizzolo's The Long Knives, "a giallo horror, bare-knuckled revenge movie with an otherworldly Tim Burton-esque aesthetic." The artwork will be courtesy of newcomer illustrator Ana Ludeshka.