Official Image Gallery: A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 - Another Good Look at Freddy!

We've all seen the screen grabs, but today Warner Brothers has released the official set of images for the upcoming Platinum Dunes take on the Wes Craven's horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street. That's right, kids! Get ready for another good look at Freddy!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Free Download of the Hollywood Undead App on iTunes

It's a sign of the times that just about everyone is jumping on the iPhone application bandwagon, and if you're a fan of the group Hollywood Undead, we here at Dread Central have your hookup for their recently released app.

Insane New Night of the Demons Remake Footage

If you weren't already stoked for Adam Gierasch's Night of the Demons remake (review here), we're pretty damn confident you will be after seeing these new slices of demonic mayhem!

True Blood Spoof, Tru: A XXX Parody, Arrives!

Nowadays you can find XXX parodies of just about anything and everything on YouTube, and, as evidence of the fact that HBO's "True Blood" has indeed "arrived", we present to you the trailer for "Tru: A XXX Parody" directed by Lee Roy Myers. Synopsis:

Wikus from District 9 Hunting Down a Different Beast - Charlize Theron!

District 9 was one of the biggest surprises of last year, and while we all wait patiently for a sequel, we now have the chance to see what Wikus van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley) has been up to. Turns out he's got an all new problem on his hands.

Ghosts Go Online in the UK's Beacon 77

If you name it, some poor soul out there is pissed off enough to haunt it! Even your computer is at risk of being seized upon by evil spectres. Just try and find an anti-virus program that can deal with that!

International One-Sheet: After Dark Originals: Prowl

And another bit of international artwork for one of the upcoming After Dark Originals has come our way, and this one is on the Prowl for terror!

Predators - New Stills and Character Profile - Isabelle

Time once again for our weekly trek into the jungle to get the scoop on yet another character from Nimrod Antal's highly anticipated sequel -- Predators. Next up? The CIA Black-Ops assassin Isabelle as portrayed by Alice Braga.

4:20 Becomes the Night of the Living Heads

We can't think of a better way to send off 4:20 than with a clip, a trailer, and the news that George A. Taramas and Michael Gruosso's horror comedy Night of the Living Heads has wrapped. We eagerly await it being split into ounces and distributed accordingly.

Unnerving New Trailer for Indie Flick Re-Cut

There's just something so sinister about the sound of a child's voice when singing. Hell, if The Shining proved anything, it's that little kids just standing around can be frightening when in the right hands! Both of those elements are present and accounted for in the latest trailer for the upcoming indie film Re-Cut ... and so much more!

The BBC's Being Human Comes Home to Blu-ray and DVD

The coolest damned shows have been coming from the BBC lately. "Primeval", "Survivors", etc., have been in regular rotation around the Dread Central offices; and we're happy to announce one of our favorite shows (which also happens to be up for Americanization by Syfy), "Being Human", is coming home on both DVD and Blu-ray high definition!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Free Download of the Lost Zombies App on iTunes

We've run a few stories about the Lost Zombies social network whose goal is to create the world’s first community-generated zombie documentary, and now they have their own iPhone/iPod touch app, which normally costs $1.99 but you can win from the kind folks at Dread Central.

New Trailer: Spend Some Time in Hideo Nakata's The Incite Mill

Hideo Nakata sure is busy nowadays. We told you yesterday about his next English language feature,, Chatroom and now today comes the trailer for his latest Japanese film, The Incite Mill (7 Day Death Game). Expect his Yiddish, Greek, and Eskimo language films to be announced in the coming days.

Las Vegas Gearing up for The PollyGrind 2010

In Dread Central's effort to promote independent horror, have we got the goods on a great horror film festival in Las Vegas! From May 12-16th Sci-Fi Center at 2520 State Street, Las Vegas, NV 89109, will be hosting The Polly Staffle Grindhouse Fest (aka PollyGrind), which includes 30 different films with five world premieres, seven Las Vegas premieres, and one U.S. premiere. There will also be a ton of music videos and trailers and more horror-related goods for you to feast your eyes on.

Early Word on Halo-8's Next Projects - Medusa: Year One & Ben Templesmith's Black Sky

If, like most of us here in the Dread Central offices, you were a bit disappointed in the portrayal of Medusa in the latest version of Clash of the Titans, you should be pretty pleased to hear about an upcoming project from Halo-8's Matt Pizzolo entitled Medusa: Year One.