Steven Spielberg's Nine Lives Uses Up Another Life

Around four years ago a new series was greenlit by what was then respectfully known as the Sci-Fi Channel concerning death and the afterlife. Despite the go-ahead, the show never got made (maybe its backers learned of the ridiculous network name change ahead of time?), but now the Steven Spielberg fueled miniseries "Nine Lives" is once again gathering some healthy buzz.

Toy Fair 2010: Mattel's Ghostbusters Line

You know, in retrospect, if Katie and Micah had had some tiny plastic Ghostbusters figures with them, they might have stood a better chance against that nasty demon who was haunting them literally to death in the box office smash Paranormal Activity. At the very least Venkmen. He had moxie!

Toy Fair 2010: Funko Brings The Bobbleheads!

Fans of those strange mixed-up collectibles known as bobbleheads will have lots of reasons to get their classic horror movie monster groove on as Funko Toys just let loose a fresh batch of them at this year's Toy Fair show in New York!

Open Casting Call for a 'Strange' Web Series

Horror satire seems like it's one of the toughest things to nail down. Too often it either falls flat or is just plain stupid. But I've got a good feeling about the folks behind How to Survive the Strange, and if you do, too, you might be able to join them!

Marble Hornets Footage Has Been Found!

I know what you're thinking. "What the hell is a Marble Hornet?" Right? I hear you! After spending half the afternoon researching and digging, I'll be honest: I still have no idea, but you can come on in and check out the first video in a lengthy YouTube series.

More 15 Till Midnight Casting Details

15 Till Midnight is more than just my bedtime during the work week. It’s also the title of an upcoming horror/sci-fi movie that has rounded out its cast with up-and-coming genre actors who are ready to prove their worth in front of the camera.

Wanna Pay Tribute to Paul Naschy?

Here’s a call to all you resident writers, poets, and graphic artists out there: If you’re inclined to whip up a tribute to the late, great Jacinto Molina (aka Paul Naschy), then go ahead and get something ready. It just might get published!

Zelda Williams (Robin’s Daughter) Will Suffer Powder Burns

Robin Williams has played some pretty memorable screen psychos in the past (One Hour Photo and Insomnia), and now we’ll find out how his daughter, Zelda, stacks up against her old man when she takes a dip in the genre’s deep end.

Details on the Texas Frightmare Weekend Emerge!

Any horror fan worth his or her weight in gore should be amped up for George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead, and if you’re planning on attending the Texas Frightmare Weekend, that’s exactly what you’re going to be seeing. That and so much more!

UPDATED: The Wolfman's Rejected Score Surfaces

Here's something interesting ... one of the problems that The Wolfman faced on its way to the big screen was which music to use. Two artists were up for the task. Danny Elfman and former member of Tangerine Dream Paul Haslinger both cooked up some tunes, but in the end the decision was made to go with Elfman's work. So how would the movie have sounded with Haslinger's in place? Read on to find out!

First Word on The Mourning Portrait

Back in the early days of photography, when people died, their families would pay to have photos taken of their dearly departed as a means to preserve their memories of being together. Ghoulish -- yes. Hard to look at -- sometimes. Perfect fodder for a horror movie -- DEFINITELY.

Comedy Central to Premiere Animated Horror/Comedy Ugly Americans in March

Take New York City; add every horrifying beast, science-fiction freak, and fantasy faerie; shake thoroughly; and you've got Comedy Central's upcoming animated horror/comedy series “Ugly Americans.”

Marc Price Goes to War with Thunderchild

Fans of Marc Price, who directed the micro-budget zombie flick Colin, have a new reason to smile today. Offering further proof to the old adage that you have to start somewhere, the director has gotten himself a much bigger budget for his war/horror hybrid Thunderchild.

First Two Clips: Suicide Girls Must Die!

Are you a big fans of the Suicide Girls? If so, mark your calendars for March 12th, when First Look Studios will be releasing the "first reality horror movie", Suicide Girls Must Die!. To get you all lubed up for the experience, we got ahold of the first two clips for you!

A First Look Preview of Angel: Barbary Coast

Sometimes there's nothing as satisfying as checking in with an old friend and seeing what he's up to. Thanks to IDW Publishing, come the end of April, we'll be able to touch base with one of the oldest buddies we have: Angel (from Joss Whedon's Buffy/Angel universe). Our contact with him comes via the new three-issue comic book miniseries Angel: Barbary Coast.