Update on David Fincher's Animated Heavy Metal Project

It looks like David Fincher's idea of creating an animated anthology film based on science fiction/fantasy magazine Heavy Metal is coming closer to fruition, and with names like James Cameron and Zack Snyder attached to it, it's no wonder why.

Dark Horse Prepping Predators Prequel and Sequel

With Nimrod Antal's entry in the Predator franchise entitled Predators looming thankfully closer on the horizon, we're pretty sure you'll be able to expect all sorts of badass promotions and tie-ins heading our way.

First Look at Felicia Day in Red

The first image of Felicia Day as Red, indulging in a much more contemporary horror take on the old Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale, has hit online, and we have it for ya hot lead included!

The Eclipse Trailer and Dates for Theatrical Rollout

Magnolia Pictures will open The Eclipse, an exquisitely crafted supernatural drama from Tony Award-nominated Irish writer/director and playwright Conor McPherson on Friday, March 26th, in five cities across Southern California and in New York City, followed by a nationwide rollout in April. Just to reassure you -- this has nothing to do with The Twilight Saga, and we've got the stills and trailer to prove it!

Restored Thomas Edison's Frankenstein on the Way!

March 18th will mark one hell of an auspicious occasion. It was on that day that the horror movie was born ... and the first creature out of the gate? The Frankenstein Monster!

Jason Flemyng Goosesteps His Way to The 4th Reich

More casting news out of The 4th Reich camp today! Yet another well known actor will be lending his talents to this historic monster mash!

Paul Solet Talks Horror Acting

One of the things we love so much about the Internet is that it enables people to have a voice all their own. One that can be shared throughout an entire community ... especially if said community is the horror one, which out here in Cali is a lot smaller of a circle than you'd think.

Eric Roberts to Wage War With Sharktopus

Since news broke that recent honorary Oscar winner Roger Corman and Syfy were teaming up to gift the world with a motion picture about a half-shark/half-octopus oceanic killing machine gone wild, Sharktopus-mania has engulfed the World Wide Web. Now comes news that a former Oscar nominee has signed on to star.

Extended Trailer for Puppet Master - Axis of Evil

More goodies to get you Puppet Master fans all hot and bothered ... the extended trailer hit online today courtesy of Full Moon Direct, and of course we have it here for your perusal with no strings attached!

Brace Yourself For A Horrible Way to Die

Sometimes life has a way of never leaving you alone. Especially if you're an escaped murderer looking to start anew someplace nice. Are you ready to find out just how wrong things can go with A Horrible Way to Die?

Rupert Wyatt Named as Planet of the Apes Prequel Director

It seems 20th Century Fox's Planet of the Apes prequel is coming closer to fruition as Rupert Wyatt's name has been reported as the project's director. Based on his last project, The Escapist, which won the British Independent Film Award for Best Achievement in Production, he looks to be a pretty good choice.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Flip Cam & Record Your Own Close Encounters of The Fourth Kind

The Fourth Kind is coming to Blu-ray and DVD on March 16th; and Dread Central, in conjunction with Universal Studios Home Entertainment, is offering one lucky reader a Flip Cam to document his or her own alien encounters and sightings!

A Look at Issue #1 of New Comic I, Zombie

Do you have an extra 80 cents to spare and want to try out a new comic book series? Look no further than I, Zombie, written by World Fantasy Award finalist Chris Roberson with art by Eisner Award-winning superstar artist Michael Allred.

Exclusive Clip from The Fourth Kind: Scott's Hypnosis

With The Fourth Kind set to come home on DVD and Blu-ray on March 16th, 2010, Universal has offered Dread Central an exclusive clip to share with our readers entitled Scott's Hypnosis.


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