The Original Jaws to Return in 3D?

If the Clash of the Titans remake did anything at all, it proved that 3D conversions ultimately do not work. Just because you can layer in some added depth to the onscreen image does not a 3D film make. Still, that's not stopping Hollyweird from taking a few chances.

The World is Gripped by Birdemic: Shock and Terror! New Theatre Listings, Trailer, and More!

Having just seen Birdemic: Shock and Terror, we can honestly say that it's like nothing you've ever experienced. Words completely failed me by the film's end, and I was sure of only one thing - I had just had the funniest, most awesomely bad experience of my entire life!

New Creature Menacing a Bridge in Suspension

There have always been tales of creatures who guard bridges. Usually they turn out to be trolls or something of the like that are looking to collect a toll as payment for the right to cross said structure. However, times have changed, and a new breed of monster is coming.

Tiny Teaser Art for The Experiment

Finally a little movement on the Paul Scheuring directed remake of Das Experiment (review), called simply The Experiment. Time for some promo art and a still!

The Cry of the Owl Hitting DVD on June 8th from Paramount

We first heard about Jamie Thraves' The Cry of the Owl during last November's AFM, but then things were rather silent. Now comes word that Paramount Home Entertainment will be releasing the film onto DVD this June 8th.

Wolf Moon DVD Art and Special Features Revealed

As we mentioned several days ago, Lionsgate will be releasing Wolf Moon (formerly known as Dark Moon Rising) on DVD this June 22nd, and we've got a look at its box art as well as some info on the disc's extras.

Debut Trailer and New Info: Gears of War 3

If you haven't played either Gears of War or Gears of War 2, do yourself a favor. Shut down your PC. If you don't already have an Xbox 360, go and buy one, and then purchase these two titles stat. You'll want to be all caught up story-wise when Gears of War 3 comes home with a vengeance next year. Oh yes, there will be blood. And entrails. And severed limbs. And did we mention blood, entrails, and limbs? Yeah, all that times ten.

Kevin Smith Talks More Red State

Now that director Kevin Smith has secured funding for his next film, his long talked about first foray into horror, Red State, we're finally getting the details on what to expect from the flick, which begins shooting this August.

Jamie Kennedy Back for Scream 4?

Though we all watched in amusement and horror as Jamie Kennedy's cinephile character was killed off in Scream 2, we were also kind of bummed out. His character was arguably one of the best that the franchise has known, and Scream 3 definitely suffered without him. So the question beckons ... will he be back for Scream 4?

More Details on Supernatural Spin-Off Web Series Ghostfacers

As mentioned in our coverage of the 2010 Streamy Awards, the first two episodes of “Ghostfacers” – the new original shortform series/brand extension of The CW's Supernatural – is set to premiere Thursday, April 15, on CWTV.com; and now we have a few more details to share.

New Clip: A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010

In Platinum Dunes' take on the Wes Craven's horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street, every second could be your last. As this latest clip reveals, even a micro-nap can spell THE END for anyone who dares to let their eyelids slip closed for even a moment.

Exclusive: Filmmaker Drew Daywalt Spends the Night on the VERY Haunted Queen Mary

Drew Daywalt has made a living working within the horror genre scaring the hell out of people. As you'll soon see in his upcoming Camera Obscura project, the guy really knows his way around the subject of ghosts and hauntings. Recently Drew had the tables turned on him when he spent a couple of evenings aboard a legendary haunted ship, California's Queen Mary -- in the vessel's most haunted room of course.

Get Your Treegasm on With This Week's Ugly Americans Clip

And we thought Supernatural was hot stuff with its 100th episode airing this week. Comedy Central's South Park is celebrating its 200th(!) episode on April 14th, and airing immediately afterward is Ugly Americans "Treegasm". Watch as Mark meets a pair of creatures who are expected to participate in a public mating ritual but are having second thoughts.

DC Presents: Indie Horror Filmmakers to Watch: Patrick Rea - Nailbiter

When most students finish film school, they immediately set their sights on moving to Hollywood to start making movies. For director Patrick Rea, as well as the entire group behind SenoReality Pictures, it wasn't a hard choice for them to take on the industry straight from the heart of the Midwest.

Fred Olen Ray Pitting Sasquatch vs. Chupacabra

You would think Bigfoot battling a Chupacabra would be a bit of a mismatch given the incredible size difference between the two. Fred Olen Ray is nonetheless readying a David vs. Goliath clash between these two cryptid titans. Sasquatch vs. Chupacabra - place your bets!