Kyôfu Coming to Haunt Japan in July

Is anybody really still watching J-horror anymore? I don't know about you guys, but we've pretty much had our fill of spooky little girls dressed in white with long black hair. Even our own Andrew Kasch only gets a half a chub when a new Japanese flick comes out, and that's really saying something!

Warner Brothers to Prove All You Need is Kill

Is it weird that the entire time I've been readying myself to write this story I've been singing the title aloud to the tune of The Beatles song "All You Need Is Love"? I just can't stop either. See? I bet you're doing it now. Yep, just try and stop.

Syfy Offers Second Look at Mega Piranha

Finally ... the clip you have been waiting for! Time to see The Asylum's Mega Piranha doing some damage, and by "damage" we mean taking down helicopters. Yes. It is that damned good.

Olivia Thirlby Fights Off Aliens in The Darkest Hour

With Right at Your Door director Chris Gorak proved that he knew how to do a lot with a little in terms of money to work with. It's going to be pretty sweet to see what the talented director can come up with armed with a budget and a plan that finds New Regency partnering with Summit Entertainment to bring us a 28 Days Later-like thriller about a group of kids struggling to survive in Russia after an alien invasion.

8th Annual Rondo Hatton Award Winners Announced

The eighth annual Rondo Hatton Awards have come to pass, and we have all the results for you, including one winner who we're kind of shocked about ... us!

Lead Joel Edgerton Talks The Thing Prequel

Universal's prequel to the John Carpenter classic The Thing is now shooting up in Toronto, Canada under the direction of Matthijs Van Heijningen, and star Joel Edgerton recently talked about the flick's relation to the 1981 flick.

The Millennium Bug Brings Mayhem and Carnage

Who knows what horrors can be wrought by The Millennium Bug? We're not talking about that sissy Y2K stuff, folks! Although we do fondly remember when people were all but hiding under their tables because computer programmers lacked the foresight to teach their mega-machines to actually count! Ah, good times! Where were we? Oh yes -- the new indie creature feature The Millennium Bug!

Horror Comes From Next Door

Know what we can never have too many of? Ghost stories, that's what. Just like zombie flicks, these other dead things that go bump in the night are much beloved by horror hounds everywhere, and with good reason. When done right, they can be downright terrifying! There's a new one on the way that will hopefully make the cut ... Next Door.

Andrew Howard Brings Evil to The Dark Fields

Every good film needs a good villain, and if there's one thing that actor Andrew Howard is damned good at, it's being completely and unabashedly wicked. Guess that makes him the logical choice to play the heavy in the upcoming flick The Dark Fields.

New Dream Home Trailer Piles on Even More Subtlety

Okay. We're really starting to wonder just when we're going to see a trailer for Wai dor lei ah yut ho (Dream Home) that offers a bit more incentive for slasher fans to tune in. So far we've gotten pretty much nothing, but we're still hoping. Check out the latest trailer, and tell us what you think!

Supernatural Webclip: 99 Problems; Plot Details for 100th and 101st Episodes

As fans of Supernatural are well aware, last week Sam and Dean went to Heaven, and this week it looks like they're out of the frying pan and back into the fire. Thanks to The CW here's a sneak peek at Season 5, Episode 17, "99 Problems".

The Creatures Come Out During the Rites of Spring

It's been a good two years since last we told you about the upcoming creature feature Rites of Spring, but now finally there's a bit of movement going on!

The Vampire Diaries Webclips: Let the Right One In; Synopses for Eps. 18 and 19

We've always thought it was clever how both The Vampire Diaries and its sister (or maybe that should be brother) show on The CW, Supernatural, borrow their episode titles from well-known songs and movies, and this week is no exception although some purists in the crowd might be a little put off by TVD's Ep. 17: "Let the Right One In". Trust us, though; Williamson & crew haven't let us down yet, and we doubt they will here either.

Get Dismembered in Dead Space 2 Contest - Voting Now Live!

In early March we told you guys about a new contest from Visceral Games in which one lucky winner will get to create content for the actual finished Dead Space 2 product; and as of this morning, April 5th, fans of the game can now vote for their favorite kill from the top ten finalists.

AVN: Alien vs. Ninja - No Matter Who Wins We Eat Sushi

Aliens. Ninjas. Violence. Who could ask for anything more? Well, maybe a quick anal probe, but that really depends on how frisky we're feeling. Get ready to feast your eyes on some good old fashioned chopsockey lunacy!