New One-Sheet: In the Shadow

We just got our hands on the latest one-sheet for yet another film that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that college kids have no desire to write theses on anything that has zero probability of getting them killed. Ready for a peek?

Worlds Collide in Melancholia Promo Art

Lars Von Trier is a filmmaker who's really looking to leave his stamp not only on the genre but on film in general. If he keeps churning out stuff along the lines of Antichrist, he may just succeed. Now that the filmmaker is looking to tackle death and horror on an epic scale, it's going to be very interesting to see just how his latest film, Melancholia, pans out.

New Ugly Americans Promo Clip and Interactive Map

So, did any of you watch last week's premiere of Comedy Central's "Ugly Americans"? It appears so as it debuted to great ratings. With the series' second episode airing tomorrow night at 10:30 pm EDT, here's a new promo clip to ensure you come back for more!

A Nightmare on Elm Street Promos Flood MTV

And so the marketing blitz behind the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street begins. Looks like these guys are spending a hefty chunk of change - presumably in an attempt to replicate the Friday the 13th remake's opening weekend numbers. Will you be duped again? Check out these teasers and make up your own mind.

Get Ready for an Onslaught of Indian Horror!

While Indian horror is hardly a new concept (hell, they even remade A Nightmare on Elm Street before Platinum Dunes did), today's news affirms that you Bollywood enthusiasts have plenty of Indian horror to look forward to over the next few years!

Take a Peek at John Landis' Burke and Hare!

John Landis has been away from feature films for so long that I had to take a quick trip to the IMDb to recall what his last theatrical release actually was. And now that I've done the research, I'm not going to reprint it because it would surely dampen what I consider to be joyous news: A sneak peek at his long-awaited return to genre filmmaking!

Salute Supernatural in LA This Weekend

This Thursday, March 25th, Supernatural returns after a seemingly interminable winter hiatus, and as if that's not enough for fans of the show to get excited about, there's also Creation's Los Angeles Salute to Supernatural, which runs March 26th-28th.

True Blood Jewelry Now 25% Off!

Sunday, June 13th, can't get here soon enough for fans of HBO's hit series "True Blood" as that's when Season 3 begins. To help celebrate the occasion, the HBO Store now has all "True Blood" jewelry at 25% off.

Dread Central Tours the Upcoming King Kong 360 3D Ride

Earlier this morning Dread Central was invited to a very preliminary sneak peek at the upcoming King Kong attraction that will be integrated into the backlot tour at Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park this summer.

CONTEST CLOSED! It's Argento Overload for UK Readers! Win a DVD Triple-Pack!

To celebrate the release of their latest batch of Dario Argento DVDs, Arrow Video and The Associates are teaming up with Dread Central to give two lucky UK readers a triple-threat pack including The Card Player, The Stendhal Syndrome, and Terror at the Opera!

Shellter Lands its Tenth Film Fest Entry

It's been around six months since we've heard any news about Shellter, which bills itself as "more than a horror film", but today we got news that the flick has landed itself its tenth entry in a film festival.

Early Word on and Test Pics for Dinosaurs Unleashed

Even though there are still three weeks to go before Poison Apple Films wraps up production on Vampire Diaries Renfield (for which they've been providing r

New Twilight Saga: Eclipse One-Sheet Revealed

It looks like the "Twilight Tracker" iPhone app has officially come of age as that's the medium Summit Entertainment utilized to release the new one-sheet for David Slade's The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Kevin Smith Horror Flick Red State Getting Ready to Roll

We've been talking about Kevin Smith's horror project Red State for several years now, and through it all a lack of funding has been what was keeping this baby at bay. Until now.

Juno Temple to Howl Us a Little Ditty 'Bout Jack & Diane

Bradley Rust's lycanthropic tale of lesbian love Jack & Diane just officially landed itself a new leading lady! One cute enough to get the masses howling (even though the flick is billed as being "not a horror movie".